Arun’s trip to Worthing Pavilion proves a tough one

Arun’s penultimate game in the Sussex County League saw them lose by 20 shots - 131-111 - at Worthing Pavilion.

At the halfway stage of 10 ends Arun were 40 shots down, but came back well in the second half to halve the overall deficit. The top rink for Arun was rink three which they won by 14 shots.

Arun 150 Hayes & District 92

Arun entertained a collection of bowlers from the Hayes area, who play for various indoor bowling clubs in that area.

This was a six-rink mixed friendly match which Arun won by 58 shots winning on five rinks losing on one. The top rink for Arun was rink one, which they won by 21 shots.

Scores: G Finch, Y Stewart, P Phillips, A Olliver won 28-7; PJ White, E Chapman, E West, M Richards lost 16-18; C Chester, K Burnard, R Weidenheoft, R Humphrey won 26-17; O Fidgeon, W Branford, J Taffurelli, M English won 27-15; D Jackson, L Napper, A Parsons, B Napper won 25-16; F Smith, P Jones, J Lindley, R Gardner won 28-19.

Arun 102 Horsham 106

Arun visited Horsham IBC for their annual six rink mixed friendly match and only just lost by four shots.

The match was close all through the 21 ends, so much so that either team could have won. The top rink for Arun was rink seven which they won by 10 shots.

Scores: O Fidgeon, G Dunham, M Philpot, M Lewis lost 10-27; D Jackson, R Waddock, M Adams, B Sandford won 14-13; J Smith, G Whitaker, E Tooley, JP Brown lost 13-22; J Taylor, N Waddock, J Weatherall, A Anderson won 21-13; D Parker, P Jones, M Johnson, K Burt won 19-16; C Dunham, R Weidenhoeft, E Mitchell, PJ White won 25-15.


Fittleworth won 33-29 in a home league match against Goodwoods Silver and won by just four shots, losing on one mat.

Scores: A Hodgson, G Barnfield, A Jordan, D Herbert lost 16-10; J Lucking, R Lucking, S Judd, C Martin won 23-13; (friendly) M Cook, M Wood, B Adsett, S Allen won 21-12.

Pulborough were short of two players for their match on Saturday so they played one rink and two triples and Fittleworth emerged 54-35 winners.

Scores: M Cook, A Jordan, D Herbert won 14-13; J Adsett, G Barnfield, S Allen won 28-11; A Hetherington, P Cook, B Adsett, S Judd won 12-11.


Lavant were away again to Chilgrove to play the third of four legs for the Golden Bowl trophy.

Lionel Kneale’s trio took the first end to be 7-2 up after end eight. Chilgrove responded to make the score only 7-6 at end eleven. Lavant pulled ahead to be 15-8 up with one end to play, which Chilgrove won with three shots, the final score was 15-11.

Tony Bleach’s trio started well but steadily fell behind, thanks to some high scoring by Chilgrove, who took the game to be 10 shots up on the last end, the final score being 23-13 to Chilgrove, who won the match 34-28.

Lavant now lead the series 103-97, but their overall lead is now only six shots. The final leg is played out at both venues as home/away games followed by a buffet supper at Lavant.

Scores: L Kneale, J Lee, C Beardmore won 15-11; T Bleach, P Beardmore, P Lee lost 13-23.

Lavant Green found no light at the end of the tunnel playing away to Ashington Owls.

Tony Bleach’s team were soon left behind and only scored occasionally with single shots, suffering some heavy scores against and losing by 20 shots.

Bill Cooper’s team had the same fate, slow start and single shots, losing by 12 shots.

Scores: T Bleach, B Copeland, W Cooper, M Lillywhite lost 29-9; B Cooper, S Lillywhite, P Lillywhite, Y Squires lost 25-13.

Lavant Blue at home up against Midhurst Eagles tried hard to improve on their away encounter.

Jim Sharrod’s team started well enough being two shots up after end nine ends. But by end fifteen they were eight shots down and ended the game still eight down after a tied last end.

Meanwhile, Tony Boxall’s team won the first end and kept the lead throughout to win by four shots in a hotly contested game.

On the friendly mat Peter Winter’s team fell steadily behind to be 10 shots down after fourteen ends but won the next five ends to be one shot down after end nineteen. Two shots on end twenty by Midhurst followed by one shot on the last end by Lavant gave a thrilling finish.

Scores: J Sharrod, B Wallsgrove, M Winter, J Lee lost 12-20; T Boxall, P Sharrod, C Beardmore, J Conway won 22-18; P Winter, B Cooper, P Lee, W Cooper lost 18-20.

Lavant Blue were at home to Fittleworth and looking to revenge their previous defeat.

Tony Boxall’s team got a good start but it was 2-2, 4-4, 6-6 then 8-8 all by end 13.

Lavant were three shots behind at end sixteen but then took all the remaining ends to win by five shots.

Jim Sharrod’s team had no score until end five when they levelled at 3 shots apiece. They then surged forward and took five of the last six ends for an excellent win by 14 shots.

Rob Peirce’s team on the friendly led from the start scoring heavily to win by 16 shots. Lavant’s new member Dominic May played his first match.

Scores: T Boxall, P Sharrod, C Beardmore, J Conway won 18-13; J Sharrod, B Wallsgrove, M Winter, J Lee won 25-11; R Peirce, P Beardmore, P Lee, D May won 27-11.

Lavant Red played away against Mannings Heath White Squirrel’s, in Horsham.

Peter Whale’s team quickly recovered from four shots down after end one, and were in the lead most of the way to be nine shots up after end 18.

Squirrel’s scored five shots for the next two ends and the last end was tied, so Lavant won by four shots.

Peter Winter’s team had a hard time being nine shots down after end four. They made little progress whilst trying to adapt to the mat and were well beaten at the end by 16 shots.

Scores: P Whale, J Heasman, P Beardmore, R Harding won 24-20; P Winter, L Kneale, K Fancy, J Simms lost 15-31.


Visiting Bury Bears for a friendly, Nyetimber lost heavily on two mats but managed a draw on the third.

Scorers: J Evans, M Biggs, J Chaplain and A Foot lost 10-26; C Foot, A Booker, L Griffiths, J Leake lost 6-28; D Merritt, P Mussell, R Hatch and G Booker drew 19-19.

Nyetimber Greens played host to Ashington Owls but lost by four points to two, with the overall score at 30-43.

Scorers: C Foot, L Griffiths, R Hatch, A Guppy lost 6-31, D Merritt, B Boiling, J Chaplain, A Foot won 24-12.

A good close match on the friendly mat was won by Ashington when Marion Hatch, Pat Mussell, Ted Moore and Cyril Searle lost 16-18.