Back-to-basics message is working

Guy Whittingham
Guy Whittingham

Guy Whittingham believes Pompey’s players are responding to the club’s back-to-basics policy as they gear up for Tranmere.

And the Blues caretaker boss feels the squad will benefit from a weekend with no game as they prepare to take on the League One leaders.

The Blues’ coaching staff were able to focus on drumming their ideas into players instead of the specifics of preparing for opponents last weekend.

Whittingham reckons that will help Pompey at Prenton Park on Saturday.

He said: ‘We’ve had the two weeks now.

‘There’s been a break with no game at the weekend.

‘We’ve tried to instil some of our ideas into the players.

‘They are all experienced players so the ideas we’ve got they’ve heard before.

‘It’s just a case of cementing them in and getting them to think the way you are thinking, and how the games might go.

‘It’s about the shape you are playing and how you want to play.

‘I think we’ve managed to do a fair bit of that so far in the two weeks to get ready for the Tranmere game.’

Whitingham reckons the ‘simplicity first’ mantra is proving effective in the circumstances Pompey are facing.

He said: ‘We’ve kept it simple. We’re dealing with footballers!

‘That’s speaking from experience – the more simple it is, the better.

‘The simpler the plans, the easier it is to get on with.

‘We’re all the same. I was a footballer once. “Keep it simple, stupid” is what they used to say!

‘The less there is to understand, the better people will do it.’