Did you know it was National Croquet Day on Sunday?

Croquet! Isn't that a very vicious game?

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 1:22 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:10 am
NATIONAL CROQUET DAY at Rother Valley Croquet Club, GU28 0JY www.rothervalleycroquet.co.uk - Sunday May 13 from 10.30am until late afternoon.

I seem to remember seeing the grandparents standing on one ball while hitting another into the bushes. Well you might have seen them doing that but putting the ball outside the area of play would mean the end of turn. Rather defeating the object of getting the ball through as many hoops as possible while on the lawn.

The Rother Valley Croquet Club is situated in front of Duncton Village Hall with two full size lawns and a half lawn for practice. The view is stunning, the game great fun and has members very keen to show you the delights of the game. All ages play, our youngest player last year was 7, our most senior 93, the club has all the equipment; all you need is flat shoes. A big advantage of the game is there being no need for big muscles, the mallet does all the work. This means the game is a rare one where there is no disadvantage to being female.

There is a very comfortable club house- there is even a loo- tea and coffee always available. Just like a tennis club there are times when you can just come and there will always be someone to give you a game. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons are like that with monday afternoons reserved for teaching. There are 5 qualified coaches to help who are also available at times to suit-and they come free! There is also a lawn booking website for play at other times.

The season started on Saturday April 7. There are taster mornings on Wednesday June 6 and June 11 from 10am. National Croquet Day is on Sunday May 13, from 10.30am until late afternoon. Plenty of opportunities for you to come and join us we would love to see you.