Arun bowlers lose at home - but are happier on their travels

Arun 109 Eastbourne 126

We’ve got all the reports from Arun, Crablands, Nyetimber, Lavant and Donnington in our weekly round-up of the local bowls scene.

Arun 109 Eastbourne 126

Eastbourne were the visitors to Arun for the second Sussex League match of 2011 and ran out winners by 17 shots, winning on three rinks and drawing on one.

Scores: J Olliver, A Simmons, P Lillford, P Hannam lost 28-1; T Arnold, D Sayers, C Spicer, G Leaman lost 24-17; I Harvey, A Bowler, P Butler, L Corne won 23-19; B Why, R Hobbs, D Ford, R Gardner lost 26-19; B Rebbeck, P Brooker, A Fisk, D Leach drew 15-15; P Green, B Butler, B Horsley, B Talmage won 22-14.

Arun Ladies 131 Sutton 84

Arun had an enjoyable friendly at home to Sutton and won by 47 shots.

Scores: S Pugh, C Mayoss, I Brooker, S Hart won 31-9; G Humphreys, E Tooley, I Morris, M Brown won 19-10; J Bouncher, F Ireland, J Taffurelli, D Latter won 33-11; L Curtis, M Bacon, A Olliver, C Bowles lost 16-13; E Cooke, A Briault, M Phillips, M King drew 21-21; J Simmons, J Lindley, L Napper, M Richards lost 17-14.

Egham 96 Arun 121

Arun travelled to Egham for a six-rink men’s friendly and won by 25 shots, winning on five rinks.

Egham traditionally have a strong bowling heritage so a win on their own turf was very satisfactory.

Scores: F Smith, Bags Smith, A Humphries, PJ White won 27-15; B Why, R Sparrow, J Weatherall, L Corne lost 26-11; P Murphy, N Waddock, P Lillford, B Horsley won 27-6; P Langridge, W Branford, D Ford, R Gardner won 17-16; L Hall, P Brooker, A Fisk, D Leach won 18-15; D Parker, D Sayers, A Bowler, A Anderson won 21-18.

Arun 169 Langney Sports 91

This was a cracking win for Arun at home to the East Sussex side as they won on all six rinks with an overall shot advantage of 78, ensuring a full 11 points.

This was by far Arun’s biggest win in the league this winter season.

Scores: R Leggett, R Hobbs, F Taylor, G Leaman won 45-8; P Whale, B Butler, B Horsley, B Talmage won 33-8; T Arnold, C Spicer, R Gardner, M Bonnar won 24-21; B Rebbeck, P Brooker, A Fisk, D Leach won 17-15; P Miles, A Bowler, P Butler, L Corne won 25-17; J Olliver, J Newell, P Lillford, P Hannam won 25-22.



Crablands Auks visited Bognor Goodwoods Silver but went down 39-33.

Scores: Marie Nutt, Rose Colton, Ron Coombes & Alan Bateman lost 24-20; Joan Taylor, Colin Garland, Jim Saunders & Les Jewiss lost 15-13; (friendly) Brian Berry, Martin Hunt, Charlie Threlkeld & Mollie Back won 21-17.

In the knockout plate second round, Crablands A won through to the next round with five points.

Scores: Marie Nutt, Joyce Abel, Alan Bateman & Joyce Heritage won 30-11; Martin Hunt, Tony Heritage, Brian Berry & Mollie Back drew 19-19; (friendly) Doe Barry, Jan Obermayer, Wally Obermayer & Jim Saunders lost 27-12.

Crablands Bitterns visited Nyetimber Gold but lost 50-30.

Scores: Iris Brown, Anne Threlkeld, Geoff Brown & Charlie Threlkeld lost 21-15; Sylvia Compton, Stevie Brooks, Jim Saunders & Lil Tuck lost 29-15; (friendly) Vera Ashby, Gwen Coombes, Yvonne Clifton & Ron Coombes won 19-18.

Crablands held a spoons drive fun day in which eight teams of four competed over four rounds on both fast and slow mats.

Marion Saich, Stevie Brooks, Mike Tucker and Peter Latchford won the club spoons by eight shots. Jean Shipp, Sheila Plaistow, Ted Murrell and Lil Tuck came last to take the wooden spoons.

Refreshments were provided by Val Tyrrell and Pat Jones.

Crablands Bitterns took all six points in winning at home to Lavant Green.

Scores: Joan Taylor, Jim Saunders, Charlie Threlkeld & Lil Tuck won 29-21; Iris Brown, Jean Tolhurst, Geoff Brown & Roy Tolhurst won 27-12; (friendly) Patricia Tucker, Ann Threlkeld, Yvonne Clifton & Mike Tucker won 18-12; Colin Garland, Ted Murrell, Stevie Brooks & Arthur Gilling lost 29-10.


There was a very welcome six-point win for Nyetimber Gold when they played hosts to Crabland Bitterns. Despite having two key players unavailable with injuries, both mats scored well.

On mat one, A Crew, J Leake, R Knibb and S Syrett (skip) beat I Brown, A Threlkeld, G Brown and C Threlkeld (skip) 21-15. On mat two, G King, B Crew, G Booker and T Mussell (skip) beat S Compton, S Brooks, J Saunders and L Tuck (skip) 29-15, making the overall score 50-30.

The friendly mat was won by Bitterns 18-19.

There was a heavy defeat for Nyetimber when they visited Fittleworth for a friendly.

Scores: C Foot, M Biggs, G Booker, T Mussell (s) lost 24-5; D Merritt, P Mussell, C Plummer, J Leake (s) lost 26-14; J Evans, A Foot, A Booker, N Plummer (s) lost 24-11.


Lavant Red started 2011 at home to Bognor Goodwoods Green.

Peter Winter’s team battled all the way and at 19 ends were two shots down. They held their nerve and took the last two ends to win the game.

Peter Whale’s team had a slow start and from being three shots down at nine ends, they forged ahead via steady scoring to secure a strong win.

Tony Boxall’s team on the friendly mat had an up-and-down game but came through with a good win.

Scores: P Winter, L Kneale, R Peirce, J Simms won 18-16; P Whale, J Heasman, P Beardmore, R Harding won 27-17; T Boxall, B Copeland, S Lillywhite, K Fancy won 21-18.


Donnington were entertained by Fittleworth and managed to win on only one mat, but fought back to lose the match by just five shots.

Scores: Joan Jones, Brian Taylor, Brian Aston & Vic Mitchell lost 21-14; Les Stewart, Sue Buckle, Trevor Wilson & Mike Bayfield lost 19-12; Anne Whitney, Steph Baverstock, June Martinelli & Ron Beasley won 20-11.