Barker hope amid on-going Ferry frustration

Simon Ferry in action against Dagenham & Redbridge Picture: Joe Pepler
Simon Ferry in action against Dagenham & Redbridge Picture: Joe Pepler

Richie Barker has spoken of his frustration at being denied the regular services of Simon Ferry.

And the Blues boss is hoping the solution can soon be discovered to get the influential midfielder out on the pitch once again.

The Scot’s latest injury set-back has now been diagnosed as back related, forcing him on to the sidelines for the past three matches.

In his on-going absence, Nicky Shorey and Romain Padovani have been paired in central midfield.

Ferry, who hasn’t played three successive games since September and is yet to return to training, has been told no operation is necessary – with an injection instead seen as the answer.

And Barker is itching to get back a player he clearly holds in such high regard.

He said: ‘Simon needs an injection which apparently will help.

‘There is no operation lined up at the minute, just an injection which a specialist has said will assist him getting him back on the pitch.

‘It’s a blow not to have Simon. He’s a good person to have around the place. I can imagine him playing football forever – his attitude in training is fantastic and has an infectious enthusiasm which people feed off.

‘The disappointing thing is he has not had a run of games. The most games he has played in a row is two in recent months.

‘He’s a real football person, an honest person.

‘When you are talking to him he looks you in the eyes and gives you an honest answer and I just love people who love training.

‘In training he comes off having run himself into the ground on a daily basis.

‘I don’t like people who go through the motions in training, but he gives his all.

‘He’s definitely a different person but I quite like it – his gear is shocking but I like him!

‘I like the fact he wants to play football, I like the fact he wants to train, I like the fact in every day in training he listens. When you are talking to him he takes the information on board.

‘When I talk to him about various aspects of the game, I can imagine him being someone who sits and watches the game, whether it is Match of the Day or the Football League Show.

‘Mind you, I have never met anybody of his age who says: “I’ve never got around to learning to drive”. Bonkers!’

Ferry has made 20 appearances since joining from Swindon in the summer.

He has also been made captain on occasions, and Barker admires the work-rate he provides in his team.

‘When you watch him play the game, nothing goes through his head other than he just wants to win football matches, play well and work hard,’ added Barker.

‘One thing people can never accuse Simon Ferry of is not working hard.

‘He’s honest. I genuinely believe if he thought my training was rubbish he would tell me.

‘I quite like it because that keeps me on my toes as well!’