Nosworthy: Manager change will lift some players

Pompey defender Nyron Nosworthy Picture: Joe Pepler
Pompey defender Nyron Nosworthy Picture: Joe Pepler

NYRON NOSWORTHY admitted Andy Awford’s managerial exit will please some Pompey players.

The loanee defender explained Awford leaving the boss’ post this week will be seen as a positive for those out in the cold.

And those fringe members of the squad can stake a claim to be a part of the set-up moving forward over the remaining three games of the season.

Awford departed his position on Monday, after 13 months in the job at Fratton Park.

Pompey currently have a squad of 28 players, so Nosworthy feels it was impossible for the former defender to please all of those men at his disposal.

The 34-year-old thinks it’s now down to those who weren’t featuring as frequently to step up and prove their worth.

Nosworthy said: ‘There are always players who dislike the manager.

‘They are usually the ones who don’t play!

‘That’s the way it is, though.

‘Some people are going to be happy and some disappointed.

‘Those who are not happy might have had the rhythm of how things are going for them disrupted.

‘They will be hoping for the chance now to get out there and do the business.

‘If you have a squad of around 30 players it’s not easy to please everyone.

‘People will be disappointed and people will be happy.’

After a long career, Nosworthy has been around long enough to see plenty of managers come and go.

He accepts the Awford situation as one of the realities of the game.

Nosworthy said: ‘Everyone wants results and people have different opinions.

‘The club is run by people who make the decisions. If they aren’t happy, they aren’t happy and changes have to be made.

‘They have to do as they see fit.

‘We as players are employed by them so we have to roll with the punches.

‘Some players are resilient.

‘Those who have been around long enough will be.

‘You can’t take it personally because everyone has their jobs to do.

‘It happens. I’ve been in the best parts of football where you think it’s all a dream.

‘It’s perfect, beautiful and you love everybody.

‘I’ve been on that side of things and the horrible side.

‘Everyone moves on and you are left by the wayside and are on your way out.

‘Some people find it hard to deal with. But it’s a part of football you go through.’