An awkward introduction but Carson delighted with goalkeeper’s union

Trevor Carson in action. Picture: Joe Pepler
Trevor Carson in action. Picture: Joe Pepler

The Pompey training ground that Thursday was already reeling from the shock removal of Alan Knight amid the on-going search for a third goalkeeper.

Then Trevor Carson walked in.

Not the most stable of environments for the 25-year-old to begin his emergency loan spell from Bury.

Only hours earlier one of his rivals, Phil Smith, had been presented with Knight’s goalkeeping coach role, for the ‘foreseeable future’ according to Guy Whittingham.

Meanwhile, John Sullivan, whose mistakes days earlier had proven so costly at York, was anticipating being axed from the starting XI in the forthcoming match with Rochdale.

What a Blues introduction for new-boy Carson.

Yet since then he has been highly impressed by life in the goalkeeper’s union with Smith and Sullivan.

He said: ‘It wasn’t ideal to be honest. If there is anyone to feel sorry the most for it’s Phil. He’s in a situation and how he has dealt with it has been outstanding.

‘Maybe before I came in he thought he was playing on the Saturday and then all of a sudden I’m there.

‘He has also been asked to be a coach and it has been outstanding how he has done it.

‘The sessions he has put on have been top drawer and we get on really well together, so I have to applaud how he has done it.

‘The first few days were a bit ropey. Phil hadn’t done coaching before and it was a first step for him but after the initial first few days he’s been a natural.

‘Obviously it was a bit strange against Bury with the coach – Phil – playing.

‘I don’t know if he likes me calling him coach or not but it’s a good job he had a good game on Saturday!

‘If I had dropped one in training on Monday and he was coming up telling me how to do it, I would be saying “hold on!”.

‘One good thing about him is he will ask what I need.

‘Some goalkeeping coaches just say this is what we are going to do and you think ‘hold on a minute, I don’t need this, I need to work on something else’.

‘I am still 25. I want to improve, I want to learn the game and it’s a good thing with Phil.’

The other keeper on Pompey’s books is Sullivan, whose run of six consecutive starts was brought to an end when Carson arrived.

Since then Smith has been preferred to him – both in the team and on the bench.

But Carson insists the ex-Charlton man has also been welcoming.

He added: ‘Sully has had a couple of back niggles and not trained a lot in the last couple of days but he is a lively lad and has good banter.

‘He has been a different class to me as well.

‘No keeper enjoys going through the little spell he is, it’s not easy.

‘He could have easily come in, spat his dummy out and not spoken but he has been the complete opposite.

‘He was the first to come up and shake my hand the first day I came in and introduce himself and he’s lively, too.

‘You have got to have them in dressing rooms. He and Simon Ferry keep the lads entertained!’