Pompey ‘family’ will keep us alive

Pompey caretaker boss Guy Whittingham. Picture: Allan Hutchings (124044-030)
Pompey caretaker boss Guy Whittingham. Picture: Allan Hutchings (124044-030)

Guy Whittingham paid tribute to the fans keeping Pompey afloat and insisted: It’s time to unite.

Whittingham believes the family spirit at Fratton Park will keep the club alive as it continues to fight for its survival.

The Blues caretaker boss delivered the rallying cry after the court case to decide the club’s future was adjourned – the hearing now earmarked for January 15.

News has also emerged that a group of businessmen linked with the Pompey Supporters’ Trust have been pumping money into the club to keep it running.

Whittingham thanked them after Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Preston – and feels the attitude they are showing will keep Pompey alive.

He said: ‘There are people behind the scenes, that people haven’t known about, who are doing everything they can to help this football club.

‘They should be thanked for that because who knows where we would be if they weren’t doing that?

‘I’m sure they’ve got every intention to help us out and do it in any way they can.

‘They are people who have been here and stood on the terraces and who have done well in business.

‘We’re really pleased they are here and all the people are putting that effort in – from the Supporters’ Trust to the fans coming through the turnstiles and staff at the club. Everybody.

‘We all need to pull together to get this club back on an even track and get this club going again. It will be done because there are a lot of positive people here who want it to happen.

‘If something goes against your family you pull together – and that’s what it feels like here.

‘I’m sure in the next few days people will sit me down and let me know what is going on.

‘I’m sure people will tell us what’s going on. It’s important.

‘Everyone wants the best for this club. This is a great club and it needs to get back to what it was.’

Hopes were high Pompey’s future would become clearer last week but the wait for that now looks likely to spill over into 2013.

The fear is that could be spark an exodus with players free to walk away from the club for nothing next month.

Whittingham, however, is hoping they have seen enough in their time at Fratton Park to remain.

He said: ‘It’s not any different from what happened in the summer really.

‘The players have been here for six months. Hopefully they like being here and want to stay.

‘It would be great if we could get things sorted out and get the players we want here to stay.

‘They are footballers and they want their money and to be paid but they also want to be happy.

‘Any footballer wants that and the guys out there look like they enjoy being here.’