It May be a knockout for Bognor darts aces

The first knockout of the season in the Bognor Double In Double Out League was the six-a-side Pete May team contest.

Monday, 2nd December 2013, 8:04 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 8:45 pm
The Claremont and Richmond Raiders, team knockout divisional winners

Five teams turned up from each division, a much better showing than last year.

In division one, The Old Barn fell at the first hurdle to The Claremont.

The Claremont also made it past the Hunston Club in a repeat of last year’s final to move into this year’s.

The Royal Oak made their way to the final with a win over Chi Snooker A.

In the final, The Royal Oak took the first leg, but The Claremont boys picked it up and took the second. The last leg saw The Claremont dig deep with some great scores, which helped them to the win and into the overall final for the third year on the trot.

Division-two action saw Richmond A falling to Newtown SC in the preliminary match. The Neptune Selsey took to the oche against the BRSA Ravens, who struggled to get going and lost.

Then Newtown SC took on the Richmond Raiders for a place in the final, but despite starting well and scoring big, they lost the first leg by missing doubles, then lost the game.

The Claremont will take on the Richmond Raiders on finals night at the end of the season in the Pete May team final.

The consolation knockout is for the first-match losers.

In division one, The Old Barn and Chi Snooker A met in the preliminary match, with The Old Barn victorious. They met the Hunston Club in the final. A tight match saw Hunston win.

In division two, only two teams lost their first match. These were Richmond A and the BRSA Ravens. A tough match on the stage saw Richmond A take the win.

The Hunston Club will take on the Richmond A on finals night at the end of the season in the consolation team final.

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Friday Benevolent Darts League

Week six’s best game came from Richard Ragless (Wheatsheaf) with 18 and 22 darts and a 25.30 average.

Results - Div 1 - Chi Snooker A 8 Chi Snooker C 14; Aldwick Legion B 5 Claremont Cobras 17; Wheatsheaf 15 Chi Snooker B 5. Div 2 - Friary D 10 BRSA B 13; Old Barn 17 Friary C 5. Div 3 - Richmond Regulars 13 Aldwick Legion A 10; POW B 14 Richmond Rebels 6; BRSA Ravens 12 Bognor Sports Club 10.

Other stats - Div 1 - fewest darts - Adi Linfield (Chi Snooker A) 16 & 21 darts (21.41 av); Richard Ragless (Wheatsheaf) 18 & 22 darts (25.30 av); Mike Rooke (Chi Snooker A) 19 & 31 darts (20.04 av); Gary Blackwood (Claremont Cobras) 23 & 26 darts (18.82 av). 180s - Adi Linfield (Chi Snooker A). High shot outs - Richard Ragless (Wheatsheaf) 102. Div 2 - fewest darts - Lee Clark (Old Barn) 18 & 25 darts (20.52 av); Steve Aizlewood (BRSA B) 22 & 23 darts (22.27 av). 180s - Steve Aizlewood (BRSA B). High out shots - Lee Clark (Old Barn) 106. Div 3 - fewest darts -

Bradley Marshall (BRSA Ravens) 24 & 32 darts (17.89 av); Don Miles (POW B) 30 & 38 darts (14.74 av); Steve Landvogt (Aldwick Legion A) 29 & 32 darts (16.59 av). High out shots - Mark R Todd (BRSA Ravens) 104; Don Miles (POW B) 68.