Bowls: Holders hold off Chichester’s challenge

Roy Ralph in action for Midhurst against Haslemere  Picture by Kate Shemilt C140809-1
Roy Ralph in action for Midhurst against Haslemere Picture by Kate Shemilt C140809-1

Bowls action from Chichester, Bognor, Crablands, Witterings, Southbourne, Midhurst, Fittleworth, Aldingbourne and Donnington – plus some indoor matches – features in our latest local round-up.


Tarring Priory 91 Chichester 75

With a win on only one of the four rinks, Chichester were unable to amass sufficient points to defeat holders Tarring Priory on their green in the semi-final of the PC Cup.

Scores: N Anderson, P White, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 22-16; M Bayfield, S Meyer, C Keedwell, D Schofield (skip) lost 20-17; I Linfield, B Talmage, B Butler, T Sayers (skip) lost 29-21; G Buckle, T Hardgrove, P Howick, J Larkin (skip) lost 26-15.

Chichester A 88 Norfolk A 64

Chichester A were four shots ahead after 11 ends of their Littlehampton Gazette League division-one game at home to Norfolk A but edged away to take eight points.

Scores: I Linfield, M Lewis, C Keedwell, D Schofield (skip) won 22-15; P Whale, P Howick, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) lost 20-18; G Buckle, B Talmage, B Butler, T Sayers (skip) won 23-10; N Anderson, C Porter, S Meyer, J Larkin (skip) won 25-19.

Chichester A 64 Bognor A 71

In their Littlehampton Gazette League division-one game at home to Bognor A, Chichester A’s late fightback was not quote enough and they lost by seven shots, taking four points.

Scores: G Buckle, T Hardgrove, B Talmage, B Butler (skip) beat N Waddock, P Lichfield, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) 20-15; I Linfield, M Lewis, M Bayfield, D Schofield (skip) beat R Lincoln, J Christensen, A Richardson, R Bell (skip) 13-12; K Ball, C Porter, S Meyer, J Larkin (skip) lost 22-11 to T Arnold, K Hellyer, S Soames, T Moore (skip); P Whale, P White, C Keedwell, D Leach (skip) lost 22-20 to B Daley, D Parker, B Hey, T Gaskin (skip)

Worthing Pavilion A 81 Chichester A 74

Chichester A travelled to Worthing Pavilion A on a windy day for a Littlehampton Gazette League division-one match. In an evenly-matched contest Pavilion took the overall win and Chichester picked up four points.

Scores: K Ball, T Hardgrove, S Meyer, J Larkin (skip) drew 19-19; I Linfield, M Lewis, C Keedwell, D Schofield (skip) lost 25-16; P Whale, C Porter, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) drew 18-18; G Buckle, B Talmage, B Butler, T Sayers (skip) won 21-19.

Pulborough 85 Chichester B 49

Chichester B travelled to Pulborough for a Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match. Two rinks were close but Pulborough always had the advantage and Chichester returned with no points.

Scores: A Daines, R Anscombe, B Money, M Hannant (skip) lost 26-12; C Hulbert, T Haigh, C Wade, L Shipp (skip) lost 16-12; A Deller, G Beagley, B Taylor, T Hardgrove (skip) lost 18-16; T Wiseman, L Etherington, K Ball, P Merritt (skip) lost 25-9.

Petworth 126 Chichester 52

This was always going to be a difficult game but Chichester B had several top players missing for this Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match and Petworth were too strong.

Scores: A Daines, P Garner, S Goddard, B Manning (skip) lost 26-16; T Wiseman, R Anscombe, B Taylor, K Ball (skip) lost 19-18; C Hulbert, C Warrington, D Turner, P Merritt (skip) lost 48-5; A Deller, N Dearman, T Haigh, C Wade (skip) lost 33-13.

Fishbourne 40 Chichester 37

In a very close BM League match away to Fishbourne, Chichester lost one triple by two shots and the other by one shot.

Scores: D Hogg, S Baverstock, B Butler (skip) lost 18-17; I Taylor, J Hole, M Bayfield (skip) lost 22-20.


Chichester 77 Sussex Vice Patrons 69

Chichester entertained the Sussex Vice Patrons in a friendly and won by eight shots.

Scores: R Smith, B Hole, P White, B Talmage (skip) won 18-15; A Deller, D Seeley, K Ball, C Porter (skip) lost 24-20; T Hardgrove, N Dearman, P Doust, C Keedwell (skip) won 25-16; C Dean, G Beagley, B Manning, D Schofield (skip) drew 14-14.

Pagham 32 Chichester 29

Scores: A Deller, M Davis, B Money (skip) lost 20-13; A Stewart, S Baverstock, T Haigh (skip) won 16-12.

Little Spain 64 Chichester 55

Scores: T Jennings, R Smith, T Gaffney (skip) won 18-13; I Taylor, T Wiseman, C Porter (skip) won 16-15; A Deller, N Dearman, B Money (skip) lost 21-10; A Stewart, D Seeley, J Hole (skip) lost 15-11.

Fishbourne 34 Chichester 84

Scores: J Williams, T Wiseman, P White (skip) won 32-10; P Doust, T Gaffney, T Haigh (skip) won 28-11; B Money, B Hole, M Lewis (skip) won 24-13.

Bognor 29 Chichester Ladies 49

Playing away at Bognor in the C&M League, Chichester ladies won on both rinks to take all six points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Innes Taylor, Sue Miles & April Janman won 26-13; Rosemary Manning, Steph Baverstock, Bridget Collins & Wendy Adams won 23-16.


Bognor A 74 Worthing A 82

Although losing by only eight shots, Bognor A won on only one rink and took two points in this division-one Littlehampton Gazette match against the leaders.

Scores: B Daley, D Parker, R Bell, T Gaskin (skip) lost 27-17; R Bobbett, P Lichfield, B Hey, S Soames (skip) lost 19-18; G Cook, M Johnson, J Christensen, A Richardson (skip) lost 20-17; D Jackson, N Burchfell, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) won 22-16.

Maltravers 71 Bognor B 86

Away to Maltravers in this Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match, Bognor took seven points – winning two rinks, drawing on one and losing on the other, winning by 15 shots.

Scores: R Bobbett, G Dunham, G Cook, J Parry (skip) lost 23-12; A Knight, T Mussell, J Blacow, A Hall (skip) won 20-18; N Burchfell, D Dalton, P Phillips, K Taylor (skip) won 33-9; R Penny, P Hasler, D Matkins, J Edwards (skip) drew 21-21.

East Preston B 76 Bognor B 83

Bognor B took their unbeaten run to eight games in the Littlehampton Gazette League division three, taking six points and moving fourth with only two games to play – keeping alive their promotion hopes.

Scores: G Cook, G Herrington, J Blacow, A Hall (skip) won 24-18; R Bobbett, G Dunham, M Johnson, J Jackson (skip) lost 18-17; N Burchfell, D Dalton, P Phillips, K Taylor (skip) lost 21-18; R Penny, P Hasler, D Matkins, J Edwards (skip) won 24-19.

Pagham 35 Bognor 64

Bognor won this friendly away game, winning on all three rinks.

Scores: N Waddock, R Philpot, J Parry, R Gardner (skip) won 20-14; G Herrington, D Parker, K Taylor (skip) won 25-13; B Daley, M Johnson, P Dale (skip) won 19-8.


Crablands 79 Field Place 65

In a league game against Field Place, Crablands took eight points.

Scores: P Blackman, R Eastland, A Blyth, K Bailey won 21-15; B Berry, L Lewendon, J Saunders, M Heasman won 17-15; C Pestle, R Shambrook, J Harman, R Humphrey lost 20-19; D Jonas, A Humphreys, I Jones, D Adams won 22-15.

Crablands 78 Maltravers 68

This friendly was played in good spirit and was a close affair.

Scores: B Jones, P Blackman, T Ford, A Humphreys lost 19-14; J Tyrrell, P Farrow, C Pestle, J Saunders lost 19-14; N Crump, L Lewendon, I Jones, D Adams drew 18-18; D Martin, R Osborn, J Harman, K Bailey won 32-12.

Crablands 74 Bognor 26

A resounding win for Crablands ladies saw them take all six league points against Bognor.

Scores: C Lewendon, J Lindley, S Jones, C Bowles won 41-10; E Sadler, M Back, S Blyth, C Ruler won 33-16.


Wittering 79 Worthing Pavilion C 74

This was a good win with Wittering gaining six points in an LG League match.

Scores: C Brooks, G Murphy, F Knotts. E Shoyer (s) won 17-15; F Bray, M King, S Hooker, J Slogrove (s) lost 22-18; K Clark, M White, G Morgan, J Hostler (s) lost 23-19; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) won 25-14.

Wittering 54 Petworth 53

Witterings had a win on one rink, a loss on one and a draw on the third, which gave Witterings the match by one shot.

Scores: P Folan, K Nixon, G Morgan (s) lost 32-9; J Clapton, D Clapton, P Chivers(s) won 33-9; L Swift, T Nixon, C Horsley (s) drew 12-12.


Graffham 64 Southbourne 27

Southbourne had a pleasant evening of bowling followed by supper at Graffham despite losing on all three triples.

Scores: Colin Bulbeck, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) lost 21-11; Mary Thornton, Ted Dewing, Alan Williams (s) lost 25-4; Irene Jennings, Dave Young, John Staker (s) lost 18-12.

n Rob Armstrong of Southbourne BC represented Sussex in a badge match against Hampshire played at Worthing Pavilion.

Sussex won the overall match and Armstrong, skipping at county level for the first time, took top rink honours (28-11) along with team-mates S Tooley (Chichester), P Massey (Fishbourne) and P Howick (Chichester).


Milford 42 Midhurst 52

In the penultimate Three Counties League game of the season, Midhurst visited Milford and won by ten shots. They are n third place in the league, which, after promotion last season, is a respectable position.

Scores: Peter West, Catherin Dixon and Dave King won 18-10; Jack Lee, Stuart Largan and Gerald Dixon won 20-14; Roger Brindle, Margaret Sole and Terry Berry lost 18-14.


Midhurst 61 Haslemere 83

In a friendly, Midhurst entertained Haslemere and lost by 22 shots.

Scores: Lally Mercer, Dot Berry and Terry Berry won 22-13; Sue Ralph, Roy Ralph and Mike Ryan lost 18-15; Stella Tait, Jean Adams and Brian Porter drew 15-15; Jack Jurado, Joy Wells and Margaret Sole lost 37-9.


Pagham 59 Fittleworth 39

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield lost 23-17; Monica Enticknap, Mike Ryan, Sue Judd lost 26-9; Pauline Gilpin, Tessa Clegg, Alvar Etherington won 13-10.

Sutton 24 Fittleworth 32

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Alvar Etherington, Gina Barnfield drew 15-15; Nancy Goodyer, Tony Broughton, Sue Judd won 17-9.

Fittleworth 57 West Dean 40

Scores: Arthur Ellcome, Judy Reed, Alvar Etherington won 23-9; Frances Etherington, Pauline Gilpin, Brian Ball won 19-15; Audrey Hodgson, Mike Ryan, Gina Barnfield lost 16-15.


Aldingbourne held their annual ladies’ day two-wood tournament in glorious sunshine, with 28 players taking part. After lunch – laid on by the men of the club – the final saw Jenny Hamilton beat Brenda Cunningham.


Playing away at Pulborough for the first time, Donnington had a enjoyable match but lost by 26 shots.

On mat one Sue Coyle, playing her first match for the club, had a consistent game but she, Rob Stone, Dave Turner and Allan Balham lost 24-13. On mat two Lavina Brooks, Janine Bartlett, Peter Skinner and Colin Hulbert lost 26-11.

The winter season at Donnington starts on Monday, September 15. The club always welcome new players. For more information call 01243 698208 or 01243 776159.


Infinity SMBC of Boxgrove held their inaugural open triples tournament.

After the initial round-robin group stage,the top four teams contested the semi-finals. The Martlets played Ashington and Midhurst played Crablands.

Chris Blackman, Mel Lillywhite and Marc Lancaster of The Martlets made light work of Steve, Chris and Richard Jeffrey of Ashington to reach the final, where they face Brian Fallows, Ron Weekes and Terry Berry of Midhurst after their semi-final success against Crablands.

The final was closely contested until the penultimate end where The Martlets’ trio scored a valuable count of four to win by two shots.

Trophies were presented to all finalists by tournament organiser Ben Haulkham.


Arun hosted Worthing but lost 106-113.

Scores; A Rose, R Bye, J Greonfield, A Hunt lost 20-13; J Watson, E Lawrence, D Goodenough, S Judd lost 22-17; S Pugh, L Sadler, A Wilkins, A Anderson lost 31-12; D Anderson, B Rebbeck, V Greenaway, S Payne won 19-10; C Gilham, K Young, C Burnard, D Sayers won 17-15; J Sparrow, J Connors, D Young, A Fisk won 28-15.