Chichester's awesome foursome relishing county bowls final

There's action from clubs across the Chichester, Bognor and Midhurst areas in our latest bowls round-up.

Wednesday, 26th July 2017, 5:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:21 pm
Tony Tack of Pagham in recent action at Chichester's Priory Park green / Picture by Derek Martin

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Chichester 23 Sidley Martlets 17

Congratulations are due to Gerry Jackson, David Schofield, Gary Miller and Derek Leach (skip) who having beaten Sidley Martlets BC based in Bexhill on the Worthing Pavilion neutral green by six shots in the semi-final, have now reached the Senior Fours County Final where they will be playing against Burgess Hill BC.

This is quite an achievement with the winners of this competition going through to represent Sussex in the National Senior Fours Final at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, in early August.

Chichester 33 Worthing Pavilion 48

Chichester have had an excellent run in the County Double Fours (Abergavenny Cup) competition, having won the trophy four times in the last five years. However, in this season’s quarter-final with several regulars missing they lost to a strong Worthing Pavilion team by 15 shots.

Scores: Home: Peter Whale, Kevin Ball, Brian Talmage, Nick Anderson (skip) lost 27-19; Away: Peter Green, Jim Davis, Simon Tooley, Mick Page (skip) lost 21-14.

Chichester A 105 Crablands 55

Defending champions Chichester A have not had the best start to the season in the West Sussex League division one. But they found their form at home to Crablands taking all ten points from a 50-shot victory.

Scores: Gerry Jackson, Stuart Meyer, Gary Miller, Derek Leach (skip) beat Alan Blyth, Peter Blackman, John Cornwell and Les Jewiss 25-18; Les Etherington, Colin Spicer, David Schofield, Mick Page (skip) beat Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey 21-12; Peter Green, Tony Hardgrove, Peter Whale, Jim Davis (skip) beat Mick Campbell, Rod Shambrook, Alan Bateman and Ian Ford 29-11; Ian Linfield, Kevin Ball, Brian Talmage, Brian Butler (skip) beat Jim Saunders, Albert Humphreys, Mark Heasman and Derek Adams 30-14.

Chichester A 74 Norfolk A 75

After 11 ends of their West Sussex division-one match away to Norfolk A, Chichester A were 18 shots down but they slowly edged back into the game to lose by just one shot, picking up five points.

Scores: Ian Linfield, Guy Buckle, Brian Talmage, Brian Butler (skip) lost 30-11; Gary Miller, Stuart Meyer, Kevin Ball, Mick Page (skip) won 22-14; Peter Green, Les Etherington, Derek Leach, Jim Davis (skip) drew 19-19; Gerry Jackson, Mike Lewis, Tony Hardgrave, David Schofield (skip) won 22-12.

Chichester 81 Haslemere 67

Chichester moved into the semi-finals of the Midhurst Cup with a 14-shot win against Haslemere. Chichester’s home and away teams both won by seven shots.

Scores: Home Jean Hole, Gary Miller, Stuart Meyer (skip) lost 22-18; Kevin Ball, Steph Baverstock, Brian Butler (skip) won 20-9; Away: Ian Linfield, Cole Porter, Simon Tooley (skip) won 20-18; Guy Buckle, Sue Miles, David Schofield (skip) won 23-18.

Chichester 44 Hurstpierpoint 33

In the County Double Rink, with the home rink winning by 15 shots, Chichester go through to the zone final where they will play Southwater at Beach Park.

Scores: Home: Bridget Collins, Steph Baverstock, Sue Miles & Denise Latter won 26-11; Away: Chris Hobbs, Debbie Hogg, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer lost 22-18.

Chichester 38 Maltravers 19

Chichester took six points in their home game against Maltravers in the C&M League despite rain stopping play after 14 ends.

Scores: Jean Hole, Maggie Maggs, Wendy Adams & Denise Latter won 22-8; Mary Potter, Rosemary Manning, Steph Baverstock & Sue Miles won 16-11.

Tarring Pri 69 Chichester 81

Chichester travelled to Tarring Priory for a friendly and won by 12 shots.

Scores: Les Etherington, Roy Anscombe, Nigel Dearman, Tony Hardgrove (skip) won 19-17; Tony Daines, Charles Campling, Les shipp, Chris Wade (skip) won 16-14; Duncan Gray, Joe Dyke, Keith Burt, Peter White (skip) won 21-20; Chris Corbett, Bernard Money, John Walters, Brian Talmage (skip) won 25-18.


Witterings 50 Worthing Pav B 98

A tough match for Witterings in the WS League saw them lose on all four rinks.

Scores: Ron Prior, Mike King, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) lost 19-12; Colin Carter, Brian Smethurst, Mark White, Ken Clark (s) lost 26-14; Paul Chivers, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) lost 27-9; Stuart Hooker, Nige Miller, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (s) lost 26-15.

Witterings 52 Pulborough 84

Scores (WS League): Paul Chivers, Glyn Dobson, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 20-13; Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan, Dave Bell (s) lost 16-14; Doug Holden, Steve Thomas, Alan Somerville, Fred Knotts (s) lost 29-10; Nige Miller, Bryan Smethurst, Colin Carter, Ken Clark (s) lost 26-8.

Witterings 60 Hayling Island 92

Scores: Sheila Currell, Maureen Mulligan, Barbara Newman (s) lost 24-12; Lesley Thomas,Val Hooker Ros Hanbury (s) won 20-17; Teresa Heathorn, Margaret Bowell, Chris Horsley(s) lost 27-15; Jackie Clapton, Marina Aylward ,Anne May (s) lost 24-13.

Witterings 93 Tarring Priory 55

Witterings hit the jackpot in the WS League.

Scores: Colin Carter, Brian Smethurst, Mark White, Ken Green (s) won 20-16; Stuart Hooker, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan, Dave Bell (s) won 20-18; Paul Chivers, David Gibbons, Eric Shoyer, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 33-8; Ron Prior, Mike King, Fred Knotts, Ray Stephens (s) won 20-13.

To mark his 2017 President’s Day, Fred Knotts hosted an afternoon of matches.

Bowlers and visitors were welcomed to the club then four rinks of five-end matches were played on a round-robin basis.

Winners were Brian Smethurst, Val Hooker, Ron Prior and Anne May with 23 points and the runners-up were Lesley Thomas, Sylvia Smethurst, Ros Hanbury and Gwilym Morgan with 20. All received M&S vouchers for their efforts.

After the presentations everyone gathered in the clubhouse to enjoy a buffet and a glass of Pimms or bubbly.


Southbourne 51 Grasshoppers 69

Southbourne played a mixed triples friendly at home to Grasshoppers. Southbourne won on one rink, lost on three and lost by 18 shots.

Scores: Russ Godfrey, Colin Bulbeck & Dave Young (s) won 18-13; Joan Frost, Ted Badger & Margaret Odell (s) lost 19-13; Irene Jennings, Ted Rodgers & Jim Jennings (s) lost 17-11; Mary Thornton, John Staker & Alan Williams (s) lost 20-9.

Southbourne 62 Witterings 31

Southbourne played another mixed triples friendly at home to Witterings. Southbourne won on all rinks and by 31 shots.

Scores: Irene Jennings, Len Mates & Dave Young (s) beat Lesley Thomas, Brian Barnes, Gwilym Morgan (skip) 22-4; Joan Frost, Colin Bulbeck & Pete Garrard (s) beat Doug Holden, Marion Corbett, Maureen Mulligan (skip) 27-15; Daniel Hibberd, Ted Rodgers & Pete Jasinski (s) beat Julie Mulligan, Ron Prior, Ray Stephens 13-12.


Away to Petworth, Fishbourne were not comfortable on the all-weather surface and lost 54-24 in the BM League. They also lost the friendly.

Fishbourne hosted Midhurst in a four-triple friendly – Fishbourne won 69-62. Fishbourne were well beaten at home by a strong Arundel team, 78-40.


Little Spain held their second spoons drive competition of the season and Barbara Bond, Peter Armsby and Geoff Spicer (skip) emerged as winners and received their trophies from club president Trevor Palmer.

Little Spain travelled to Norfolk BC for a friendly and came away with a 96-69 defeat despite winning on two rinks.

Scores: Geoff Tipper, Peter Latchford and Val Palmer (skip) lost 26-8; Jackie Mayzes, Chris Lankshear and Trevor Palmer (s) won 21-17;

Chris Bond, Sylvia Ballinger and Iain Mayzes (s) lost 18-8; Jack Sutherland, John Ballinger and Trevor Plaistow (s) won 21-17; Dennis Aylward, Barbara Bond and Jim Lankshear(s) lost 18-11.

Little Spain suffered another loss – but this time to the weather. Their trip to normally-sunny Bognor was washed out.

Little Spain won at home 68-56 in a friendly against RAFA.

Scores: Barbara Bond,Joan Spicer,Trevor Palmer(skip) won 20-6; John Ballinger,Val Palmer,Iain Mayzes (s) won 22-11; Chris Bond,Sylvia Ballinger, Jim Lankshear (s) won 17-14; Chris Lankshear,Trevor Plaistow,Geoff Spicer (s) lost 25-9.


West Dean 67 Rogate 32

In this home match, West Dean were the comfortable winners on all three rinks.

Scores: Chris Warrington, Ian Morrison, Tony Boxall [s] won 22-8; Pam Patterso, David Turner, Phil Muggeridge [s] won 17-16; Ann Hiscock, Bob Holman, John Butterworth [s] won 28-8.

West Dean 61 Fittleworth 42

West Dean were the winners of this home friendly, losing on one rink and winning on the other two.

Scores: Pam Patterson, Bob Holman, John Butterworth [s] won 24-6; Ann Hiscock, Ian Morrison, Tony Boxall [s] lost 18-17; Chris Warrington, Peter Merritt [s] won 20-18.


Two rinks of ladies travelled to Purbrook in Hampshire with two rinks from Witterings to play in an invitation match against Portsmouth and District Ladies.

Crablands rinks Margaret Whittle, Elaine Sadler, Joan Adams and Pat Terry, and Sylvia Gray, Melva Bateman, Carole Cornwell and Val Foyle were successful.

Crablands’ finalists in their men’s pairs competition are known.

John Cornwell and Mark Heasman will play Tony Dade and Derek Clacey after exciting semi-finals.

Crablands A travelled to Tarring Priory and gained four points from a 74-62 defeat.

Scores: Keith Palin, Rod Shambrook, Tony Dade and Ian Ford won 18-16; Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Alan Bateman and Derek Clacey won 16-14; Alan Blyth, Ron Eastland, Mick Campbell and John Cornwell lost 20-17; Jim Tyrrell, Albert Humphreys, Mark Heasman and Derek Adams lost 24-11.

In the PC Cup against Middleton, a 99-69 win takes Crablands men into the semi-finals.

Scores: Mick Campbell, Doug Muncey, Tony Dade and Ian Ford won 30-15; Alan Bateman, Alan Blyth, John Cornwell and Les Jewiss won 25-13; Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey won 26-21; Jim Tyrrell, Jack Freeborough, Mark Heasman and Derek Adams lost 20-18.

Crablands Ladies had a good win in the C&M Trophies League at home to Norfolk BC winning 67-27 for a six-point haul.

Scores: Chris Lewendon, Grace Humphreys, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles won 42-8; Elaine Sadler, Melva Bateman, Sue Blyth and Cynthia Ruler won 25-19; (friendly): Val Tyrrell, Maggie Brand, Mollie Back and Carole Cornwell drew 15-15.

The Midhurst Cup semi-final was played against Petersfield (two triples at home and two away) and Crablands lost by four shots.

Scores: Home: Keith Palin, Mollie Back and Rod Shambrook won 21-11; Home: Jim Saunders, Alan Wickham and Val Foyle lost 19

Away: Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon and Sue Blyth won 21-13

Elaine Sadler, Alan Blyth and Ian Ford lost 13-27 (66-70).

Torrential rain stopped play in the BM League game at home to Pulborough although as 11 ends were played, Pulborough went away with all the points.

Scores: Chris Lewendon, Doug Muncey and Cynthia Ruler lost 12-10; Elaine Sadler, Rod Shambrook and John Cornwell lost 24-4.


Ten points from a possible 12 have seen Middleton Ladies moving up the C&M League table with consecutive victories against Storrington and Witterings.

With the next three matches at home to Storrington, Worthing Pavilion and Aldingbourne, the ladies have every opportunity to make further progress.

Middleton 33 Witterings 26

The C&M League match was played almost entirely in driving rain and was shortened to 15 ends.

Scores: Jane Nurse, Iris Newton, Val Maher, Pat Eccles beat Diane Leach, Ros Hanbury, Maureen Mulligan and Carole Tuffin (s); Sandra Denny, Pam Leach, Muriel Fox, Rosemary Gregory beat Judy Bangs, Val Hooker, Barbara Newman and Anne May (s); (friendly): Teresa Heathorn, Sheila Currell and Jan Derkatsch (s) won 20-8 for Witterings. Middleton 6 pts.

Middleton 40 Petworth 33

It was a good week for a Middleton in the BM mixed league, picking up five points against Petworth.

Scores: Ann Steventon, Peter Lush, Andrew Nurse drew 20-20; Val Maher, Mary Wootten, John Graham won 20-13; (friendly): Pam Leach, Muriel Fox, Bob Bravington lost 18-13. Middleton 5pts Petworth 1pt.

Middleton 69 Crablands 99

Middleton’s men, in the second round of the PC Cup, went out to Crablands.

Scores: John Ludley, Bob Bravington, Roy Kempson, Gary Steventon lost 26-21; Terry Bridge, David Wilkins, Keith Berkley, Bob Colvin lost 30-15; Peter Hall, Peter Lush, Jim Maher, John Graham lost 25-13; John Green, Ken Baker, Trevor Finch, Andrew Nurse won 20-18.

Middleton v Marine Gardens

Scores (friendly): Sylvia Booker, Angela Chandler, Roy Kempson won 23-15; Roslyn Green, Bernard Booker, Terry Bridge lost 26-5; Judy Ludley, Keith Berkley, Andrew Nurse lost 22-13; Heather Kempson, Pam Leach, John Green lost 28-12.


Bognor A had a very good week playing three matches in division one of the West Sussex League and scoring 19 points.

The match against Tarring Priory ended 70-70, each side scoring five points.

Bognor winners: T Arnold, J Christensen, D Ford, T Sayers won 19-13; D Jackson, P Lichfield,N Waddock, R Gardner won 21-18.

The following game against East Preston was very close and Bognor won 78-77.

Scores: M Conolly, J Christensen, D Ford, T Sayers won 29-13; D Jackson, P Lichfield, N Waddock, A Richardson won 20-19. Bognor 6pts, East Preston 4pts.

At Waterloo Square against Worthing Pavilion A, Bognor won 93-71, Bognor scoring eight points and Pavilion two.

Scores: D Parker, K Taylor, T Moore, S Soames won 35-12; K Hellyer, G Stevens, A Richardson, J Whitfield lost 24-14; T Arnold, J Christensen, D Ford, T Sayers won 25-17; D Jackson, P Lichfield, N Waddock, R Gardner won 19-18.

Bognor B played Pagham at home and ended their unbeaten run in the league with an 87-71 victory. taking eight points to Pagham’s two.

Scores: G Cook, N Burchfell, R Robinson, J Blacow won 18-16; G Dunham, P Hasler, B Hey, M Philpott won 26-19; R Lincoln, G Kendall, N Hatfield, L Hall won 24-14; R Bobbett, B Stabler, K Graham, T Gaskin lost 22-19.


Pagham took two points from an 87-82 defeat to Bognor in the men’s league.

Scores: T Hayes, K Ruffell, J Fox, G Cutts lost 18-16; T Plows, L Smith, K Robini, T Tack lost 20-19; B Sales, J Burke, P Burrell, P Mayoss lost 24-14; R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English won 22-19.

In the BM League, Pagham beat Hotham 34-28 but lost the friendly 18-10.

Scores: A Calvert, P Burrell, R Dear won 23-8; A Burrell, C Mayoss, P Mayoss lost 20-11; (friendly): D Westcott, L Smith, B Calvert lost 18-10.


Petersfield 47 Midhurst 48

In a friendly at Petersfield, Midhurst won overall by one shot.

Scores: Richard Softly, Dot Berry & Gerald Dixon won 21-8; Michael Dj Smith, Howard Seymour & Catherine Dixon lost 19-13; Jean Adams, Delphine Clark & Terry Berry lost 20-14.

Fishbourne 69 Midhurst 52

Midhurst visited Fishbourne and went down by 17 shots.

Scores: Lilly Kingswell, Howard Seymour & Malcolm Hutchings lost 22-15; Jean Adams, Alan Ricketts & Phil Kingswell drew 15-15; Stella Taite, Delphine Clark & Phil Wells won 17-13; Jack Jurado, Roger Brindle & Terry Berry lost 19-15.

Two of Midhurst Three Counties League matches were cancelled last week in poor weather.

Graffham 52 Midhurst 34

Midhurst visited Graffham for a friendly and lost by 18 shots.

Scores: Jean Adams, Alan Ricketts & Phil Wells drew 14-14; Sue Ralph, Delphine Clark & Terry Berry lost 20-7; Jack Jurado, Roy Ralph & Phil Kingswell lost 18-13.


Arun IBC played away to Horsham IBC and won 109-106.

Scores: J Sparrow, M Winter, B Williams, D Young lost 23-7; A Payne, N Griffiths, B Lawson, J Taffurelli won 22-17; D Champion, S Simmonds, T Gibney, C Gilham lost 19-11; V Greenaway, G King, E Lawrence, M Richards won 29-13; J Simmons, J Greenfield, R Wiedenheoft, A Anderson won 24-15; P Griffiths, D Wright, K Young, J Brazier lost 18-16.

The next home match is against Adur IBC next Tuesday, July 25 – all support welcome.

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