Bowls: Aldingbourne are thorough against Thurrock

Aldingbourne bowlers line up for the camera ahead of their recent game with Petworth  Picture by Kate Shemilt
Aldingbourne bowlers line up for the camera ahead of their recent game with Petworth Picture by Kate Shemilt

Aldingbourne won 99-57 at home to a Thurrock touring team in lovely sunshine.

The match finished on the 18th end as Thurrock had to attend a dinner to celebrate the end of their tour.

Scores: M Kelly, T Tappenden, W Tribe, L Hathaway won 28-5; H Beeston, J Smith, M Taylor, R Sparrow won 17-14; M Kelly, A Howson, J Beeston, R Wyatt won 17-13; A Rust, A Stiles, D Brooks-Kibble, J Whetstone won 20-13; G Arnold, D Tappenden, A Carter, D Page 17-12.

Aldingbourne had a comfortable win against Crablands in the Littlehampton Gazette League.

Scores: Derek Page, Stan Hayter, Dennis Brooks Kibble, Keith Robini lost 21-20; Dave Anderson, John Smith, Alan Hutt, Roy Wyatt won 37-11; Alan Rust, Jo Gilpin, Fred Mulholland, Lenny Corne won 23-11; Allan Carter, Jack Beeston, Harry Gear, Roy Macer won 31-11.

Aldingbourne 30 Chichester 29

In a ladies inter-club double-rink match, Aldingbourne beat Chichester by one point.

Scores: Home - E Taylor, J Robini, M Taylor, J Hamilton beat Daphne Anderson, Sandra Pickard, Bridget Collins & Wendy Adams 19-13; Away - J Heasman, A Howson, L Hathaway, J Whetstone lost 16-11 to Chris Hobbs, Mary Potter, Betty Spicer & April Janman.

Aldingbourne 88 Bromley 101

In sweltering heat Aldingbourne played their annual match against the Bromley IBC’s outdoor team.

Aldingbourne won on one rink, drew on two and lost on three.

Scores: H Beeston, H Gear, D Anderson, R Sparrow won 17-10; S Hayter, A Stiles, W Tribe, L Hathaway 17-17; T Tappenden, H Lewis, D Meakins, J Whetstone drew 16-16; A Carter. D Tappenden, R Lewis, J Robini lost 18-14; J Hayter, A Howson, D Page, R Wyatt lost 22-8.

Aldingbourne 48 East Preston & Kingston 41

Aldingbourne won on both rinks gaining six points in a ladies’ C&M League match at East Preston.

Scores: E Taylor, B Cunningham, J Robini, L Hathaway won 21-18; J Heasman, A Howson, M Richards, J Whetstone won 27-23.


In the LG League division one at Southbourne, Bognor A seemed to like Southbourne’s new surface, winning on three rinks for a 76-67 victory and eight points.

Scores: D Parker, T Moore, B Hey, T Gaskin won 19-18; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson lost 21-18; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner won 20-13; K Hellyer, N Waddock, B Seaford, J Weatherall won 19-15.

In an LG League division one match at Worthing, Bognor A split the rinks 2-2 and won the extra two points with an overall shot score of 82-73, taking six points.

Scores: K Hellyer, N Waddock, B Sandford, J Weatherall won 24-18; D Parker, T Moore, B Hey, T Gaskin won 24-14; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner lost 20-17; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson lost 21-17.

In division three, Bognor B travelled to the Witterings. The home team took three rinks to the visitors’ one with a total shot score of 94-63. Bognor took two points.

Scores: R Bobbett, T Love, G Verrinder, S Somes lost 20-14; G Dunham, T Mussell, D Matkins, J Parry lost 34-11; A Harrisson, D Dalton, M Philpitt, D Purse won 20-19; K Taylor, A Lewis, P Dale, C Keedwell lost 21-18.

Bognor hosted the Sussex vice-presidents for a hard-fought but enyoyable game.

The VPs won 125-98 and the rinks were shared 3-3.

Scores: A Harrison, D Dalton, J Christensen, J Parry won 15-11; G Cook, F Holley, B Sanford, R Gardner, lost 27-15; N Waddock, T Rexstrew, A Lewis, T Gaskin lost 23-17; D Parker, J C Taylor, A Hall, A Richardson won 19-18; B Harvey, A Oliver, P Dale, D Matkins lost 30-11; K Hickman, K Taylor, T Moore, D Ford won 21-19.

A four-rink mixed friendly against Worthing resulted in Bognor losing on three rinks and drawing the fourth for a 78-60 loss.

Scores: T Love, J C Taylor, Christine Preston, C Keedwell lost 20-15; Pauline White, Jean Taylor, J Ewards, G Verrinder lost 18-11; R Taylor, Beryl Charlesworth, P Dale, J Blackcow drew 18-18; J Stacey, Jane Taylor, A Oliver, J Parry lost 22-16.


Chichester 42 Aldingbourne 35

On a very hot afternoon Aldingbourne ladies played a C&M League match at Chichester. The side drew on one rink and Chichester won the other.

Scores: Pam Rampton, Maggie Maggs, Steph Baverstock & Bridget Collins drew 18-18 with E Taylor, J Robini, M Taylor, J Hamilton; Chris Hobbs, Rosemary Manning, Betty Spicer & April Janman beat J Heasman, A Howson, L Hathaway, J Whetstone 24-17.

Hurstpierpoint 17 Chichester 24

Chichester 17 Newick 8

Both Chichester’s Gladys Rowland teams progressed through to the second round.

Pam Rampton, Jean Hole, Betty Spicer and April Janman travelled to Hurstpierpoint, winning by seven shots, and Mary Potter, Steph Baverstock, Bridget Collins and Wendy Adams, playing at home to Newick, won by nine shots after just 18 ends.

Chichester’s men were in action in the league and cup.

The B team visited Field Place for a division-three top-of-the-table match and in a close game they were one shot ahead after 18 ends. But the game slipped away from them with Field place winning the match 73-67. Chichester took four of the ten points.

Chichester A played East Preston in the league for the second time in eight days. Both teams found East Preston’s very quick green challenging and Chichester lost out by just one shot and took another four points.

Chichester returned to Field Place in the preliminary round of the PC Cup. After 11 ends they had opened up a 31-shot lead.

Chichester continued to dominate and ended up 106-51 winners. They will be at home to Southbourne in the next round.


Witterings 94 Bognor Regis B 63

Witterings men had a very good win in their Littlehampton Gazette League match against Bognor Regis B on a sunny afternoon. Witterings won on three rinks, lost on one rink and won overall by 31 shots. Witterings gained eight points.

Scores: M White, G Morgan, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 20-14; F Bray, J Langworthy, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) won 34-11; J Hardy, A Gander, L Bangs & B Horsley (s) lost 20-19; P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) won 21-18.

Middleton 76 Witterings 67

Witterings men played in the PC Cup at Middleton in lovely weather. Middleton won on three rinks, Witterings on one and the home team won by nine shots overall in a close match.

Scores: P Chivers, C Jelf, S Hooker & D Bell (s) lost 17-16; F Bray, C Porter, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) lost 24-16; J Hardy, A Gander, L Bangs & B Horsley (s) lost 20-19; B Curtis, T Nixon, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 16-15.

Witterings 68 Oxford BC Tourists 74

Witterings entertained the Oxford touring side, formerly Rover (Cowley). A very tight game was won 3-2 in rinks by the tourists.

Scores: L Swift, J Bangs, L Bangs & B Horsley (s) won 14-13; B Curtis, T Nixon, P Hutton & C Horsley (s) lost 15-7; M Trusler, V Hooker, S Hooker & F Bray (s) lost 17-15; M Lillywhite, G Porter, C Jelf & C Tuffin (s) lost 19-12; K Nixon, M Gough, R Hanbury and J Hostler (s) won 20-10.


Pagham 67 Crablands 93

Crablands travelled to Pagham for a league game and took eight points.

Scores: D Clacey, L Jewiss, D Muncey, R Humphrey won 28-15; A Bateman, E Potz, I Jones, J Saunders won 18-13; B Berry, L Lewendon, R Eastland, J Harman won 28-13; A Blyth, M Campbell, A Humphreys, M Heasman lost 26-19.

Crablands 97 Norfolk 61

A good win for Crablands men in their league game against Pagham with top rink skipped by John Harman.

Scores: B Berry, J Tyrrell, I Jones, A Humphrey won 26-16; A Bateman, L Lewendon, J Brown, M Heasman drew 21-21; A Blyth, M Campbell, J Saunders, D Adams won 23-12; B Jones, R Shambrook, A Humphreys, J Harman won 27-13.

Crablands 48 Norfolk 31

Crablands ladies played Norfolk in the Double Rink competition, with a win on both rinks taking them to the next round against Middleton.

Scores: G Humphrey, C Lewendon, J Rawlins, C Bowles won 26-18; V Tyrrell, S Jones, S Blyth, M Brown won 22-13.

Crablands 65 Chichester 84

Crablands played Chichester in the Top Club, but won on only one format.

Scores: Singles - G Humphreys lost 21-18 to Mary Potter; Pairs: J Rawlins, C Bowles lost 32-12 to Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer; Triples: V Foyle, J Lindley, B Chandler lost 18-13 to Pam Rampton, Steph Baverstock & Wendy Adams; Fours: C Lewendon, S Jones, S Blyth, M Brown beat Daphne Anderson, Jean Hole, Bridget Collins & April Janman 22-13.


Pagham ladies won 81-59 in the first round of the Top Club contest against Field Place.

Scores: Fours – Iris Brooker, Eileen Terry, Chris Mayoss, Frances Ireland won 17-13; Triples – Diana Mitchell, Sheila Stocker, Gill Conley lost 18-14; Pairs – Sabina Livermore, Maureen King won 29-23; Singles – Shirley Hart won 21-18.

In the ladies’ double rink competition versus Worthing Pavilion, Pagham lost 26-19.

Pagham men won a four-rinks friendly 89-60 versus Tarring Priory B.

Scores: Daniel Lovell, Roy Osmont, Gerry Stevens, Dave Spink won 24-17; Brian Calvert, Eric Mitchell, Peter Quilter, Ron Friday won 21-10; Robert Pearson, David Westcot, Mick Adams, Mike English won 21-13; Nick Terry, Barru Baines, John Newell, Len Hall won 23-20.


Southbourne 75 West Dean 55

On a warm evening, Southbourne played West Dean in an enjoyable friendly triples match. Southbourne and West Dean both won two triples but Southbourne won overall.

Scores: R Greenfield, D Young, E Dewing won 33-5; I Jennings, M Keene, J Jennings won 18-12; D Hibberd, J Staker, P Garrard lost 19-11; W Coates, A Bull, F Heil lost 19-13.


Telepost’s first two matches were rained off.

Against Crablands, each team won on two rinks, the overall result going to Crablands. At West Dean, Telepost won all three rinks.

Both matches were played in a sporting atmosphere.

Telepost meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at their roll-ups.


Arundel lost 85-64 at Worthing Pavilion A, who took ten points.

Scores: B Murray 18 R Rebeard 20; J Rose 13 T Honnor 19; A Batchelor 17 J Fren 22; A Fisk 17 P Bunce 24.

Arundel lost 52-28 to Preston Park in the Ladies’ Top Club competition.

Scores: A Olliver 10 M Wallinger 18; S Niner 30 B Humphrey 22.


Div 1: Chichester (5pts) 42 Aldingbourne (1pt) 35 (A Janman 24 J Whetstone 17; B Collins 18 J Hamilton 18); Middleton (4pts) 40 Bognor (2pts) 39 (J Gower 16 J Spiers 18; A Steventon 24 M Phillips 21); Norfolk (6pts) 46 East Preston 27 (L Curtis 20 E Mathias 14; A Parsons 26 D Taylor 13); East Preston 41 Aldingbourne (6pts) 48 (J Pidgeon 23 J Whetstone 27; G Robinson 18 L Hathaway 21).

Div 2: Storrington (6pts) 47 Worthing Pavilion 19 (J Ackerman 25 J Lewis 10; P Healy 22 G Artley 9); Shoreham (2pts) 44 Maltravers (4pts) 45 (D Howe 21 B Butcher 23; J Pearson 23 F Steele 22); Marine Gardens (2pts) 39 Lancing 46 (4pts) (P Hughes 15 L Gray 28, J Colbourn 24 B Gosden 18); Worthing Pavilion (6pts) 50 Shoreham 21 (J Woods 28 N Mitchell 11; J Garwood 22 J Daintree 10).