Goodwood racecourse adds a touch of glass

How the new glass-sided viewing area will look at Goodwood
How the new glass-sided viewing area will look at Goodwood

IT will offer unrivalled views from Goodwood racecourse to the Trundle, the Solent and everything in between.

So it’s no wonder bosses are excited about new facilities about to spring up on top of their Charlton Stand.

The glass-sided hospitality areas are already sparking plenty of interest from race-goers keen to get an even better view of proceedings on the Downs than that already offered.

The new Charlton Panoramic Club and Charlton Boxes are the central feature of £500,000 of improvements which will be completed before Goodwood’s season opener, which is just 30 days away.

Racecourse MD Adam Waterworth said: “Because it’s glass-sided, the views it will offer are phenomenal. You’ll be able to see across the whole racecourse, up to the Trundle and out to the Solent and Isle of Wight.

“A huge amount of effort and planning has gone into the new areas and we look forward to our customers enjoying the fantastic views this new hospitality area can offer - and they’ll be using the facilities in time for our first raceday on the bank holiday weekend.

“We continue to listen to what our customers want and always look to improve our race-goers’ experience.”

The new structure will include two pavilions, a betting facility, kitchen, toilets and a new 120-capacity hospitality space.

Bosses have also spent significant sums on new flooring at box level in the the March Grandstand and new seats in the same stand.

Waterworth added: “We’ve also given some attention to the ground floor of the Sussex Stand. We’ve made it bigger, put new food concessions in there and made the TV displays bigger.

“We tend to spend £500,000 a year on capital projects and we’re never short of work to do. It’s like the Forth Road Bridge - you just finish one end of the racecourse, then have to go back and start again.

“I’ve been here four years and in that time, we’ve made a difference to the surroundings in each enclosure.”

He also revealed the award-winning Secret Garden would be back for a second Glorious Goodwood, giving race-goers a tranquil area in which they can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the festival.