Bowls: Arun can’t find Wey past Valley - but can get past presidents

Prizewinners at Nyetimber Bowls Club  Picture by Kate Shemilt
Prizewinners at Nyetimber Bowls Club Picture by Kate Shemilt

Arun travelled to Wey Valley in Surrey for a six-rink annual men’s fixture – and what a game it was.

Wey Valley just pipped Arun by one shot after 21 ends. Arun won on three rinks and lost on three.

Scores: J Dyke, J Gilpin, M Johnson, L Corne won 21-16; K Burt, H Forsyth, D Ford, JP Brown won 25-12; P Lacy, L Hall, B Jones, A Humphreys won 26-9; PR Green, W Branford, B Sandford, R Gardner lost 23-17; B Why, C Pestel, J Greenfield, M Lewis lost 26-14; N Waddock, D Sayers, P White, P Lillford lost 26-12.

Arun 143 Sussex Past Presidents 104

The Sussex Past Presidents came to Arun for a six-rink annual men’s fixture, with Arun coming out on top by 39 shots after winning on four rinks and losing on one, with one drawn.

Scores: F Mulholland, M Campbell, L Hall, R Bishop won 20-19; J Dyke, D Spink, C Burnard, B Jones won 28-11; J Watson, E Chapman, J Greenfield, M English lost 24-17; F Smith, J Gilpin, J Morris, R Gardner won 29-20; B Why, G Arnold, T Dewing, B Sandford won 32-13; P Lacy, D Taffurelli, K Burt, PJ White drew 17-17.

Worthing 110 Arun 82

The first of Arun’s two Sussex League matches was a five-rink men’s match at Worthing. They lost by 28 shots, winning on two rinks. At the halfway stage, Arun were only three shots down.

Scores: N Waddock, K Hellyer, L Corne, A Anderson lost 33-5; T Arnold, R Hobbs, B Butler, T Sayers won 24-17; B Rebbeck, D Sayers, D Leach, M Bonnar won 21-14; I Linfield, J Olliver, B Horsley, M Edgecock lost 25-13; P Miles, B Talmage, B Napper, P Hannam lost 21-19.

Eastbourne 128 Arun 111

Arun travelled to Eastbourne for a six-rink county league match but won on only one rink, with Eastbourne taking ten league points.

Scores: I Linfield, J Olliver, B Horsley, M Edgecock won 24-18; R Hobbs, N Bashford, F Taylor, T Sayers lost 23-15;

R Leggett, D Parker, J Larkin, G Leaman lost 26-21; K Hellyer, D Ford, P Lillford, L Corne lost 20-18; B Rebbeck, D Sayers, D Leach, M Bonnar lost 21-18; P Green, M Johnson, C Spicer, A Anderson lost 20-15.

Arun Ladies 170 Sutton 73

Arun ladies had an enjoyable game against Sutton and after good bowling on both sides, Arun won by 97 shots.

Scores: J Foster, E Fitch, J Whitfield, F Ireland won 22-17; D Mitchell, M Potter, M Phillips, M Richards won 30-10;

J Boucher, S Pickard, J Taffureilli, M Brown won 33-9; D Rampton, E Cooke, P Terry, M King won 25-15; A Oliver, I Morris, S Hart, C Horsley won 22-11; J Simmons, J Conners, B Bonner, B Spicer won 33-11.

Arun 99 East Dorset 58

Arun ladies had another very good win in the Yetton Trophy against East Dorset.

With two rinks at home, two away, there was very good bowling by Arun Ladies.

It was a very close start, but Arun Ladies soon pulled in front and won by 41 shots.

Scores: D Mitchell, S Stocker, M King, M Richards won 24-17; I Brooker, L Conley, C Bowles, D Latter won 30-8; B Collins, L Napper, B Spicer, A Janman won 29-7; C Hobbs, S Hart, S Miles, W Adams lost 26-16.



Two home matches resulted in a defeat and a victory for Goodwoods Silver.

First up were Crablands Bitterns, who took four of the six points on offer. The Silvers team of M Williams, J Harbut, B Williams and Freddie Kaucher rarely got close and lost 25-15 after conceding 11 shots in the last five ends to Jean Tolhurst, Iris Brown, Geoff Brown and Roy Tolhurst.

G King, D Lovell, J Hanson and P Smith finally pulled away in the last three ends to win 18-12 against Meg Pocock, Stevie Brooks, Joan Taylor and Jim Saunders.

With a final score of 37-33, Bitterns took four points.

There was a much easier win for Silvers on the friendly mat where G Roope, R Wiedenhoeft, B Williams and M Steel beat Sylvia Compton, Barbara Bond, Yvonne Clifton and Ron Coombes 34-12.

Silvers put the defeat behind them when they played host to Storrington. G Roope, M Goodland, F Kaucher and B Goodland had a 22-shot lead after 14 ends, but allowed Storrington to claw back some of the leeway and Silvers held on to win 29-15.

There was a much closer game with Silvers’ team of J Harbut, D Lovell, J Hanson and P Smith neck and neck until the last five ends, four of which they lost to lose 25-18. With an overall score of 47-40, Silvers took four of the six points. The triples on the friendly mat was won 20-13 by a strong Silvers team of B Williams, M Steel and B Mills.


Crablands Gulls lost 38-28 in the Plate competition to Lavant A.

Scores: Meg Pocock,Yvonne Clifton, Mike Tucker & Jim Saunders lost 22-11; Stevie Brooks, Les Howland, Charlie Threlkeld & Lil Tuck won 17-16; (friendly): Sheila Plaistow, Sylvia Compton, Mollie Back & Ron Coombes won 24-14.

Crablands played a four-rink friendly against Donnington, winning on all four for an overall win of 102-52.

Scores: Patricia Tucker, Brian Baxendell, Joan Homewood & Mike Tucker beat Alan Benham, Wendy Dean, Trevor Wilson

& Maggie Maggs 16-12; Sylvia Gray, Stevie Brooks, Geoff Brown & Ted Murrell beat Innes Taylor, Rob Stone, Wendy White & Mike Bayfield 26-19; Doe Berry, Iris Brown, Yvonne Clifton & Mollie Back beat Dave Turner, Brian Aston, Terry Taws

& Les Stewart 37-5; John Watson, Meg Pocock, Brian Berry & Ron Coombes beat Joan Jones, Tony White, June Martinelli & Vic Mitchell 23-16.


Nyetimber Greens took on Walberton in south-west division two and won on all three mats to take six points.

Scores: D Merritt, J Chaplain, R Hatch, A Foot won 25-9; C Foot, B Boiling, C Searle, A Guppywon 31-6; (friendly) P Pitt, S Lyons, T Moore, F Hollabone won 26-13.


A good 52-20 win was achieved when Fittleworth took on Lavant Blue, earning six points.

Scores: Murial Cook, Gina Barnfield, Alan Jordan, David Herbert won 21-11; Nancy Goodyer, Bernard Adsett, Sheila Allen, Sue Judd won 31-9; (friendly): Tony Broughton, Jane Adsett, Audrey Hodgson, Alvar Etherington drew 22-22.

Fittleworth lost on both mats and went down 47-33 at Clapham.

Scores: Pauline Gilpin, Peter Martin, Bernard Adsett, Alan Jordan lost 18-14; Audrey Hodgson, Jane Adsett, Gina Barnfield, Sue Judd lost 29-19.