Big games keep coming for university netballers

The University of Chichester's netball second team
The University of Chichester's netball second team

The University of Chichester’s netball teams were under pressure in three important games.

Their first team travelled to play Bath’s second team in the cup - the biggest game yet for them.

Chichester went in with a fighting attitude and put their hearts and souls into the game; however, Bath were on top form rarely missing a shot and winning 68-27.

Chichester’s second team played away to St Mary’s firsts, who were bottom of the league and who they had already beaten this season.

The visitors kept St Mary’s at level pegging throughout the game until the fourth quarter when St Mary’s came out fighting and Chichester let it get to them, losing 39-36.

Chichester captain Megan Samuels said: “Positives and negatives have come from their game which we will take into consideration for our next game”

Jessie Ford was named player of the match.

After three months off, Chichester’s third team were full of energy for their first game back away to Roehampton’s first team.

Chichester started by taking the lead, but the tables turned and by the end of the first quarter Roehampton took control - and they kept it throughout the game.

Chichester played an excellent strong game, but lost 30-22.

A vote for player of the match resulted in joint first for Megan Williams and Charlotte Honour. Williams’ defending was excellent, gaining countless interceptions, while Honour’s confidence grew - allowing her to gain control of the circle and shoot effectively.