Rocks fans’ anger at referees is growing by the game

ROCKS fans are demanding their team gets fairer treatment and protection from referees – and say many of the officials are too weak to handle football at this level.

Their anger at poor officials intensified on Tuesday when defender Perry Ryan was sent off at Faversham for an elbowing offence no-one else saw.

But it was a red card that wasn’t given, in the win at Whyteleafe, that sparked a barrage of criticism.

Supporter Ian Guppy said Whyteleafe captain Fred Fleming’s tackle on Ben Johnson towards the end of the Rocks’ 5-1 win could have broken Johnson’s leg or ended his career.

“It was a total disgrace that he was only booked for his tackle,” he added.

It followed an incident at Whitehawk three weeks ago which put James Fraser out for more than a fortnight with a knee injury.

Fan Barry Anderson said: “It was bad enough that JJ (Fraser) wasn’t available at Whyteleafe, still unfit after a horrific double-tackle at Whitehawk, which went completely unpunished.

“Then, at Whyteleafe, the same referee weakly waved a yellow card at the home captain after a two-footed lunge at Ben Johnson that could have ended his season.

“Some ‘fast-track’ refs we have had this season have been less experienced and less competent than their own linesmen.

“If the FA really is determined to use the division as a training ground for rookies, they have a duty to ensure those rookies have the knowledge and bottle to protect players.”