Bosham's bad start to 2012 as action favours Ferring

Bosham's 2012 began as their 2011 had ended - with a home defeat.

Friday, 6th January 2012, 8:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:07 pm

Just as the Blues had beaten them on Saturday, a different team in the same colour - Ferring - left them with a further headache to compound those felt over the Christmas period and leave manager Tony Hancock bemused at a 3-1 reverse in division three of the Sussex League.

Ferring took only 12 minutes to break the deadlock when Aaron Fisher took full advantage of a moment of suspect defending from the Robins to fire through a crowd after after a melee in the box.

Simon Hasted, the Bosham keeper, had no chance as the ball flew into the back of the net.

Bosham went full throttle to try to change their fortunes and Marco Giambelardini, restored to the starting line-up, went very close with two good chances – but the Reds found themselves further behind with half an hour gone.

The Blues were awarded a free-kick just outside the Bosham box and, despite a suitable-looking wall, Ryan Waller struck the perfect shot, leaving Hasted rooted to the spot and able only to watch as the ball nestled in the net.

After the break worse was to follow. Bosham were all at sea at the back and Chad Milner burst through for Ferring and slotted easily past the exposed Hasted to put the Blues three up in a game that Bosham had felt quite confident of winning.

It took the Reds less than a minute to get on the scoresheet when Ben Blanshard headed home a Kieran Hartley free-kick at the back stick to give his team a chance of turning things around. However, Ferring are made of strong stuff and they handled anything Bosham could throw at them.

Late subs James Bracher, Ryan Hillier and James Ash all contributed to a sterling effort from the Reds to salvage a point but the Blues held firm to take all three points.

BOSHAM: Hasted, Blanshard, Stent, Smith, Giambelardini, Hartley, Dowden, Maunder, Joe Hancock, Jack Hancock, Redman. Subs: Hillier, Bracher, Ash, Fewell.