Bowls: Pagham enjoy Tarring triumph

Flashback to the start of the season at Bognor BC
Flashback to the start of the season at Bognor BC

We’ve action from ten different clubs in our latest bowls round-up.

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In the men’s league, Pagham won 83-78 at West Tarring to claim six points and stay top of the league.

Scores: N Terry, R Osment, P Quilter, D Spink lost 20-13; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English won 21-19; J Burke, D Vaughan, M Adams, P Mayoss lost 22-21; T Wells, T Plows, J Pickard, R Friday won 28-17.

In the men’s league at home to West Tarring, Pagham lost 89-57 and took only two points.

Scores: N Terry, M Adams, G Cutts, P Mayoss lost 29-19; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English lost 18-12; P Langridge, G Courtney, D Spink, L Hall lost 28-10; T Wells, T Plows, J Pickard, R Friday won 18-12.

In the ladies’ C&M League away to Bognor, Pagham drew 33-33 for three points.

Scores: J Sales, M Donaldson, J Taffurelli, C Mayoss won 20-11; J Well, E S Stocker, G Conley lost 22-13.

Pagham ladies played the double rink versus Hurstpierpoint but lost 41-37.

The Pagham open fours attracted 96 bowlers entering from around the county. The winners were a team from East Preston.

The event was again sponsored by Reynolds of Bognor.

In the men’s league, Pagham went to Worthing Pavilion but lost 90-74 to take four points.

Scores: T Wells, T Plows, D Vaughan, G Stevens lost 27-13; J Turner, B Sales, P Quilter, P Mayoss lost 27-12; R Pearson, B Smith, J Pickard, M English won 28-18; N Terry, G Courtney, M Adams, L Hall won 21-18.

Another men’s league match, away to Field Place, brought an 82-55 win and ten points.

Scores: N Terry, J Turner, P Quilter won 19-16; G Courtney, B Sales, M Adams, P Mayoss won 24-14; T Plows, P Langridge, R Hilder, J Pickard won 21-12; R Pearson, B Smith, G Stevens, M English won 18-12.

Two mixed triples in BM League against Storrington resulted in a 39-30 loss and only two points.

Scores: I Brooker, M Adams, J Newell lost 17-11; J Cutts, B Sales, G Cutts lost 22-19; (friendly): J Fox, D Lovell, D Spink, J Stewart won 12-11. 


Chichester B 69 Bognor B 96

Bognor B took eight points from Chichester, winning on three rinks and by 27 shots to end Chichester’s unbeaten run – and at their home ground.

It was Bognor’s third win in a row in the Littlehampton Gazette League division three.

Scores: B Daley, A Knight, D Matkins, J Edwards (skip) won 32-10; G Cook, P Hasler, K Taylor, P Phillips (skip) won 21-17; R Bobbett, T Love, A Hall, J Jackson (skip) won 29-13; A Harrison, G Herrington, D Purse, J Parry (skip) lost 27-14.

Norfolk A 87 Bognor A 64

Bognor A lost by 23 shots, winning on only one rink and taking just two points from this LG division-one game.

Scores: R Lincoln, M Johnson, J Christensen, A Richardson (skip) lost 28-16; K Hellyer, P Phillips, S Soames, T Moore (skip) won 20-14; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) lost 23-15; D Parker, J Whitfield, B Hey, T Gaskin (skip) lost 22-13.

Bognor A 77 Tarring Priory A 79

This LG division-one match was a close-fought game, with Bognor winning on one rink but Tarring Priory taking the game by two shots.

Scores: G Cook, J Whitfield, R Bell, T Gaskin (skip) lost 24-19; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) drew 17-17; R Lincoln, J Christensen, B Hey, A Richardson (skip) lost 19-14; T Arnold, P Lichfield, S Soames, T Moore (skip) won 27-19.

Crablands 59 Bognor 74

This friendly went to Bognor by 15 shots.

Scores: R Penny, R Philpot, P Lichfield, D Matkins (skip) lost 15-12; B Daley, A Knight, N Waddock, J Parry (skip) won 27-14; D Jackson, J Colebrook-Taylor, D Parker, J Jackson (skip) won 22-11; D Dalton, P Phillips, P Dale, A Hall (skip) lost 19-13.


Chichester A 70 Worthing Pavilion A 71

Chichester A trailed from the start of their Littlehampton Gazette League division-one match at home to Worthing Pavilion A, and after 19 ends they were 12 shots adrift.

Over the last two ends Chichester almost clawed back the deficit but they finished the match just one shot behind, and with wins on two rinks they picked up four points.

Scores: K Ball, P White, S Meyer, J Larkin (skip) lost 21-14; C Porter, C Keedwell, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 19-12; G Buckle, B Talmage, M Bowden, B Butler (skip) won 18-13; P Whale, B Manning, P Howick, D Schofield (skip) lost 25-19.


Witterings ladies entertained the Portsmouth & District Women’s Bowling Association. This was the first time they had played against the Hampshire team of six rinks, with ladies from Bognor BC joining Wittering to complete the match.

The afternoon started with a spider competition won by Judy Bangs, with donations to the Snowdrop Trust from the players.

After a close-fought game which the visitors narrowly won, everyone enjoyed a lovely meal.

The captains and president thanked those who had worked hard to make the day a success. Witterings look forward to a return match to Hampshire next season.

Witterings 73 Marine Gardens 69

It was two rinks each in this Littlehampton Gazette League match, resulting in a four-shot win for Wittering and six points.

Scores: K Clark, G Morgan, F Knotts, J Hostler (s) lost 20-19; F Bray, C Brooks, E Shoyer, J Slogrove (s) won 20-16; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) lost 18-17; M King, S Hooker, R Stephens, B Horsley (s) won 17-15.

Witterings 38 Marine Gardens 29

This was a good win in a friendly match.

Scores: L Swift, M Bowell, M Corbett, B Newman (s) won 19-17; A Miles, V Hooker, D Leach, M Aylward (s) won 19-12.

Witterings 63 East Preston 75

Just two points for Witterings came from a disappointing result in the Littlehampton Gazette League.

Scores: C Brooks, S Hooker, R Stephens, B Horsley (s) lost 17-12; K Clark, F Knotts, G Morgan, J Hostler (s) won 20-12; P Chivers, C Jelf, L Bangs, D Bell (s) won 19-18; F Bray, G Murphy, E Shoyer, J Slogrove (s) lost 28-12.

Witterings 42 Lancing 40

Witterings had a close win in the C&M League.

Scores: J Mulligan, M Corbett, D Leach, M Aylward (s) won 24-19; A Miles, B Newman, R Hanbury, C Tuffin (s) lost 21-18.


The club’s two-wood triples was held in great weather and resulted in a win for a team consisting of Pam Wyatt, Alan Stiles and Clare Mulholland. They had an overall score of 19 – whereas the booby prizes went to a team with a score of -22.


Norfolk 58 West Dean 68

A close match saw West Dean win on two rinks and lose on the other two.

Scores: Clare Beardmore, John Butterworth, Jim Sharrod (s) won 21-12; Pam Beardmore, Bob Holman, David Harding (s) won 22-12; Chris Warrington, Andy Woods, David Turner (s) lost 19-14; Ann Hiscock, Pam Sharrod, Tony Boxall (s) lost 15-11.

Rogate 49 West Dean 38

Rogate won this friendly by 11 shots but West Dean lost on all three rinks.

Scores: Brian Adams, Pam Sharrod, Tony Boxall (s) lost 17-15; Ann Hiscock, Andy Woods, David Harding (s) lost 12-11; Yvonne Squires, Chris Warrington, John Butterworth (s) lost 20-12.


For the second year running, Fishbourne vice-captains Chris Lankshear and Mick Howard arranged a ladies-v-gents match for charity.

Some 36 members supported the event, which the ladies won by two shots – after a recount!

Chris announced they had raised £302. The members had chosen the charity and a couple of days later, a cheque for £302 was presented to St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

In the Holbrook Cup, Fishbourne were drawn away to RAFA and although they narrowly lost two of the three triples, they won overall, thanks to an 18-6 win by Malcolm Keane, Brian Henham and Peter Winter. In the second round Fishbourne will host Pagham.

In recent friendlies, Fishbourne have lost 70-57 to Midhurst at home and at Arundel, winning three of the four triples at Arundel but going down heavily in the fourth.

Midhurst scores at Fishbourne: Delphine Clark, Dot Berry and Peter West lost 20-14; Mike Ryan, Alan Rickets and Margaret Sole tied 14-14; Jean Adams, Roger Brindle and Malcolm Hutchings won 21-11; Lally Mercer, Phil Wells and Terry Berry won 21-12.

At home to West Dean, three of the four triples were very close but a 25-8 result by Sue Lewis, Ted Badger and Bernard Wallsgrove ensured a win.


Middleton Ladies 33 Norfolk Ladies 40

Middleton Ladies 43 Aldingbourne Ladies 26

Middleton ladies lost their 100 per cent record in the C&M Trophies League, beaten in an away match by Norfolk. But the next day, the ladies were back in their stride winning at home to Aldingbourne to keep up their pursuit of promotion.

Scores: D Jenkins, L Simpson, A Steventon, M Wooten lost 20-15; L Lush, L Hills, P Eccles, R Gregory lost 20-18. Norfolk 6pts.

Scores: L Lush, M Fox, P Eccles, R Green won 24-10; D Jenkins, P Hollingsworth, A Steventon, M Wootten won 19-16. Middleton 6pts.

Middleton 57 Pulborough 100

The men suffered their second home defeat of the season in the LG League, losing to league new boys Pulborough.

Scores: P Ramsden, R Eccles, K Graham, M Feneley lost 38-8; N Robertson, K Walker, B Bravington, B Colvin lost 21-12; R Wootten, J Beavan, J Graham, J Wilson won 22-12; I Hart, K Jenkins, T Finch, G Smith lost 17-29; Middleton 2pts.


Midhurst 65 (5pts) Headley 42

Midhurst completed the double over Headley in consecutive weeks winning on all three rinks in division two of the Three Counties League.

Scores: Howard Seymour, Roger Brindle and Terry Berry won 22-13; Malcolm Hutchings, Stuart Largan and Gerald Dixon won 17-16; Peter West, Catherin Dixon and Dave King won 26-13.

Midhurst 52 Rogate 41

Winning on two of the three rinks, Midhurst won overall by 11 shots.

Scores: June Barnard, C Burton and Gerald Dixon won 24-14; Jean Adams, Alan Rickets and Terry Berry tied 14-14; Jack Jurado, Stella Tait and Phil Kingswell won 14-13.

In the Pulborough ladies tournament, the Midhurst A triple of Stella Tait, Joy Wells and Margaret Sole won their section but lost to Pulborough in the final by two shots.

Midhurst B’s June Barnard, Delphine Clark and Lilly Kingswell came third in their section.


Southbourne 56 Grasshoppers 63

Despite losing overall in their home match against the Grasshoppers, by winning on two out of the four triples played, Southbourne fared much better than when they last met at Worthing Pavilion.

Scores: Audrey Bull, Ted Dewing, Peter Garrard (s) lost 20-12; Joan Frost, Jim Jennings, Margaret Odell (s) lost 13-10; Mary Thornton, Kathy Shelley, John Staker (s) won 17-16; Daniel Hibberd, Margaret Baylis, Rodney Bull (s) won 17-14.