Darts: Observer Cup steps up to the oche

A new year brings a new competition for local darts players '“ the inaugural Observer Cup.

Friday, 6th January 2012, 7:14 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:07 pm

Teams must comprise four players of any gender, aged 16 or over.

A team’s home venue must be within the Chichester, Bognor or Midhurst & Petworth Observer area.

There are no registration fees, with match fees collected at each match. And there is no limit to number of teams from any venue.

Draws and results will be published in the Observer and may also be supplied by email.

The winning team will receive and hold the Observer Cup for a year – with their victory picture featuring prominently in the paper - before returning it.

Match fees will be divided between prize funds and a charity to be nominated by the Observer.

The format will see qualifying rounds played in regions. There will be four singles of three legs (12 points) and three doubles of three legs (nine points) for a total of 21 points per match.

Qualifying matches to be played on a home and away format, with dates for each match arranged between the captains.

If, after both matches are played, the score is 21-21, a team game of four-a-side between the eight single players of one leg of 1,001 will be played to decide the outcome.

A match fee of £1 per player applies – if a player plays singles and pairs they pay only once – will be sent with the result sheet from each team, making a minimum of £8 per match, along with any other funds raised on the night.

There will be eight regions, providing eight finalists. The finals will be held at a venue to be decided and played as two groups of four and the final will be played as a round-robin and as four singles of three legs (12 points) only.

The two group winners will contend the grand final.

Entries must be in by January 31 and can be emailed to [email protected] or sent to Observer KO, c/o 35 June Meadows, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9ER, or given to Andy Hills in person.

Entries need to include a team name, contact name and contact details (phone and/or email).

Tuesday Night Double-in League

The league has been taking its Christmas break, which makes it a good time to review the current statistics.

Highest in shots: Div 1: Rob Misselbrook 170, Pete Mitchell 160, 105, 100, Gary Blackwood 160, Dean Knight 152, Terry Markey 149, 112, Cliff Prior 130. Div 2: Richard Pennells 156, Russ Burgess 152, Ricky Clark 142, 108, Rob Rice 120, 100, Derek Mitchell 120, Debbie Clements 120, Dave Cox 120, Kevin Perry 116, 111.

Highest out shots: Div 1: Cliff Prior 155, Dave Mitchell 124, Chris Gatford 116, Trish Kidd 107, Mike Hales 104. Div 2: Vince Goddings 121, Lee Hellyer 110, 108, Ricky Clark 108, Tim McCarthy 107.

Fewest darts: Div 1: Cliff Prior 17, Mike Hales 17, Richard Ragless 17, Pete Mitchell 17. Div 2: Barry Foster 17, Ashley Clements 18, Vince Goddings 19, Connor Durham 20.

Most tons: Div 1: Cliff Prior 22, Mike Hales 17, Trish Kidd 17, Gary Blackwood 16. Div 2: Andy Whiteley 18, Barry Foster 16, Joe Osman 14, Alex Norgett 13, Ashley Clements 13.

MoM awards: Div 1: Cliff Prior 3, Gary Blackwood 2, Pete Mitchell 2. Div 2: Ashley Clements 4, Connor Durham 3, Barry Foster 3, Andy Whiteley 3.

180s: Div 1: Gary Blackwood 2, Rob Palmer, Dave Mitchell, Ben Marley, Chris Gatford, Mick Rowland, Cliff Prior. Div 2: Ian Dendy 2.

League positions: Div 1: Claremont 10, Royal Oak 8, Chi Snooker B 6, Felpham Tavern 4, Crown Snooker 4, Chi Snooker A 2, Richmond Raiders 0. Div 2: The Old Barn 10, Lamb 8, Cabin 8, Chi Snooker C 8, Legionnaires 6, Wheatsheaf 4, Richmond A 2, Little Vic 0.