Sussex County Football League to change name to Southern Combination Football League

From the 2015/16 season, the Macron Store Sussex County Football League will change its name to the Macron Store Southern Combination Football League.

Wednesday, 4th March 2015, 5:59 pm
Sussex County Football League sponsorship deal with Macron Store Hastings - Steve Nealgrove (left) and Terry Henham SUS-140108-113604002

Member clubs of the Sussex County Football League have been advised of the intention to rename the league the Southern Counties Central Football League.

After talks with the Football Association, the league has been allowed to rename itself the Southern Combination Football League – thus keeping the ‘SCFL’ initials because the league may well pick up clubs from Kent, Surrey and Hampshire, and therefore feel a name change would be appropriate at this moment in time.

“The league management committee have thought long and hard about a name change,” said league chairman Steve Nealgrove.

“We have had to act due to the fact that due to lateral movement at our level, we may well be picking up clubs that from the likes of the Combined Counties League and Hellenic League, so the name change reflects the area that we cover.

“It is a sad day to lose the title of the Sussex County Football League, but we have to move with the changes the Football Association are trying to make.

“Some people will question the decision, and doubt the reasons why we are changing but we are trying to put ourselves in a position to carry the league forward for the foreseeable future.”

The end of season presentation dinner on May 30 at the East Sussex National Golf Course, Uckfield, will be the last time the ‘Sussex County Football League’ name will be used.

With a new name, comes a new logo – and the league would like to offer the opportunity to the public of the design of the new logo to be used from next season.

This will be a competition, and entries will be split into two categories – those produced by people under the age of 16 and those over the age of 16. A prize – to be confirmed at a later date - will be given to the winner of both categories – with the overall winner’s logo being used as the new logo for the Southern Combination Football League. The winners will be selected by a panel.

The current sponsorship deal with Macron Store will continue despite the name change – thus meaning the title ‘Macron Store Football League’ will still apply.

Please send all applications, or any enquiries, to [email protected] by Thursday, 30 April – with the intention to present the winners at the Peter Bentley Cup Final on Monday 4 May.