Conditions challenging for Midhurst tennis finals

For Midhurst Tennis Club’s Ladder Finals Day, weather conditions were challenging as the tail-end of a hurricane blew over.

Sunday, 8th November 2020, 12:00 pm
The men's singles finalists

There was with a biting northerly wind but the tennis was set to warm hearts for the finale of club’s competitive tennis throughout lockdown.

Men’s singles final: Nick O’Donnell v Rory Marshall

The first set went with serve to 4-4, to be decided in a tie break, which Rory took 7-2, taking an hour and 20 minutes to play.

The men's doubles finalists

The second set started with both players holding serve again for the first four games. Getting towards the business end of the match, every point was being well contested with an average of at least eight shots every point. The game resulted in Rory holding his nerve and taking the set 6-2, and the match. Congratulations to Rory, a deserving winner.

Ladies doubles final: Lizzie Court & Vanessa Busek vs Kate Bunker & Sarah Bloomfield

The competition was evenly stacked and started off with strong service games reaching 4-4 until service was broken allowing Kate and Sarah Bloomfield the advantage to win the first set 6-4.

With a boost of confidence, they continued to charge forward and hold the second set at 5-2. There were some spectacular shots and rallies played by all four players., the next set was taken by Lizzie and Vanessa in a tiebreak 7-6.

The mixed doubles finalists

The final set was to be decided via a championship tie break - first to 10. It was won by Lizzie and Vanessa 10:4.

It was a great match.

Men’s doubles final: Rory Marshall & Nico Dekker vs John Bower & Robbie Hill

The men’s doubles finals brought together two similar pairings, each consisting of a young gun balanced with a wily old fox; Rory & Nico vs Robbie & John.

The ladies' doubles finalists

Robbie & John stormed off to a 4-0 lead but not so fast, Rory & Nico won the next two games and for a moment it looked like it was going to be one of those weird matches where the supremacy swung back and forth. But Robbie & John held on and eventually, after letting five set points slip away, took the set 6-3. The second set went to Robbie & John 6-1, the score line belied the competitiveness of the play.

Mixed doubles final: Andy Naym & Lizzie Court vs Kate Bunker & Nick O’Donnell

Another very close match fought in very difficult conditions.

Lizzie and Andy took an early lead but Kate and Nick fought back to force a tie break in the first set.

The second set was just as close and again went to a tie break, won 7-6 (4) by Lizzie and Andy.

Nick, Lizzie and Kate were all feeling the effects of their earlier games but all players deserve credit for putting on a good show.

* Midhurst Tennis Club has been thriving and – after the new lockdown – is looking forward to the start of the East Hants Winter League and continued organised tennis for club members. If you are interested email [email protected]