Bowls: Moon are eclipsed by Arun ladies

There was an excellent 103-61 win for Arun ladies in the fifth round of the Vivienna Trophy when they played Moon Fleet at Banister Park.

It was tight on three rinks but Arun had a very good win on one and won overall by 44 shots.

Scores: P Rampton, J Lindley, J Whitfield, F Ireland won 18-14; L Curtis, E Tooley, V Greenaway, B Jones lost 15-13; A Olliver, I Morris, S Blyth, C Horsley won 28-24; J Boucher, S Pickard, J Taffurelli, M Brown won 44-8.

Arun 74 Worthing 72

This was a wonderful game to watch and it went to the last end. Arun needed two to win and Wendy Adams’ team did the job.

Scores: D Mitchell, S Hart, M King, M Richards won 19-15; I Brooker, G Conley, C Bowles, D Latter lost 20-16; D Anderson, B Collins, B Spicer, A Janman drew 19-19; C Hobbs, L Napper, S Miles, W Adams won 20-18.

Victory 110 Arun 96

Arun Ladies had an enjoyable friendly at Victory but their hosts won by 14 shots.

Scores: K Burnard, P Jones, R Wiedenheoft, S Judd lost 27-10; A Harrison, L Baxter, M Potter, S Hart lost 19-13; O Fidreon, E Cooke, L Napper, P Terry drew 15-15; E Fitch, W Bury, B Collins, D Latter lost 22-14; J Slater, I Brooker, B Spicer, W Adams won 22-11; C Hobbs, S Simmons, S Stocker, A Janman won 22-16.