Pompey’s Ben Davies’ secrets to a long footballing life

Ben Davies. Picture: Joe Pepler
Ben Davies. Picture: Joe Pepler
  • Ben Davies has made 27 appearances since his summer arrival
  • At 34 years, seven months and four days he is the oldest member of Pompey’s squad

The dog sees less of its master at walking time, the kids’ excursions to Peppa Pig World have dried up.

Ben Davies’ lifestyle centres on prolonging a footballing career which shows no warning symptoms of slowing.

The Gaffer keeps asking how long I have left in me but hopefully I can go on for a lot longer

Ben Davies

At the age of 34 years, seven months and four days, the right-back is motoring along as strong as ever.

An ever-present for Paul Cook’s side in the League Two campaign, the ex-Derby player has already established himself as a frontrunner in the player of the season stakes.

Davies’ tireless work down the right flank and battling qualities have ensured he is a firm Fratton favourite.

In the process, remarkably continuing to defy age as he attempts to extend a career which has so far amassed 540 appearances and 87 goals.

Yet the versatile performer has the secret of eternal youth to drive on his weary body.

And the oldest member of Pompey’s squad sticks by it – even if it means the dog whines.

He said: ‘I have always looked after myself.

‘During the last 15-20 years I’ve dedicating everything I have to playing football and luckily enough feel good and am playing well.

‘You have to manage yourself from Monday to Friday, fitness has always been a big thing of mine so it is going okay there.

‘I also have an understanding wife and good family at home who take the kids out when you need a rest, which helps massively.

‘The dog is always at the front door wanting a walk but when you are playing games you have to be a bit more careful so the wife will take him out and I will sit there.

‘There’s also not taking the kids to Peppa Pig World as much!

‘At the training ground I have always been one who gets into the gym early, you have to try to get your edge on people, especially when you get older.

‘You get into the gym before training and do your stretching afterwards so the Saturday you feel fresh and ready to go.

‘The Gaffer keeps asking how long I have left in me but hopefully I can go on for a lot longer!

‘I’ve dedicated the last 15-20 years of my life so when you get to this period of your career you can carry on for a few years more.

‘I feel fine and obviously the work you do in the week and the monitoring of everything allows you to be ready for Saturday’s game.’

According to Davies, the possibility of a new contract at Fratton Park has already been discussed.

With his existing 12-month deal expiring in the summer, such talks at this stage of the season reflect the high regard he is held in at the Blues.

He has made 27 appearances and scored one goal so far and the former Sheffield United player is thriving in the twilight of his career.

He added: ‘I’m really enjoying it with Pompey and think I’m playing well.

‘There are also good players here, the lads move the ball well and give you options when you have the ball, so it becomes easier.’