Pompey Supporters’ Trust reveal its bid for the club

Press conference by the Portsmouth Supporters' Trust.
Press conference by the Portsmouth Supporters' Trust.

THE Pompey Supporters’ Trust has revealed fans have pledged around £3m to take the club over.

Members of the trust have been holding a press conference this morning to reveal the details of their bid.

They say they have pledges totalling £3m from fans, and around £1m in the bank already.

But they have also said they need a bridging loan from the council to make the takeover smooth.

The trust revealed it will be offering Balram Chainrai £2.75m in return for him wiping out his £17.5m debt, which is secured on Fratton Park.

It will also be paying football clubs in full, but hope to come to an agreement with players in order to reduce the amount they are owed.

Four fans have pledged six figure sums, including lifelong fan Iain McInnes, who will become chairman if the PST takeover bid succeeds.

He said, should the trust’s bid succeed, Michael Appleton will stay on as manager.

The trust members are now urging fans to increase their support.

Mr McInnes said: ‘Plenty of people will come out of the woodwork and back the trust if they believe we are real’