Guy in the market for more Pompey strengthening

Guy Whittingham. Pic: Joe Pepler
Guy Whittingham. Pic: Joe Pepler

Mark Catlin has revealed Guy Whittingham has been given the go-ahead to strengthen his squad.

And it is understood the Blues boss is closing in on bolstering his striking options.

Pompey’s finances continue to be boosted by the Fratton faithful with an average attendance of 15,861 for home matches so far this season.

In addition, 14,285 turned out for the abandoned match against Wycombe last week.

The club have also received unbudgeted income through their progress to the quarter-finals of the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.

Presently they have earned £12,000 in prize money, with a 50 per cent share of attendance receipts from the ties at Torquay and Oxford.

They will next face Newport County on November 12, with another £12,000 to be awarded to the winner of the fixture.

It all adds up to increased revenue for the Blues.

As a result, Whittingham has the opportunity to use his playing budget to further recruit to his ranks.

Catlin said: ‘After reviewing all the figures at the last board meeting, Guy was given a budget to work to and he is still within that.

‘I have said before, it is a moving feast and revenues are changing daily.

‘Our playing budget is around 30 per cent, when the football league deem anything below 55 per cent is within the realms of safety and stability.

‘That just shows how conservative we have been.

‘Beating Oxford in the cup, has earned us prize money and half the gate receipts, which is all unbudgeted income.

‘Part of that is used towards the playing budget and part is reducing our legacy debts.

‘Guy is aware of the budget, he knows where we are with it and there is still a little bit of room in there to recruit.

‘If it comes to January and there has been an FA Cup run, we can reinvest that money into the playing budget if that is what the board wants to do. That is for them to decide.

‘At the moment, though, Guy is still within his budget.’

Whittingham’s most recent additions have been Trevor Carson, Thery Racon and Gavin Mahon, all arriving at the start of the month.

Racon and Mahon are on one-month deals, both of which run out in the coming week and a decision must be made whether to extend them.

Meanwhile, Whittingham is on the look out to add another striker as the squad continues to evolve.

Catlin added: ‘At the last couple of board meetings a little bit of extra money was made available to him.

‘We are not talking huge amounts but enough to help out with loan signings.

‘Without going into each individual player, what they are earning is exceptional for the club.

‘We are talking very, very sensible money being put to these players in wages, they are three remarkable financial deals and are very, very good for the club.’