Bowls: Grasshoppers are sent hopping by Chichester

Members of Witterings and District Bowls Club doing the 'Spider' at the begining of their match in aid of the World Visually Impaired Bowls organisation  Picture by Kate Shemilt
Members of Witterings and District Bowls Club doing the 'Spider' at the begining of their match in aid of the World Visually Impaired Bowls organisation Picture by Kate Shemilt

Worthing Grasshoppers had the better of the opening ends when they visited Chichester but the hosts steadily built up their score going on to win by 33 shots - 114-181 the score.

Scores: J Walters, B Butler, D Schofield (skip) won 26-10; D Gray, R Hobbs, S Tooley (s) won 28-8; P Merritt,

M Lewis, D Leach (s) lost 20-13; P Baverstock, L Shipp, A Anderson (s) drew 15-15; M Johnson, PJ White, B Talmage (s) won 15-6; G Beagley, B Hole, T Jennings, A Daines (s) lost 22-17.

Worthing Pavilion 77 Chichester 71

Chichester travelled to Worthing Pavilion for a PC Knockout Cup semi-final. In a very close game the match was all square at 49-49 after 14 ends.

Worthing had the edge over the remaining ends and Chichester lost by just six shots.

Scores: P Whale, T Hardgrove, S Tooley, M Page (s) won 26-12; B Butler, S Meyer, D Leach, M Bonnar (s) lost 27-13; C Porter, B Talmage, G Leaman, T Sayers (s) lost 17-15; M Lewis, P Howick, R Hobbs, D Schofield (s) lost 21-17.

Chichester ladies entertained both Norfolk and Bognor in the C&M League, taking the maximum six points from each game.

Chichester 61 Norfolk 34

Scores: Daphne Anderson, Steph Baverstock, Mary Potter & Wendy Adams won 30-9; Chris Hobbs, Jean Hole, Betty Spicer & April Janmam won 31-25.

Chichester 47 Bognor 35

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Helen Jennings, Betty Spicer & April Janman won 23-17; Daphne Anderson, Innes Taylor, Jean Hole & Wendy Adams won 24-18.


Crablands 61 Norfolk 59

Crablands ladies enjoyed their game against Norfolk, taking the win and four league points.

Scores: C Lewendon, J Harman, S Jones, S Blyth won 30-8; V Foyle, L Tuck, J Lindley, M Brown lost 28-14; M Whittle, P Osborn, M Bateman, V Tyrrell lost 23-17.

Crablands 71 Pagham 64

Crablands men took six points in their league game against Pagham.

Scores: D Clacey, L Lewendon, K Bailey, A Bateman lost 19-18; M Campbell, A Humphreys, B Foyle, J Saunders won 14-11; B Berry, J Brown, A Blyth, D Adams won 23-15; E Potz, I Jones, R Eastland, J Harman lost 19-16.

Crablands 86 Vice-Presdients 104

On a sunny afternoon Crablands played host to the VPs, but managed only one winning rink that was skipped by Ivan Jones.

Scores: B Keen, R Osborn, A Blyth, I Jones won 20-14; E Potz, C Garland, R Shambrook, M Heasman lost 26-17; J Saunders, D Eggleton, D Muncey, D Clacey lost 23-16; M Campbell, L Lewendon, A Bateman, D Adams lost 19-18; B Jones, A Gilling, R Eastland, J Harman lost 22-15.


Worthing Pavilion 75 Bognor 75

In the LG League division three, the rinks were shared 2-2 and it ended all-square. Each team took five points.

Scores: K Taylor, D Matkins, J Blacow, D Purse lost 20-16; P Phillips, D Dalton, G Verrinder, S Soames won 19-15; N Burchfell. T Love, T Mussell, M Philpot won 27-16; A Oliver, G Herrington, J Jackson, J Edwards lost 24-13.

In the same competition, Bognor lost at home to Chichester B, taking two points.

Scores: T Love, N Bucrchfell, J Edwards, M Philpot won 21-16; A Harrison, A Lewis, T Mussell, J Jackon lost

23-21; P Phillips, J Stacey, K Taylor, D Purse lost 21-16; R Bobbitt, D Dalton, G Verrinder, S Soames lost 20-15.

Bognor 74 Worthing Pavilion 79

In the LG League division one, Bognor won on two rinks and drew one but Worthing won 79-74. The sides took five points apiece.

Scores: R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson, drew 16-16; K Hellyer, N Waddock, J Weatherall, J Roots lost 27-15; D Parker, B Sanford, T Moore, T Gaskin won 21-20; T Love, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner won 22-16.

Bognor 86 Homefield Park 64

Bognor won a four-rink mixed friendly.

Scores: T Love, R Waddock, J Christensen, D Matkis drew 20-20; A Harrison, J Taylor, P Jones, N Waddock lost 20-15; R Lincoln, F Holly, R Gardner, C Preston won 23-16; B Harvey, W Bury, M Philpot, J Edwards won 28-8.

Aldingbourne 93 Bognor 69

Bognor found the hosts’ carpet hard to adjust to and lost on three rinks.

Scores: A Knight, P White, A Richardson lost 17-11; B Seabrook, D Dalton, J Edwards lost 38-3; R Lincoln,

J Taylor, P Jones lost 16-14; J Stacey, R Bell, N Waddock won 24-11; D Parker, P Townsend, M Philpot won 17-11.

Bognor 104 Pirates 95

In a six-rink mixed fours game, the sides won three rinks each.

Scores: B Reardon, B Seabrook, D Dalton, T Moore won 21-15; A Harrison, J Taylor, C Preston, P Phillips lost

25-16; J Taylor, J Shaw, N Burchfell, N Waddock won 19-17; P Townsend, P White, J Edwards, D Ford lost 33-12; A Harrison, J Whitfield, A Hall, J Whitfield won 25-15; R Bobbitt, R Waddock, B Sanford, T Rexstrew lost 20-11.

Pagham 69 Bognor 76

Scores: G Herrington, F Holly, D Dalton, J Edwards won 24-14; M Philot, N Waddock, J Christensen, D Parker won 29-9; K Taylor, P Dale, T Rexstrew, J Whitfield lost 20-12; J Stacey, J Taylor, B Sanford, R Gardner lost 26-11.


Pagham men went to play Crablands in the Littlehampton Gazette League.

They lost 71-64 but did gain four points.

Scores: Robert Pearson, Bagsy Smith, David Spink,Mike English won 19-16; Nigel Terry, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Roy Livermore lost 14-11; Daniel Lovell, John Burke, Ron Friday, Paul Mayoss lost 23-15; Peter Langridge, John Stewart, Mick Adams, John Newell won 19-18.

Pagham hosted West Dean in three friendly triples and won 53-30.

Scores: Janet Boucher, Alan Boucher, David Spink won 24-4; Brian Calvert, David Westcott, Marlene Steel lost

19-7; Doreen Ellis, Ann Calvert, Daniel Lovell won 22-7.


It was a a good week for Middleton with wins for both the ladies and men.

Middleton Ladies 40 Norfolk 30

This hard-earned win for Middleton keeps alive the prospect of a high-placed finish in the C&M Trophies League.

Middleton ladies shared the rinks with Norfolk but won on shots scored. Middleton took four points.

Scores: A Steventon, P Josephs, L Hills & D Jenkins won 27-10; J Gower, R Gregory, T Galloway & J Oldridge lost 20-13.

Middleton 77 Tarring Priory 76

A welcome win for Middleton men came in this LG League clash. But victory did not come easy, Middleton sharing the rinks two apiece but coming out on top by scoring just a single shot more. Middleton took six points.

Scores: J Wilson, J Graham, P Lush & A Nurse won 31-9; J Beavan, S Jackson, D Saunders & C Pratt lost 27-10; N Roberston, R Wheeler, V Garhard & G Addicott lost 24-16; P Gower, G Steventon, M Fenerly & T Finch won 20-16.


West Dean 40 Southbourne 42

Southbourne had a very close game in a friendly at West Dean. Southbourne won one triple, drew one and lost one but narrowly won overall.

Scores: W Coates, E Keane, F Heil lost 14-8; M Keane, D Young, S Heil won 19-11; M Odell, J Jennings, J Staker drew 15-15.

Southbourne 118 Chelmsford tourists 100

Southbourne entertained Chelmsford Bowls Club on the first day of their tour in hot sunny weather.

Scores: L Williams, J Jennings, T Ayres, F Brimcome lost 27-16; S Simmonds, E Keane, P Jasinski, R Bull lost

23-17; W Coates, I Jennigs, D Young, E Dewing won 20-16; K Shelley, M Odell, J Simmonds, D Alner won 25-10; K Alner, D Walter, A Shelley, S Heil won 18-13; D Moseley, V Armstrong, J Staker, F Heil won 22-11.

Worthing Pavilion 96 Southbourne 70

In the Littlehampton Gazette League, on Worthing’s excellent grass green, Southbourne could manage a win on only one rink.

Scores: C Petchey, E Dewing, A Smith, D Alner lost 25-15; A Williams, W Coates, D Walter, R Bull lost 33-16; K Lockyer, F Heil, M Soper, J Simmonds won 24-18; M Ayres, P Garrard, F Brimcome, R Armstrong lost 20-15.


Witterings 97 Marine Gardens 73

Witterings Men had a good win in a Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match against Marine Gardens. Each team won on two rinks and Witterings won by 24 shots to take six points.

Scores: G Morgan, M White, F Knotts & J Hostler (s) won 35-12; F Bray, S Hooker, E Shoyer & J Slogrove (s) won 25-14; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs & D Bell (s) lost 25-17; J Hardy, B Horsley, J Langworthy & R Stephens (s) lost 20-22.


Fittleworth beat Petworth 41-36 in a two-rink match.

Scores: Tony Broughton, Marc Wood, Gina Barnfield, Sue Judd won 32-9; Jane Adsett, Peter Cook, Bernard Adsett, Alan Jordan lost 27-9.


Arundel ladies’ final C&M League game resulted in a 42-23 win over Norfolk.

Scores: B Cairns 27 S Botting 9; P Gear 15 L Curtis 14.


Norfolk BC held a charity day in aid of Starlight Children’s Foundation. The sum of £350 was raised and a big thanks go to all who helped.

The day’s winner was Sheila Jones from Crablands and the runner-up was Rita Waddock from Bognor. The booby prize was awarded to Norfolk’s June Collins.


Div 1: Norfolk (2pts) 36 Crablands (4pts) 44 (L Curtis 28 M Brown 14; A Parsons 8 S Blyth 30); Chichester (6pts) 62 Norfolk 34 (W Adams 30 A Parsons 9; A Janman 32 L Curtis 25); Arundel (6pts) 42 Norfolk 23 (P Gear 15 L Curtis 14; B Cairns 27 S Botting 9); Aldingbourne (6pts) 48 East Preston 38 (J Whetstone 25 G Robinson 17; J Hamilton 23 I Morris 21); Middleton (4pts) 40 Norfolk (2pts) 30 (A Steventon 27 L Curtis 10; J Gower 13 A Parsons 20); Chichester (6pts) 47 Bognor 35 (W Adams 24 M Phillips 18; A Janman 23 J Spiers 17).

Div 2: Lancing 32 Maltravers (6pts) 51 (J Humphrey 20 F Steele 26; M Merritt 12 D Horn 25); Witterings (2pts) 38 Marine Gardens (4pts) 41 (C Tuffin 14 H Wainwright 30; M Aylward 24 F Carr 11).

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