Chichester bowlers make top club progress

There's action from Chichester, Crablands, Witterings, Bognor, pagham, West Dean and Midhurst in our latest bowls round-up.

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:53 am
Bognor bowlers / Picture by Kate Shemilt

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Norfolk 36 Chichester 48

In the first round of the Tony Allcock national mixed over-60s double rink competition Chichester won by 12 shots.

Scores: Bridget Collins, Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, April Janman (skip) won 24-20; Chris Hobbs, Nick Anderson, Wendy Adams, David Schofield (skip) won 24-16.

Worthing Pavilion A 42 Chichester B 20

Chichester B never recovered from a bad start in their first round match of the National Club Two Fours away to Worthing Pavilion A and were defeated by 22 shots.

Scores: Terry Wiseman, Mick Campbell, Stuart Meyer, Simon Tooley (skip) lost 24-9; Peter Green, Les Etherington, David Schofield, Jim Davis (skip) lost 18-11.

Southbourne 79 Chichester 75

Chichester A travelled to Southbourne for their opening West Sussex League division-one match of the new season. Chichester lost by four shots, but with two winning rinks they returned with four points.

Scores: Peter Whale, Ian Linfield, Stuart Meyer, Jim Davis (skip) won 25-15; Gerry Jackson, Kevin Ball, David Schofield, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 29-14; Les Etherington, Brian Talmage, Gary Miller, Mick Page (skip) lost 20-17; Peter Green, Colin Spicer, Derek Leach, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 19-15.

Bognor A 74 Chichester A 82

Intheir West Sussex League division-one match at Bognor, Chichester A came away with six points from an eight-shot victory.

Scores: Peter Green, Colin Spicer, Derek Leach, Matt Bonnar (skip) lost 24-22; Gerry Jackson, Kevin Ball, David Schofield, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 21-10; Peter Whale, Stuart Meyer, Gary Miller, Jim Davis (skip) won 25-15; Les Etherington, Brian Talmage, Brian Butler, Simon Tooley (skip) won 25-14.

Chichester 64 Tarring Priory 72

Chichester’s early lead was quickly eroded by visitors Tarring Priory in this friendly.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Tony Daines, Kevin Ball, Tony Sayers (skip) won 19-9; Les Etherington, Richard Smith, Mick Campbell, Mike Bayfield (skip) lost 23-12; Alan Deller, Joe Dyke, Cole Porter, Chris Wade (skip) lost 24-15; Stuart Wilson, Bernard Money, Guy Buckle, Peter White (skip) won 18-13.


In the Midhurst Cup, Crablands beat Midhurst 68-58. At home, Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon and Sue Blyth won while Pat Osborn, Alan Blyth and Mark Heasman lost. Away, both rinks won – Elaine Sadler, John Cornwell and Tony Dade; Carole Cornwell, Val Foyle and Richard Humphrey.

In the ladies Game, Set and Match League, Crablands shared the points at Norfolk BC.

Chris Lewendon, Melva Bateman, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles won by two shots while Elaine Sadler, Carole Cornwell, Val Foyle and Sue Blyth lost by the same margin. The friendly rink of Pat Osborn, Maggie Brand, Joan Adams and Mollie Back won.

Crablands men travelled to Maltravers for a friendly and won 52-48. There were wins for Frank Carrie, Jim Saunders, John Cornwell and Alan Blyth and Nigel Reynolds, Eddie Willcocks, Peter Blackman and Richard Humphrey. Losing by just one shot were Keith Palin, Cyril Pestle, Rod Shambrook and Lew Lewendon.

A friendly at home to RAFA saw Crablands win 62-46 despite winning on just one rink – Chris Lewendon, Lil Tuck and Tony Dade having an excellent win. Losing triples were Keith Palin, Barbara Chandler and Lew Lewendon and Lyn and Frank Carrie with Rod Shambrook.

A men’s West Sussex League match at home to Witterings saw Crablands gain six points with a 75-70 win. There were wins for Peter Farrow, Keith Bailey, Tony Dade and Ian Ford; Keith Palin, Peter Blackman, John Cornwell and Mark Heasman. Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Rod Shambrook and Alan Blyth lost as did Nigel Crump, Doug Muncey, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey.

A Brooks Motors League match at Aldingbourne saw Crablands gain two points, winning with the triple of Joan Taylor, Frank Carrie and Sue Blyth.

Narrowly missing out were Paul Holland, Melva Bateman and Pat Terry. The friendly triple of Derrick Watson, Carole Cornwell and Joan Adams also lost.


Witterings 74 Petworth 57

On a sunny afternoon everyone enjoyed this friendly mixed game.

Scores: Colin Carter, Julie Mulligan and Stuart Hooker (s) won 23-10 (top rink); Jackie Clapton, Chris Jelf, Brian Barnes (s) won 17-14; Marion Corbett, David Gibbons, Ros Hanbury (s) won 18-14; Geoff Harsant, Diane Leach, Ray Stephens (s) lost 16-19.

Witterings 70 Crablands 75

Scores (WSBL): G Dobson, D Holden, F. Knotts, R Stephens(s) won 24-12; S Hooker, B Barnes, G Morgan,D Bell (s) lost 16-26; C Carter, M White, J Langworthy, K Clark (s) lost 10-23; R Prior, J Hardy, E Shoyer, L Bangs (s) won 20-14. Wittering 4pts, Crablands 6pts.

Witterings 93 Little Spain 71

A good win for Witterings came in a friendly as they won four of the five triples matches.

Scores: D Leach, J Heathorn, M White (s) won 26-7; H Mason, B Barnes, R Hanbury (s) lost 9-27; S Dobson, R Prior, K Clark (s) won 18-14; D Holden, G Mason, C Tuffin (s) won 15-11; A May, G Dobson, C Carter (s) won 25-12.

Witterings 69 Crablands 75

Scores (PC Cup): C Carter, J Langworthy, M White, K Clark (s) won 24-14; G Dobson, D Holden, F Knotts, R Stephens(s) lost 13-27;

R Prior, J Hardy, E Shoyer, L Bangs (s) won 19-14; D Gibbons, C Jelf, B Barnes, G Morgan (s) lost 13-20.


Little Spain 56 West Dean 37

In this first away match of the season West Dean won on one rink but lost on the other two, and lost overall by 19 shots.

Scores: Pam Sharrod, Chris Warrington, Jim Sharrod [s] won 17-12; Philip Rawcliffe, Ann Hiscock, Tony Boxall [s] lost 13-21; Diana Carver, Ian Morrison, Andy Wood [s] lost 7-23.


Bognor men played Arundel in the national Top Club competition. They won four of the five disciplines and play Tarring Priory in the next round.

Scores - Two-Wood Singles – Gerry Stevens won 17-9; Four-Wood Singles – Bob Daley won 21-11; Pairs – Mike Philpott, John Whitfield lost 17-22; Triples – Keith Taylor, Len Hall, Trevor Moore won 21-12; Fours – Mick Conolly, Richard Robinson, Nick Hatfield, Ron Gardner won 16-9.

In their first West Sussex League game, Bognor A played Chichester A. They won on 2 rinks and lost on two rinks and lost overall by eight shots, scoring four league points.

Scores: M Conolly, D Parker, G Stevens, A Richardson won 24-22; K Hellyer, P Lichfield, N Hatfield, J Whitfield won 21-10; M Philpott, K Taylor, S Soames, T Moore lost 15-25; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner lost 14-25.

In a mixed friendly, Bognor played Homefield Park and won 75-53.

Scores: P Jones, J Parry, M Phillips won 21-10; R Philpott, A Parry, J Whitfield won 26-6; B Harvey, P Phillips, M Philpot won 18-14;

E Keywood, S Webster, Jan Whitfield lost 10-23.

Bognor played a mixed friendly against RAFA and won on three rinks.

Scores: S Barker, P. Lichfield, L Hall lost 11-19; R Philpott, D Wells, J Blacow won 26-11; M Philpot, J Taylor, A Hall won 19-9; A Charlesworth, B Charlesworth, K Taylor won 16-13.


Two Pagham ladies’ rinks took on Witterings but lost 35-34.

Scores: H Dear, J Wells, C Mayoss, S Stocker lost 17-15; A Burrell, J Cowley, E Shine, G Conley won 19-18.

Two mixed BM League triples faced Petworth and won 42-27.

Scores: H Dear, M Adams, R Dear won 16-11; A Burrell, P Burrell, P Mayoss drew 16-16.

A mixed triples friendly versus Petworth ended in a 18-17 win.

Scores: A Ross, J Stocker, J Fox won 18-17.

Pagham ladies played in the Top Club competition against Hurstpierpoint but lost 74-60.

Scores: Singles - J Wells lost 12-22; Pairs - S Read, E Shine lost 12-29; Triples - H Dear, M Donaldson, S Stocker won 17-9; Fours - A Calvert, A Burrell, J Cowley, C Mayoss won 19-15.


Milford A 49 Midhurst A 45

In their first league match of the season, Midhurst narrowly lost to last season’s champions Milford by four shots, having won on two of the three rinks.

Scores: Anne Chuter, Dave King & Gerald Dixon won 16-14; Dot Berry, Bob Butterfield & Terry Berry won 17-14; Catherine Dixon, Malcolm Hutchings & Paul Chuter lost 12-21. Milford 3pts, Midhurst 2pts.

Midhurst B 62 Frensham B 39

Midhurst B had a good start to their season against Frensham B by winning on all three rinks and by 23 shots.

Scores: Alan Ricketts, Richard Softly & Stuart Largan won 15-13; Peter Moller, Sue Ralph & Roy Ralph won 27-12; Phil Kingswell, Roger Brindle & Phil Wells won 20-14. Midhurst B 5pts.

Hindhead 36 Midhurst 61

In a friendly Midhurst won at Hindhead by 25 shots.

Scores: Sue Ralph, Richard Softly & Roy Ralph won 26-8; Michael De Jong-Smith, Dot Berry & Terry Berry won 20-9; Jack Jurado, John Allen & Paul Chuter lost 15-19.