Bowlers dish out end-of-season trophies - and cheques

Chichester bowlers hand over their cheque to the food bank officials
Chichester bowlers hand over their cheque to the food bank officials

There’s action from Bognor, Middleton, Chichester and Aldingbourne in our latest round-up of the outdoor bowls scene.

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Bognor 54 Hotham 42

Bognor won the Holbrook Cup, beating Hotham by 12 shots by winning on two rinks and drawing on the other.

Scores: Barbara Readon, P Lichfield, S Soames (skip) won 23-15; D Parker, Margaret Phillips, T Gaskin (skip) won 16-12; B Daley, J Edwards, R Bell (skip) drew 15-15.

Bognor 86 Fishbourne 82

A very close game in this mixed friendly ended in Bognor winning by four shots.

Scores: B Harvey, A Parry, D Matkins (skip) won 20-14; Barbara Reardon, M Johnson, R Gardner (skip) won 15-13; Edna Keywood, G Herrington, J Edwards (skip) won 22-10; R Penny, Jean Taylor, K Taylor (skip) won 18-15; B Lilley, Jane Colebrook-Taylor, P Phillips (skip) lost 30-11.

Bognor 72 RAFA 49

Bognor won a mixed triples Paul Whittle Trophy match at Waterloo Square.

Scores: Joan Shaw, G Dunham, J Christensen (skip) won 18-12; Edna Keywood, T Arnold, S Soames (skip) drew 15-15; J Johnston, A Hall, B Hey (skip) won 19-8; Christine Dunham, M Johnson, D Parker (skip) won 20-14.

Bognor 99 Marine Gardens 87

Bognor won again in a friendly at Marine Gardens.

Scores: Edna Keywood, R Penny, A Parry, J Jackson (skip) won 23-15; R Lincoln, Pauline White, B Daley, L Hall (skip) won 21-15; Christine Dunham, S Webster, A Knight, Christine Preston (skip) won 21-14; Joan Shaw, Jane Colebrook-Taylor, J Christensen, J Parry (skip) lost 25-19; R Philpot, T Mussell, G Dunham, R Gardner (skip) lost 18-15.

Bognor 102 West Tarring 66

Another mixed friendly – another win for Bognor.

Scores: R Lincoln, R Penny, J Jackson, Jean Spiers (skip) won 29-14; B Harvey, T Mussell, L Hall, B Gardner (skip) lost 22-19; R Philpot, A Knight, Christine Preston, J Parry (skip) won 31-16; Edna Keywood, S Webster, M Johnson, J Edwards (skip) won 23-14.

Ladies’ Captain’s team 45 Men’s Captain’s team 73

A club friendly ended up with a mixture of ladies and men on both sides. The men’s captain’s team won, but with the assistance of a few


Scores: T Mussel, Lynn Carthew, J Edwards (skip) lost to R Lincoln, Jean Taylor, A Hall (skip) 19-12; Christine Dunham, R Philpot, A Harrison, D Jackson (skip) lost to G Cook, Penny Jones, R Gardner, K Taylor (skip) 17-13; J Colebrook-Taylor, P Lichfield, T Love, Christine Preston (skip) lost 22-10 to G Herrington, B Lilley, Jean Shaw, Jayne Colebrook-Taylor (skip); G Dunham, Edna Keywood, J Parry (skip) lost 15-10 to J Johnston, Anne Parry, J Christensen (skip).


A challenge from the bowls section of Middleton Sports Club to the club’s other sections had an enthusiastic response, with near three-dozen members signing up.

On a sunny afternoon, participants were divided into teams of four comprising three non-bowlers and one bowler. Each team were drawn to play 16 ends against another.

Many of the non-bowlers could not help exhibiting their competitive nature.

The winning team with the overall best score comprised three members of the cricket section – Stan Ball, Peter Clark and Patrick Colvin – ably coached by bowls club member Muriel Fox.

A barbecue, raffle and auction followed the bowls and the Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice benefitted by more than £400.

Meanwhile, year after year, there is a big entry for the Norman Robertson Trophy mixed pairs competition. This year proved no exception, so much so that the two-division knock had to be played in two phases over one afternoon.

In a thrilling final, husband-and-wife team Stan and June Jackson edged out Maureen Bravington and Ron Wootten 4-3.

In a nail-biting end to their season, Middleton ladies just missed out on promotion from the second division of the C&M League, losing their last match at home to Norfolk.

Halfway through, it looked like Middleton might get the points needed for promotion but the newly-crowned second-division champions proved too strong over the closing ends.

Scores: L Lush, M Fox, P Eccles, A Steventon lost 20-15; D Jenkins, P Holly, L Hills, M Wootten lost 24-16.


A successful finals weekend organised by Lynn Hathaway produced some close results.

Jenny Hamilton had a great weekend, winning all four of her finals, the ladies’ singles, ladies’ pairs with Marjorie Taylor, mixed pairs with Bill Everett and mixed fours with Bill Everett, Norman Boxall and Marjorie Taylor.

Bill Everett had a further win in the men’s pairs with Tony Tack and became club champion winning against the 2013 ladies’ singles champion.

In his second year at the club Glyn Ball reached three finals and had emphatic wins in the mixed triples with Maureen Bacon and Eric West and novices.

There were further nail-biting singles matches with Sheila Carter winning by one shot in the Slindon Shield and Tony Tack achieving the same result in the Zealous Disco.

Results: 2013 Club Champion: Bill Everett. Ladies Singles: Jenny Hamilton. Men’s Singles: Lennie Corne. Slindon Shield Singles: Sheila Carter. Novice Singles: Glyn Ball. Zealous Disco Singles: Tony Tack. Ladies Pairs: Marjorie Taylor/Jenny Hamilton. Men’s Pairs: Bill Everett/Tony Tack. Mixed Pairs: Bill Everett/Jenny Hamilton. Drawn Pairs: Joan Eggins/Marion Richards. Mixed Triples: Glyn Ball/Maureen Bacon/Eric West. Mixed Fours: Bill Everett/Norman Boxall/Marjorie Taylor/Jenny Hamilton.


The final day of the outdoor season at Priory Park featured the presentation of a cheque for £500 to the Chichester Food Bank.

The sum was raised at the club’s open fours day and was presented to volunteer Andrew Poulson by CBC president Guy Buckle.

It will help towards the running costs of the food bank for the forthcoming year.

A good turnout on the enabled all six rinks to be in use, with four triples games and two pairs arranged by retiring club captain Cole Porter.

Homefield Park 98 Chichester 83

Chichester travelled to Homefield Park for their last game of the season and after 15 ends they were 22 shots down. A late fightback over the last three ends by Chichester was not enough and they were defeated by 15 shots.

Scores: D Seeley, N Dearman, S Tooley (skip) lost 21-17; P Doust, R Anscombe, C Wade (skip) lost 30-12; T Jennings, S Baverstock, C Porter (skip) lost 20-15; K Ball, I Taylor, M Bayfield (skip) won 26-11; T Wiseman, P Hague, P White (skip) lost 16-13.