Sporting highlights of 2019 - And Chichester City will play... no-one!

It is THE sporting story of 2019 in this part of the world - Chichester City's remarkable, inspiring run to the second round of the FA Cup.

Tuesday, 31st December 2019, 8:00 am

So amazing was it, we didn't think one story and bit of video would do it justice - so we have picked out three moments to bring you today that sum up the story perfectly.

The first is perhaps the more surreal moment of all - when City's players and staff waited to see who they'd get in the first round of the FA Cup ... only for them not to get anyone!

Bury's absence from the first round line-up meant there were 79 clubs involved instead of the usual 80, and it was decreed that the last team in the machine would get a bye to the second round.

City celebrate their FA Cup first round after watching the draw at Oaklands Park / Picture by Daniel Harker

As Chi officials gathered at Oaklands Park to watch the draw, chairman Andy Bell said a bye would be his preference because it would secure £36,000 prize money and a place in round two and an even better chance of a big game.

And you can guess what happened...

More on the Chi Cup run on this website later today