Pompey searching for new recruits

Mark Catlin
Mark Catlin

Pompey are searching for more presidents to add to their ranks as the club’s share issue heads into the final straight.

On July 31, fans will no longer be able to take a £1,000 stake in their Blues.

That is in line with the current shareholders’ agreement which over the past 15 months has allowed supporters to invest via equity.

It also marks the final opportunity to sign up as a president and join the existing 12.

That option is open to those willing to spend a minimum of £50,000 on shares.

It includes the likes of chairman Iain McInnes and board members Mick Williams, Chris Moth and John Kirk.

In addition, there are Eric Coleborn, Martin Moyse, Martin Price, Ian Silvester, John Crossley, John Partridge, Ken Terry and Stuart Robinson.

The precise make-up of the share issue in the future and its price will subsequently be decided by the boards of the Trust and the club beyond July 31.

In the meantime, Mark Catlin is urging any prospective presidents to step forward before Wednesday’s deadline.

And the chief executive is full of praise for the 12 on board at present.

He said: ‘With our presidents, it’s not just the financial input they have given throughout this inaugural season but they have been an invaluable resource in regards of business input, ideas and support when needed.

‘I would love more presidents to get involved before the deadline.

‘They have and will continue to be an important ingredient in our progress in the coming seasons.

‘I try not to single anyone out as everything we have done has been a team effort, but Ian Silvester has been instrumental in helping to drive forward the new training ground project.

‘Then take last week as an example, we had Academy induction nights on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday was the Trust shareholder event and then Saturday the Portsmouth Football Supporters Club London evening – in London.

‘Each and every night, club staff, directors and presidents attended and Eric Coleborn (a president) was at all four events.

‘This is without the time he spends helping the club with various projects during the day.

‘Directors, presidents, the Trust and supporters all working together, this is what the club is all about now.

‘The more people we have involved helping to rebuild this incredible club the better.

‘This is what being a community club is all about.

‘Despite there being such a mix of people involved, from all different backgrounds, it’s totally unique to get everyone pulling in the same direction with one common cause, the rebuilding of this fantastic club.’

The share option had previously been extended in April to allow for time for more investment from fans.

Yet that is now drawing to a close in its existing form, as July 31 approaches.

That can be re-opened, however, although it may be in an altered form.

Regardless, Catlin insists presidents have a wide range of benefits for their investment, while those investing £100,000 or more are entitled to sit on an advisory board which meets quarterly.

For more information, contact presidents@pompeyfc.co.uk