Bowlers receive season’s spoils at Chichester

Some of the Chichester Bowling Club members who won prizes    Picture by Les Stewart
Some of the Chichester Bowling Club members who won prizes Picture by Les Stewart

CHICHESTER Bowling Club’s ladies and men’s club competition winners received their trophies at the annual presentation evening held at the City Club in front of an audience of more than 60 members.

Malcolm Bowden lifted the singles trophy while the ladies’ trophy was won by Chris Hobbs.

Ian Linfield and Simon Tooley won the club pairs trophy and Brian Talmage and Kevin Ball were invitation pairs winners.

One shield played out for the first time for the winning triple in a roll-up competition held over the twice weekly roll-ups for the whole season.

The winners were Mike Bayfield, Terry Haigh and Richard Smith.

This trophy was given by the widow of club member Bill Gumbrill, and on her behalf was presented by Peter Merritt.

Meanwhile Peter Howick presented Peter Whale with a small gift for the immense services he gave to the club over the season.



Arun ladies’ first game of the season pitted the ladies’ captain’s team against that of the ladies’ vice-captain.

Sue Judd, the vice-captain, took the honours against captain Viv Greenaway 102-79.

Scores: J Boucher, S Jones, A Janman won 18-11 vs O Fidgeon, V Rayner, B Jones; P Corkett, J Whitfield, B Collins won 30-4 vs E Fitch, P Rampton, B Collins; E Taylor, R Wiendenheoft, R Norford, S Blyth lost 19-10 to A Millett, F Ireland, B Sadler, J Whetstone; D Mitchell, E Cooke, S Judd lost 17-9 to D Anderson, M Fair, B Spicer; K Burnard, C Dunham, M Phillips won 17-11 vs J Simmons, V Greenaway, M King; F Downing, L Hathaway, E Cumberland won 18-17 vs J Foster, B Smith, G Conley.

Arun Ladies played their first league match against Worthing BC and won 130-59.

Scores: J Foster, S Jones, G Conley, W Adams won 27-11; C Hobbs, V Greenaway, S Judd B Spicer won 21-16; E Fitch, E Cooke, B Jones, A Janman won 29-7; J Simmons, M Bacon, M Phillips, M King won 28-9; D Anderson, P Rampton, B Collins, S Miles won 25-16.

Arun ladies beat Worthing Pavilion 118-66 in the league.

Scores: C Hobbs, S Stocker, J Taffurelli, W Adams won 28-11; J Simmons, V Greenaway, M Phillips, A Janman won 29-13; J Boucher, S Pickard, S Miles, M Richards lost 19-13; P Corkett, B Bonnar, G Conley, C Horsley won 24-12; D Anderson, E Lawrence, B Collins, B Spicer won 24-11.

Arun ladies lost a friendly against Sutton 128-123.

Scores: J Whetstone, J Connors, B Bonnar, J Taffurelli won 25-21; V Greenaway, V Rayner, S Stocker, C Horsley lost 43-9; C Dunham, V Foyle, E Lawrence, M Phillips won 26-14; J Foster, B Jones, M Bateman, G Conley drew 22-22; D Mitchell, J Lindley, C Mayos, S Hart won 18-12; E Fitch, P Rampton, E Cooke, S Judd won 23-16.

Arun’s men’s season started with a cancellation against Horsham IBC. Horsham found it difficult getting a team together because of holidays and sickness. It is hoped to rearrange it.

Arun 131 Wey Valley 100

Arun entertained Wey Valley and after the first few ends, Arun might have thought they were in for a hard game, but at 21 ends they had only lost on two rinks. Captain Barry Sandford said: “Everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

Scores: D Taffurelli, D Spinks, G Herrington lost 19-12; C Chester, J Davis, C Burnard, D Adams won 27-9; J Watson, B Jones, E Mitchell, L Corne won 19-17; J Sparrow, P Lichfield, A Avery, T Sayers won 33-14; K Hellyer, P Easterbrook, L Hall, D Bowles won 33-11; C Gilham, W Branford, B Sanford, R Gardner lost 30-7.

Arun 163 West Surrey 76

Arun’s home game with West Surrey is a new fixture for the club. West Surrey got off to a slow start and despite making a push just before half-time found it hard to maintain their momentum.

Scores: P Miles, S Wilson, E Lawrence, M Johnson won 25-10; F Downing, B Lawson, D Young, D Adams won 22-14; C Chester, C Burnard, S Miles. won 44-5; D Parker, D Spink, K Young, B Morgan won 32-9; P Lichfield, K Burnard, J Brazier, E Cumberland won 22-11; P Corkett, J Lindley, E West, R Gardner lost 27-18.


Donnington started the season in good form with two home wins in the first week.

Playing Nyetimber, Donnington forged ahead on both mats and kept up the momentum to win 41-19.

Scores: D Turner, M Maggs, B Taylor, T Haigh won 20-7; S Baverstock, C White, P Skinner, A Balham won 21-12.

Playing against Crablands, Donnington enjoyed a 57-28 win.

Scores: S Baverstock, D Turner, A Balham, M Maggs won 28-12; A Hulbert, C White, T Haigh, C Hulbert won 29-16.


Lavant B visited Horley Kestrels in the first round of the County League knockout competition.

Mat one brought a Lavant win by 21 shots. Mat two was more but Lavant ended four shots to the good to clinch a 50-25 win.

Scores: T Boxall (skip), B Wallsgrove, P Sharrod, C Beardmore won 30-9; J Sharrod (skip), L Kneale, M Winter, J Lee won 20-16.


The Eagles played a league a match away to Crabland Bitterns on two mats. It was a very close game for the first half of the match before the Eagles took off to win the match 44-23.

Scores: S Tate, A Knight, B Fallows, T Berry won 26-10; D Clarke, L Mercer, S Weeks, R Weeks won 18-13.

In the league knockout away to Martlets, one mat lost by seven shots.The second mat won by two shots.

Scores: D Berry, M Fallows, B Fallows, T Berry won 22-20; L Mercer, S Glazebrook, S Weeks, R Weeks lost 25-18.


The new season is under way for Hunston and they started well with a win over Fittleworth, 75-39.

Scores: T Wilson, S Mesure, B Hodnett won 26-6; J Stubbs, A Harle, A Hack won 27-15; D Greenfield, E Jean, T Hack won 22-18.

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