Frenchman is learning English lessons

Romain Padovani
Romain Padovani

Romain Padovani has been backed to quickly master English football.

Guy Whittingham believes Pompey have landed a talent in the Frenchman who arrived from Monaco in the summer.

And he has seen enough in the 23-year-old in his time on these shores so far to suggest he can adapt to the game here.

Whittingham said: ‘Romain gave a good performance against Bournemouth and he’s learning.

‘He’s only been in this country for eight weeks.

‘So he’s learning about football and the English mentality of football.

‘Romain’s a bright guy and he’s picking it up quickly.

‘I think he’s strong enough to handle the physical side of the game and technically he’s very good.

‘I think he will learn when to be a bit more extravagant and when to keep it simple.

‘That is stuff that he’s learning.

‘Some are quick learners and some aren’t.

‘We hope he is a quick learner, and from what we’ve seen so far he is.

‘We have to give everyone a bit of time, though.

‘Romain will excite people eventually, but he’s getting used to the English way of playing football.

‘He’s a good character and he’s determined to be successful.’

Whittingham explained Padovani has quickly fitted in with the rest of the Pompey squad.

And the midfielder’s determination to learn English has been a key factor in him doing so.

‘He’s been good with mixing with the players,’ said Whittingham.

‘It’s a good sign that he doesn’t want to speak French – he wants to speak English.

‘His vocabulary is getting better and he can interact with everyone.

‘He’s got on with the lads pretty quickly.’