Pompey: Kyle Bennett’s time to shine

Kyle Bennett. Picture: Joe Pepler
Kyle Bennett. Picture: Joe Pepler
  • Winger revelling in Blues’ new-found consistency
  • Confidence boosted by partnership with strike duo
  • Now he is determined to build on impressive form

Kyle Bennett believes he has found some missing confidence as he continues his quest for consistency.

The Pompey winger went through a tough personal spell recently as a target for a minority of Blues fans who voiced their frustrations at him.

But after being left out of the side for the 0-0 draw with AFC Wimbledon a month ago, the 25-year-old has since shown his creative qualities on a more regular basis and was given a standing ovation during the 6-0 success over York City.

Bennett has continued to impress since then and feels himself that he has got back to a higher level of performance.

He said: ‘We’ve found a bit of consistency at the minute as a team and I’ve probably got a bit more confidence back in my own game as well.

‘Hopefully a few of those fans who weren’t too happy with me have taken a bit of notice of what I’ve been doing on the pitch and it’s great to get back into a bit of form.

‘Now it’s down to me to produce it a bit more.

‘I’m never going to shy away from what I am meant to be in the team for.

‘I am there to create and to try to make things happen.

‘You might say my confidence was down a bit but I just kept trying to keep doing what I was doing.

‘If you do that, eventually you will play yourself back into form and that’s the reality of it.

‘I didn’t change too much about what I was trying to do.

‘I just tried to work even harder.

‘All players go through those spells in form and it’s about how you come out the other end of it.

‘Hopefully, I have come out of that now and it’s my time to put on a few good performances.

‘But it was brilliant to get that kind of appreciation from fans in the York game.

‘You never want to come off the pitch but it was great to do that late on when people were clapping. It meant a lot.’

Perhaps a key difference for Bennett is his relationship with loan forwards Marc McNulty and Caolan Lavery, who have given the Pompey attack a new dimension in recent weeks.

Bennett said: ‘Those players have come in and given us a bit more of a spark.

‘They bring that extra bit of energy and it’s brilliant for us.

‘Sometimes one of them will come short as the other one spins in behind.

‘That is great for players like me as it gives you a few extra options.

‘They are definitely on my wavelength but I think every player here is to be honest.

‘The gaffer has brought these players in because we are all on the same page about what we are trying to do.

‘Sometimes you can play with forwards who might make their own run and not work together too much.

‘I think those two know what the other one is doing.

‘That definitely helps.’