Pompey fear January player raids

Luke Dowling
Luke Dowling

Luke Dowling fears clubs will ‘take advantage’ of Pompey when the January transfer window opens.

As it stands, 14 players are out of contract next month.

That is in addition to four currently on short-term loan deals.

Only Adam Webster and Ashley Harris are contracted until the end of the season.

It has left the Blues braced to lose a large number of the first-team squad as rivals come knocking upon the reopening of the transfer window.

The chance of cherry picking Pompey players at absolutely no cost is undoubtedly attractive.

The future of the club should become clearer by the end of the week with the result of the court case with Portpin.

Yet head of recruitment Dowling anticipates there are going to be departures.

He said: ‘Clubs are going to take advantage of our situation.

‘That is the way it works. We would do exactly the same.

‘We have players here on month-to-month and they can just go.

‘There will be no notice, players can be here one day and the next be gone.

‘There will be no compensation, no fees, nothing.

‘They can just walk away and that is what we are up against.

‘Players want security and scouts are coming regularly to watch us because those clubs are doing their jobs properly.

‘Clubs will take advantage and come in for them.

‘You cannot blame people doing that, either.

‘The players are fit, they are playing and won’t cost clubs anything.

‘There is bound to be interest.

‘These are testing times for us but we will remain professional and carry on.’