Lampitt adamant season tickets holders not forgotten in price cuts

Pompey chief executive David Lampitt is keen to see more fans at Fratton Park
Pompey chief executive David Lampitt is keen to see more fans at Fratton Park

David Lampitt has insisted Pompey full-season ticket holders have not been ignored.

And the club’s chief executive has pledged they will also benefit during Convers Sports Initiatives’ (CSI) drive to boost attendances.

The Blues have unveiled cut-price half-season tickets in a bid to tempt back supporters, with the offer open to Fratton Park fans from today.

Some adult tickets are priced at £175, while the newly-created under-12 category costs £39 in some sections.

It’s the first time CSI have been able to influence ticket pricing since taking power.

Despite the moves being warmly received, some season ticket holders have complained after spending up to £499 during the summer for their seat.

It has been a difficult balancing act for Lampitt.

But next year he has promised there will be discounts in areas of the ground for the 8,300 existing season ticket holders.

In addition, they are entitled to bring under-17s along to four selected league games for just £2 each during the second half of the season.

And an extra ‘early bird’ is to be created, giving full-season ticket holders the chance to renew at discounted rates.

None of the offers will be open to half-season ticket holders.

And Lampitt believes it is an indication of CSI’s attempt to help all Pompey fans.

He said: ‘In terms of the approach, the number one priority is getting people into the ground and absolutely wanting to fill Fratton Park as best we can.

‘We wanted to make the pricing for the half-season tickets attractive and hopefully we have done that.

‘We have always wanted to do it in a way of balancing the interests of all our supporters.

‘It’s something we went into very carefully.

‘We wanted to make sure we still looked after our full-season ticket holders, who are our most loyal and important group of customers.

‘We are actually looking at it in terms of taking care of our season ticket holders next season as well.

‘I am quite comfortable in saying it is our intention there will be cheaper season ticket prices in areas of the ground.

‘Alongside that, they can also bring a child for £2 for some matches. In fact, they can bring as many children as they like.

‘That is something which was specifically asked of us.

‘Then there is the extra early bird period, which will be an exclusive period for full-season ticket holders to renew at a discounted rate compared to half-season ticket holders.

‘We wanted to do a few extra things, specifically for them, to thank them for their on-going loyalty.

‘It has been a difficult balancing act but this is another step in the right direction as a club.

‘This is the first opportunity the owners have had to signal the way they want to take things forward and attract as many people as possible.

‘Everybody wants to see as many people in the ground as possible.’

Lampitt revealed pricing for next year’s season tickets has yet to be finalised.

That is likely to be set early next spring, once supporters’ groups have been consulted.

The chief executive has stressed the importance such talks are held with fans.

And he believes that co-operation is the way forward.

He added: ‘I am not in a position to say how much season tickets will cost next year.

‘That is an on-going consultation between the club, the supporters’ conference and the Trust.

‘We want to see how best we can price things for next season and they are not discussions we are going to rush through.

‘From the start we have asked certain fan groups questions about pricing and how to get people back.

‘The feedback was we would have to be quite aggressive with the pricing – the initial feedback to the half-season tickets seems to be very positive.

‘We want to get people back into the club, that is our priority.’