Whittingham’s anger management at Pompey

Guy Whittingham lost his cool with his Pompey team at half-time against MK Dons on Tuesday night
Guy Whittingham lost his cool with his Pompey team at half-time against MK Dons on Tuesday night

Guy Whittingham has revealed Pompey’s players have now been introduced to his version of Mr Angry.

The normally mild-mannered caretaker Blues boss admitted he finally lost his temper with his players at half-time during the midweek 1-1 draw with MK Dons.

Whittingham would have been well within his rights to allow the frustrations of the job to get the better of him long before then.

But in a heated dressing room exchange, he was unable to keep his cool when he felt the Blues had squandered a great opportunity to end their long winless run, which now stands at 23 matches.

Whittingham explained: ‘It’s fair to say that they (the players) had me having a right go at them at half-time against MK Dons.

‘I think one or two of the players were a bit surprised by it. A couple have said it’s the first time they have seen me like that.

‘I wasn’t happy we had let MK Dons off the hook and let them back in the game.

‘It was not because they hadn’t done what we wanted them to do, but because we hadn’t come in leading, which we should have done.

‘It would have changed the game. We could have sat back, stayed solid, saved energy and hit them on the break. But we had to go back out and try to create something else ourselves to win the game.’

Recent Pompey managers have seemingly been on the brink of seeing the red mist at any moment, which can lose its impact if the players are constantly subjected to a verbal barrage.

But while Whittingham is a much more calm and laid-back personality, he believes there is nothing wrong with some old-fashioned football manager tactics, having played under characters like Jim Smith and Ron Atkinson.

The ex-Pompey striker said: ‘I’ve lost my rag a couple of times. I think you have to sometimes.

‘Certainly as a player, you need to be told in no uncertain terms if you are doing things well or not and as a team, you need to be told.

‘Jim Smith and Big Ron would have their say when they needed to do it.

‘I still remember Jim having a go at me for missing that penalty against Peterborough all those years ago.

‘It was all my fault we didn’t go up that season!

‘I had a few of them, to be fair. But if a team or a player deserves it, then they deserve it.

‘There’s obviously a right time and a right place and as long as you can back it up with a reason, then fine.

‘They say modern-day players need to be sat down and talked to and have things explained.

‘Sometimes, they might just need a verbal volley.

‘But I think you’ve got to have it within your armoury. You’ve got to show that passion.

‘If you don’t have it, your team won’t go out and play with passion and desire.

‘It’s about the staff having it as well and making sure people are doing the right things.’