Dumbuya expects Pompey departures

Pompey defender Mustapha Dumbuya
Pompey defender Mustapha Dumbuya

Mustapha Dumbuya is expecting some ‘disheartened’ team-mates to walk out on Pompey next month.

And the defender insists he is assessing his own situation on a day-by-day basis.

The Blues are braced for a player exodus when the January transfer window opens in 13 days time.

Gabor Gyepes has already revealed he will look at other options in favour of more security than the current month-to-month deals on offer.

Dumbuya is also among the 18 players whose contracts expire next month.

The right-back’s current monthly deal runs out on January 16.

Regardless of his own position, though, he believes it is inevitable there will be departures among the squad.

He said: ‘It has dragged on for months now and there are some disheartened players in the squad here – even if it’s not really showing on the pitch.

‘You cannot really blame anyone for whatever happens next month.

‘I am not going to put words into anyone’s mouth, though.

‘It’s difficult. You need security to move your family down here – we haven’t got that right now.

‘People are going back home to see their kids and family. Some are in Liverpool and Sheffield.

‘Mine live in Tottenham. I am not too far away, I am not one of those that will complain about seeing my family.

‘I go home and see them as much as I can. It’s not too far.

‘Nothing has been hid from us, everyone knows we are on month-to-month deals.

‘When you are on the pitch it is easy to block it out but when you are off the pitch it is harder.

‘We have got to wait for another month and be patient.’

Dumbuya has been with the Blues since the first day of pre-season training back in July.

Since August he has been penning month-to-month deals, under restrictions imposed by the club being in administration.

During that time the former Doncaster Rovers player has amassed 22 appearances and established himself as one of the better performers during the current campaign. Pompey fans wouldn’t want to lose his services during the January window.

Dumbuya, though, insists he is relaxed about what the future holds in terms of the players.

He added: ‘I’m just taking each day as it comes. I am not really thinking about my future.

‘Whatever comes my way, comes my way.

‘I am really enjoying it here – it’s a massive club to play for. I have got no complaints really.

‘We have just got to hold our heads up high and keep doing what we are doing.

‘It’s a great club to play for and hopefully they can sort themselves out and everyone can be on a long-term deal.’