Football legend Alan Shearer backs new fitness project in Chichester

Premier League legend and Match of the Day regular Alan Shearer helped launch a new state-of-the-art fitness concept at Chichester's Westgate Leisure Centre.

Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 11:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 11:43 am
Alan Shearer in his Newcastle glory days
Alan Shearer in his Newcastle glory days

The ex-Newcastle and England international explained how Fortis, powered by Speedflex, is perfect for anyone to try. He said: “It works for me and it can work for anyone. It’s suited to all ages whether you’re approaching 50 like me or you’re 21, it’s great for anybody.

“The best thing is that it doesn’t ache or hurt your body, I’ve tried everything from running to weight sessions, but it has half the impact Speedflex does.”

The Speedflex concept prides itself on delivering a HIIT workout without the hurt and is an affordable, accessible plan. HIIT stands for ‘high-intensity interval training’ and Speedflex’s unique personalised resistance concept gives every participant the chance to train at their optimum level.

Alan Shearer with a Fortis group at Westgate Leisure in Chichester

Shearer added: “For me, it’s hugely important to be doing exercise as an ex-professional footballer, going from playing every week and the amount of training you do.

“When I retired back in 2006, I wasn’t going to do anything but I found Speedflex and I’ve done it ever since and that’s how I know it works. Not only this but it’s good for your mental health as you feel energised and fresh.”

As a former player, Shearer has suffered a number of injuries including torn knee ligaments and ankle ligament damage, but the use of Speedflex enables him to work out pain and injury free. A typical workout can leave you feeling stiff the next day, but Speedflex leaves you feeling fresh, something that keeps Shearer feeling fit and healthy.

Group sessions make it easier for you to keep at it. Shearer said: “The injuries I’ve had would normally be affected by regular exercise, but this has no impact on my knees, ankles or back from previous operations, im pain free.

“It’s a great atmosphere to be in also, the group sessions help you work hard and when you struggle to be motivated by yourself, this is the most ideal thing to do.”

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