Jack is the West Sussex champion of champions

West Sussex short mat bowlers held their champion of champions singles tournament '“ and Jack Rollings was the winner.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 8:00 am
Champion of champion Jack Rollings

The singles champions of the clubs plus the county singles champion were competing for the title of champion of champions.

After the round-robin games the semi-finals matched The Martlets’ Mel Lillywhite against the county singles champion Rollings and Rollings took an early lead and ran out a comfortable winner 14-3.

The other game matched Infinity’s Chris Page against Crablands’ Denise Merritt and this was a very tight game in which Page just pulled away at the end to win 8-6.

In the final the two club-mates from Infinity faced each other and Rollings took an early 5-0 lead. Page then got into the game and pulled back but eventually ran out of ends with Rollings the winner by 9-8.

The county B team played Kent in a return friendly and after losing away at a very cold Kent venue last weekend they were looking for some revenge.

They ran out comfortable winners 30-10 for a very satisfying win against strong opposition.

In the singles Bognor’s David Stansmore won 24-6 and 23-7. In the pairs Celia and Alan Foot from Crablands, on their county debut, won 14-11 and 20-6.

In the triples Bognor’s Betty Williams and Crablands’ Bill Merritt lost 11-9 and won 11-10. In the fours Bognor’s Peta Watters with Fittleworth’s Marilyn Knight lost 19-6 and won 14-11 while Fittleworth’s Lorraine Berry, Bognor’s Peter Watters and West Chiltington’s Jenny and Roland Naldrett won 11-10 and 10-8.

Following their successful start to the season, Arun fielded two mixed teams and won both games – before losing to outdoor club Pagham.

Against Banister Park, Arun won on all six rinks for a 193-78 victory.

Top rink was the one skipped by Ron Gardner.

Scores: B Lilley C Searl T Hayes JohnWhitfield (s) won 35-13; G King, J Whetstone, B McGovern, P White (s) won 25-16; E Keywood, D Wright, R Wiedenhoeft, A Hunt (s) won 29-12; P Lichfield, L Carthew, B Sanford, R Gardner (s) won 36-10; M Keers, A Murrall, R Smith, J Keers (s) won 20-12; P Jones, J Elliott, Jan Whitfield, M Johnson (s) won 18-15.

A much tougher game was played the following day when Denton Island visited with a very strong side, with three rinks won by each team. The result was 118-109 in favour of Arun. Mike Bird’s team were top rink.

Scores: P Lacy, J Whetstone, J Hamilton, J Keers (s) lost 18-25; E Keywood, J Elliott, P Miles, K Ball (s) won 22-11; C Chester, M Fair, J Adams, M Bird (s) won 25-9; M Keers, J Hazelgrove, G Cooke, C Horsley (s) lost 13-16; J Gibson, G King, R Wiedenhoeft, V Pickering (s) lost 11-32; C Hillier, M Millis, M Brand, S Miles (s) won 29-16.

The Pagham match was almost like an in-house game with most of the opposition also members of Arun. The visitors won 124-100, having won on four of the six rinks.

Scores: P Ward, J Whetstone, N Reynolds, P White (s) lost to A Calvert, P Quilter,T Hayes, R Hilder (s) 15-22; C Chester, S Webster, D Weight, J Muffett (s) lost to B Calvert, B Mumford, S Stocker, K Robini (s) 9-35; J Sales, D Jones, B Sales, P Green (s) beat E Terry, D Westcote, P Wakeford, J Fox (s) 24-7; T Cook, B Sanford, K Ball, T Sayers (s) beat B Smith, D Vaughan, Rosie Smith, R Pearson (s) 23-21; M Keers, J Ayling, G Stevens, J Keers (s) lost to A Burrell, D Cripp, M Adams, T Tack (s) 14-21; E Keywood, G King, M Bird, V Pickering (s) lost to P Langridge, L Cripp, P Burrell, P Mayoss (s) 15-19.

* Arun ladies played Worthing BC at home in their first league match of the season, winning on four of the five rinks for a very good win by 102-59.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Chris Horsley won 27-8; Eileen Fitch, Bridget Collins, Sue Miles, Wendy Adams won 27-12; Viv Greenaway, Maureen Bacon, Gill Conley, April Janman won 17-9; Janet Boucher, Sheila Stocker, Betty Spicer, Marion Richards won 17-11; Janet Whitfield, Lynn Hathaway, Margaret Phillips, Denise Latter lost 14-19.

Arun ladies travelled to Egham for a six-rink friendly, winning 112-110.

Scores: Chris Hillier, Kath Burnard, Joan Adams, Marion Richards won 29-7; Iris Brooker, Lynn Hathaway, Janet Whitfield, Gill Conley won 21-14; Edna Keywood, Lorraine Wood, Mary Potter, Carol Bowles won 18-14; Chris Hobbs, Chris Chapman, Resi Wiedenheoft, Margaret Phillips won 18-16; Jan Hazelgrove, Mary Fair, Jenny Hamilton, Lynn Hathaway lost 12-23 Maureen Tyrell, Penny Jones, Chris Horsley, Betty Spicer lost 14-26.


Southbourne Rovers 62 Nyetimber Lions 23

Rovers were very pleased with a good win in a home match against Nyetimber Lions to take all six points.

Scores: Eileen Keane, Irene Jennings, Jim Spivey, Alan Shelley (s) won 37-8; Mary Thornton, Joan Frost, Peter Garrard, Alan Williams (s) won 25-15.


Lavant played Walberton in a friendly and game came away with a 67-50 win.

Mat one under Peter Winter’s leadership won 22-15, while mat two had a closer win of 19-16 under Terry Haigh’s guidance. Peter Whale took his team to a good win of 26-19 on mat three.


Hunston played away to Crablands and despite winning on two mats and losing on only one, they lost 66-51.

Scores: D Greenfield, D Reran, A Harle, E Whiting 9-33; J Smith, J Stubbs, A Hack, R Stevens 23-20; B Hodnett, R King, T Hack 19-13.


In their third league match, Infinity hosted The Martlets.

On mat one Robin Armstrong, Pauline Jeffery, Steve Jeffery and Chris Page had a good win by 21-14. On mat two John Simms, Denise Kirby, Jack Rollings and Charlotte Rollings came up against a very strong four from The Martlets, who took the lead early and maintained it until the end despite a strong fightback. Infinity finished up losing 21-19.

Infinity take four points from the game, giving them 16 points in the league.


The Eagles took all six points from Arundel Mullets in two very interesting games – with one mat romping to a 15-shot win and

the second mat slowed in the middle but came back to win by six shots.

The friendly mat struggled but only lost by five shots.

Scores: S Weeks, S Trussler, C Morgan, R Weeks won 24-9; A Knight, D Morgan, C Dixon, T Berry won 21-15; (friendly): S Tait, C Harkness, S Enticknap, B Osbourne lost 13-15.