Bowls: Lavant catch a Chil

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We have action featuring Lavant, Donnington, Crablands, Bognor Goodwoods, Fittleworth and Arun in this week’s indoor bowls round-up.


Chilgrove 53 Lavant 24

A visit to Chilgrove in the first leg of four for the coveted Golden Bowl Trophy ended in a defeat for Lavant.

Jim Sharrod’s triple had a bad start, and six shots against them on end six left them nine shots down. Scores were fairly even until the last end when they lost by five shots, losing the game by nine.

Keith Fancy’s triple had a miserable game and were ten shots down by end five. Three shots against on the last end resulted in a loss by 20 shots.

Scores: J Sharrod, M Winter, D May lost 24-15; K Fancy, J Lee, P Lee lost 29-9.

When Lavant Red hosted The Martlets, Peter Winter’s team had an excellent start and held a six-shot lead at end 16. By the 20th end the lead was cut to one shot. The jack was driven to the ditch with The Martlets’ last bowl, gaining them six shots and the game.

Peter Whale’s team scored well to win by six shots. Lavant gained their two bonus points by a one-shot margin.

The friendly mat saw Peter Massey’s team 12-5 up then 19-12 down, then just losing by three shots.

Scores: P Winter, J Sharrod, R Peirce, J Simms lost 25-20; P Whale, J Heasman, P Beardmore, R Harding won 21-15; (friendly): P Massey, B Copeland, S Lillywhite, J Conway lost 23-20.


Donnington SMBC entertained Fittleworth in a friendly, with both rinks neck to neck to the last end.

On one mat, Fittleworth led by one shot but Donnington won the last end, resuting in a draw. On the other rink the two teams were equal going into the last end but Donnington eased into the lead by two shots claiming a match win 38-36.

Playing for Donnington were Reg Percival, Joan Jones, Maggie Maggs, Ron Beasley, Marjorie Beasley, Innes Tayor, Terry Taws and John Roberts.

Donnington bowlers played an internal competition for the Captain’s Shield in which six teams of three all played each other in a round robin. It was won by Joan Jones, Trevor Wilson and Maggie Maggs.

Donnington suffered their first defeat of the season, losing 43-17 when they went to Chilgrove.

On mat one the scores were equal until the tenth end when Chilgrove pulled away to win. On mat two Donnington never got to grips with the surface and Sue Court had two or three woods on the jack at every end.

Playing for Donnington were John Roberts, Terry Taws, Vic Mitchell, Maggie Maggs and Marjorie and Ron Beasley.


Crablands Bitterns hosted Lavant Blue but took just two points from a 45-41 defeat.

Scores: Joan Taylor; Jim Saunders; Ted Murrell & Charlie Threlkeld won 25-20; Stevie Brooks; Meg Pocock; Yvonne Clifton & Lil Tuck lost 25-16; (friendly): Gwen Coombes, Les Howland, Sylvia Compton & Ron Coombes lost 18-12.

Bitterns played away to Bognor Goodwoods Silver but lost on both league mats for a 51-31 defeat. The friendly mat won 27-13.

Scores: Denise Dray; Melva Bateman; Les Jewiss & Les Dray lost 29-17; Jim Tyrrell; Lew Lewenden; Val Tyrrell & Alan Bateman lost 22-14; (friendly): Colin Garland; Sylvia Gray; Terry Axworthy & Ron Osborn won 27-13.

Bitterns hosted Storrington and took four league points from a 51-43 win.

Scores: Joan Taylor; Sylvia Compton; Ted Murrell & Charlie Threlkeld lost 27-22; Stevie Brooks; Meg Pocock; Iris Brown & Lil Tuck won 29-16.


Goodwoods Silver enjoyed a comfortable win over Crabland Auks, winning on both mats for a six-point victory.

F Kaucher, M Goodland, D Lovell and B Goodland beat D Dray, M Bateman, L Jewiss and L Dray 29-17. G Roope, G King, P Smith and J Hanson led throughout, beating J Tyrell, L Lewenden, V Tyrell and A Bateman 22-14. The overall score was 51-31.

There was better luck for Auks on the friendly mat where Silvers’ J Harbut, B Baines, B Williams and M Steel were never in the hunt against C Garland, S Gray, T Axworthy and R Osborn and lost 27-13.


Fittleworth won on three mats from three against Pulborough to record a 76-40 victory.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Nancy Goodyer, Betty Williams won 32-10; Lynn White, Alvar Hetherington, Alan Jordan, Gina Barnfield won 20-13; Jean Lucking, Roger Lucking, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin won 24-17.

Fittleworth enjoyed a superb 77-48 win on the fast Southwater mats.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Peter Martin, Bernard Adsett, Gina Barnfield won 27-19; Murial Cook, Marc Wood, Nancy Goodyer, Charley Martin won 28-12; Pauline Gilpin, Alvar Etherington, Tony Broughton, Alan Jordan won 22-17.


Arun 199 East Preston 56

There was an overwhelming victory for Arun when they hosted East Preston’s outdoor bowlers. Arun won on all six rinks and by 143 shots.

Scores: D Taffurelli, J Watson, W Cato, P Mayoss won 36-6; M Parker, G Herrington, M Johnson, G Leaman won 23-14; L Hall, D Matkins, P Doust, A Anderson won 34-9; N Waddock, P Easterbrook, B Jones, J Pickard won 34-7; P Langridge, A Blyth, D Spink, B Sanford won 28-12; F Smith, A Fitch, C Spicer, T Sayers won 44-8.

Arun 171 Southall 98

Arun were on the mark again with a 73-shot win against a strong Southall & district team. Arun men played on four rinks and Arun ladies on two. Arun won on all six rinks.

Scores: J Olliver, D Gray, K Burt, PJ White won 28-17; J Slater, S Simmons, R Wiedenheoft, M Potter won 26-23;

O Fidgeon, E Lawrence, I Brooker, A Olliver won 32-24; D Jackson, W Branford, B Sandford, R Gardner won 30-10; G Whitaker, G Arnold, M Philpot, J Pickard won 33-10; D Parker, H Forsyth, D Spink, M Monk won 22-14.

Arun A were unable to proceed beyond the third round in the Over-60s’ double rink national championship and lost 46-20 to the two rinks from Victory IBC.

Scores: Home – Brian Rebbeck, Brian Butler, Colin Spicer, Derek Leach (skip) lost 16-11; Away – Ricky Hobbs, Gorden Leaman, Barry Horsley, Len Corne (skip) lost 30-9.