Selsey angry at lack of protection from referees

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DEFEAT wasn’t the only pain suffered by Selsey as they lost the RUR Cup final to Rye.

They were claiming a lack of protection from referees as the opposition were lucky to keep 11 men on the field and Selsey defender Julian Boniface was left waiting to see if he will need surgery on his eye socket.

Selsey played well but lost to a penalty in each half, but it wasn’t only the unjust scoreline that hurt.

The Blues felt Boniface’s injury was caused by a deliberate elbow – unseen by referee Marc Meeten.

And Rye defender Sean Kelly was hugely fortunate to stay on the pitch after being booked for one tackle and then committing an ugly foul on Blues full-back Dan Watts.

With a one-man advantage for more than half the game, Selsey might have brought home the cup.

Boss Adam Hinshelwood said: “I asked the ref why their No6 stayed on after the foul on Dan. I asked if it was because we were too nice and didn’t intimidate him.

“As for Julian, he’s waiting to see about surgery. He’s off work and it’s a major issue for him.

“Lack of protection from referees has been a theme of our season and it frustrates me. I don’t want to get opposition players sent off but there has to be protection and consistency.”