Bognor boxing youngsters punching above their weight

Youngsters show their pride at completing boxing award programmes at Bognor
Youngsters show their pride at completing boxing award programmes at Bognor

Kane Doe and Riley Hall have passed their gold GB national boxing award.

They took the exam during a Bognor Boxing Club session and completed a warm-up and stretch followed by three rounds of skipping, three rounds on the punch bag and three rounds of padwork.

The boys then had to spar for three rounds closely following instructions given by their coach Mark Hibbert.

After the sparring Bognor BC coach Sean Burton congratulated both on acheiving a high standard of boxing.

Completing the silver award, Sonny Grant and Hayden Thompson showed their skills, including combination punching, skipping and sparring, both passing with flying colours.

Tom Keeley and Alfie Ford successfully completed the preliminary award, demonstrating their stance, guard, torso movement and footwork. Punches learned included the jab and rear hand to the head and body, accompanied by defences to these punches.

Lloyd Marsh and Darren Rowles passed their standard award demonstrating their ability to warm up, skipping and punching on the move.

Ben Squires, Ben Skinner and Jenson Mcmahon completed their bronze award having demonstrated their ability to throw lead and rear hand hooks to head and body including defence actions against these punches. Hooks were also incorporated into combinations.

Hibbert thanked Charlie Martin and Peter Cox at VK Gym for their continued support and the use of the ‘best boxing facility in the area’.

Also attending the classes was Poppy Marsh preparing for the next round of awards which have started at VK Gym. New students are welcome and for information on the awards, contact Mark Hibbert on 07918 637449.