Dragonflyers soar towards regional success

Dragonflyers competed at the southern-region trampoline finals at Eastleigh's Fleming Park Leisure Centre.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:46 am
Dragonflyers at Eastleigh

Ten members qualified for the event but only eight opted to compete. Along with regional titles, a place in the southern team for regional team finals in Birmingham later this year was up for grabs.

The Flyers, whose base is The Regis School in Bognor, were on incredible form with six trampolinists smashing the required national qualification score of 48.

The club came away with two regional champions and four runners-up, plus a seventh place, along with five regional team members.

Rosie Budge scored a tremendous 53.25 to take gold in the 13/14 years NDP level five, with team-mate Libby Morton close behind with a fantastic 52.85.

Manon Bailey gained gold in the nine/ten years NDP three category, sadly missing out on a place in the regional team by 0.15.

William Foden finished second with 49.9 in the boys’ 13/14 years NDP three. also taking silver.

In the top category of the day, NDP six, Izzy Hauxwell in the 15/16 years class scored 51.6 and Lucy Hijmans in the 13/14 years, gained 48.6. Lily Robinson took an amazing seventh position with 49.85 at NDP three 13/14 years.

Hauxwell, Hijmans, Budge, Morton and Foden made regional selection to make it a productive day for the club.

* Regional team selection is being celebrated by five Dragonflyers trampolinists.

Izzy Hauxwell, Lucy Hijmans, Rosie Budge, Libby Morton and William Foden hav been selected to attend southern-region training in May ahead of regional team finals in Birmingham later this year, when performers will jump against the top trampolinists from various national development levels across the UK. Hauxwell and Hijmans will jump at the top category – NDP six – while Budge and Morton are at NDP five.

Hauxwell, Morton and Budge have all represented the region previously and have vast national and international experience. For Hijmans and Foden (NDP three) this will be their first venture in a huge arena.

For Morton this is a remarkable achievement – having dropped out of the event last year at NDP six through ill health. She has shown great inner strength, determination, passion and acceptance of her limitations to battle to some stunning performances and incredible scores on her way back to fitness.

Head coach Linda O’Leary will add to her years of experience as a regional coach with a 2018 selection.

Dragonflyers have a great portfolio including regional, zonal national and international success.

This year the phenomenal standard of the club and their service to the community has seen sponsorship secured from Cars of Littlehampton and Sainsburys, enabling the provision of more training courses.