Blues' fitness is shaping up nicely

Guy Whittingham revealed his players are in good shape after welcoming them back for pre-season.

Saturday, 29th June 2013, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:20 pm
Liam Walker, right, will not be with Pompey on Monday as he is on international duty with Gibraltar

The Blues yesterday completed their second day of fitness tests at the University of Winchester.

Training will now begin on Monday, as the players link up for training at St John’s College playing fields in Farlington.

One person who won’t be there is Liam Walker, who is playing for Gibraltar and will report for duty later in the week.

But everyone else in the Pompey squad who was expected to be present reported for the tests.

Whittingham was pleased there were no hitches ahead of getting down to a full week’s work with his squad of 17 senior players.

He said: ‘Everyone’s good and everything went fine.

‘All the boys have gone through the tests and they are okay.

‘We’ll wait for the results to come through and analyse them in more detail, though.

‘But there hasn’t been any problems and, organisation-wise, everyone who was supposed to be there was there.

‘So it’s now a case of kicking things off on Monday.’

Pompey’s players were split into four groups for their tests, with no hiding place if they hadn’t maintained their conditioning throughout the summer.

Blues assistant boss and physio Steve Allen said his team were satisfied, though.

He said; ‘They’ve been doing different tests in two lots of morning and afternoon sessions.

‘That’s the VO2 max which measures the body’s ability to transfer oxygen and measure fitness.

‘We’ve also been testing body fat composition.

‘It’s all gone without a hitch and we’re pleased.’