Bowls: Southbourne settle score against Worthing

Antony Bull in action for Southbourne against Worthing Pavilion  Picture by Kate Shemilt C140740-2
Antony Bull in action for Southbourne against Worthing Pavilion Picture by Kate Shemilt C140740-2

Action from eight local clubs features in our latest bowls round-up.


Worthing Pavilion B 85 Southbourne 65

Southbourne men could manage a win on only one rink in their Littlehampton Gazette match against Worthing Pavilion B.

Scores: Pete Jasinski, John Staker, Eddie Neuts, Rodney Bull (s) lost 22-17; John Hardy, Alan Williams, Andy Smith, Antony Bull (s) lost 23-15;

Dave Walter, Ted Dewing, Dave Fewell, Dave Alner (s) lost 22-14; Richard Galloway, Alan Shelley, Mark Soper, Robin Armstrong (s) won 19-18.

Southbourne 96 Aldingbourne 55

In their home match against Aldingbourne, Southbourne got back to winning ways in the LG League with wins on all four rinks to take maximum points.

Scores: Pete Jasinski, John Staker, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) won 27-18; Dave Young, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) won 20-16; John Hardy, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) won 29-11; Dave Walter, Alan Williams, Dave Fewell, John Simmonds (s) won 20-10.

Southbourne 86 Worthing 64

Southbourne, at home match to Worthing in the LG League, managed an overall win to gain six points with wins on two rinks and a near miss on the rink skipped by Antony Bull.

Scores: John Hardy, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) won 26-11; Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) won 29-10; Dave Walter, Alan Williams. Dave Fewell, John Simmonds (s) lost 24-14; Pete Jasinski, John Staker, Dave Alner, Antony Bull (s) lost 19-17.

Fishbourne 73 Southbourne 26

In their away friendly, Southbourne found it difficult to adjust to the Fishbourne grass green, losing on all three triples.

Scores: Mary Thornton, Ted Dewing, Andy Smith (s) lost 26-5; Irene Jennings, Dave Young, John Staker (s) lost 17-15; Jim Jennings, Alan Shelley, Margaret Odell (s) lost 20-6.


Norfolk A 67 Chichester A 121

Chichester A put in a sterling performance away to Norfolk A in the Littlehampton Gazette League and they took all ten points with a superb 54-shot victory.

Scores: I Linfield, B Talmage, C Keedwell, D Schofield (skip) won 41-13; M Bayfield, P Howick, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 27-19; C Porter, L Etherington, S Meyer, J Larkin (skip) won 28-15; G Buckle, R Anscombe, B Butler, T Sayers (skip) won 25-20.

Norfolk B 81 Chichester B 78

Chichester B travelled to Norfolk B for a Littlehampton Gazette League match and after 11 ends they were five shots behind. Chichester B fought hard over the second half but lost by three shots, picking up four points.

Scores: G Beagley, R Anscombe, B Manning, T Gaffney (skip) lost 30-17; A Deller, J Williams, J Walters, P Merritt (skip) lost 18-16; A Daines, B Hole, B Money, T Hardgrove (skip) won 22-19; T Jennings, K Ball, B Taylor, M Hannant (skip) won 23-14.

Tarring Priory B 81 Chichester B 61

Chichester B were in touch with Tarring Priory B for the first 15 ends of their away match in the Littlehampton Gazette League, but Tarring had the better of the remaining ends, winning by 20 shots, and Chichester returned with just two points.

Scores: A Daines, N Dearman, B Taylor, T Hardgrove (skip) lost 19-17; R Smith, J Williams, S Goddard, T Gaffney (skip) lost 28-9; T Jennings, B Hole, B Money, M Hannant (skip) won 22-16; A Stewart, C Wade, R Anscombe, L Shipp (skip) lost 18-13.

In the quarter-finals of the Midhurst Cup, Chichester won all four triples against Rogate. Their home team secured a 27-shot win while their away squad were victorious by eight shots. Chichester will play Haslemere in the semi-finals.

Scores: Home – J Hole, B Talmage, P Howick (skip) won 25-14; G Buckle, M Bowden, S Meyer (skip) won 26-10; Away – L Etherington, S Baverstock, B Butler (skip) won; B Money, P White, K Burt (skip) won.

Arundel 82 Chichester 47

This friendly saw Arundel in very good form. Arundel steadily built up their score as Chichester fell further behind.

Scores: S Goddard, N Dearman, A Stewart (skip) lost 21-12; B Money, K Ball, R Smith, B Taylor (skip) won 21-19; T Daines, M Davis, R Anscombe, L Etherington (skip) lost 42-14.

Chichester 80 West Tarring 46

In their mixed friendly at home to West Tarring, Chichester pulled away over the second half of the game to record a 34-shot victory.

Scores: J Waltes, F Downing, C Wade (skip) lost 12-11; A Daines, T Jennings, T Haigh (skip) won 19-16; A Deller, B Money, C Porter (skip) won 22-11; K Ball, N Dearman, R Anscombe (skip) 23-7.

pic from les stewart

Chichester were visited by a team originally called North Surrey Water Co Bowling Club, who lost their green and club when the water company sold off the land.

Members went to various clubs but kept in touch and get together regularly.

Theymade a day of it in Chichester, ending with a game against Chichester BC and a fish-and-chip supper. Chichester won a very enjoyable match 92-88 on the five rinks.

Maltravers 28 Chichester 28

Chichester ladies won on both rinks, taking all six points in their C&M League game at Maltravers.

Scores: Debbie Hogg, Steph Baverstock, Wendy Adams & April Janman won 32-7; Chris Hobbs, Jean Hole, Bridget Collins & Betty Spicer won 29-21.

Hotham 27 Chichester 46

In the BM Mixed Triples League, Chichester won on one rink and lost on the other but took four of the six points.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Betty Spicer & Dave Schofield won 39-1; Innes Taylor, Wendy Adams & Mike Bayfield lost 26-7.

Chichester 56 Lancing 22

Chichester ladies took all six points in their home match against Lancing in the C&M League.

Scores: Jean Hole, Steph Baverstock, Sue Miles & Wendy Adams won 33-6; Chris Hobbs, Margaret Schofield, Bridget Collins & April Janman won 23-16.

Isle of Thorns 21 Chichester 19

Chichester’s run in the Gladys Rowland competition came to a disappointing end as Chris Hobbs, Pam Rampton, Betty Spicer and April Janman travelled to the Isle of Thorns. After a close game, they lost on the very last wood of the final end.


Bognor A 89 Worthing Pavilion A 58

Brilliant Bognor A ended last year’s champions’ unbeaten run, winning on all four rinks and by 31 shots, taking all ten points.

Scores: R Lincoln, J Christensen, B Hey, A Richardson (skip) won 23-14; T Arnold, K Hellyer, S Soames, T Moore (skip) won 22-10; D Parker, J Whitfield, R Bell, T Gaskin (skip) won 21-16; D Jackson, N Waddock, D Ford, R Gardner (skip) won 23-18.

Bognor B 79 Norfolk 80

Bognor B won on three rinks out of four but still lost by one shot and finished with just six points.

Scores: R Bobbett, D Dalton, A Hall, J Jackson (skip) won 26-12; R Penny, A Knight, D Matkins, J Edwards (skip) won 24-21; G Cook, G Dunham, K Taylor, P Phillips (skip) won 23-12; T Mussell, G Herrington, D Purse, J Parry (skip) lost 35-6.

Bognor 82 East Preston 74

This friendly ended with a narrow win for Bognor.

Scores: S Webster, R Philpot, G Dunham, K Taylor (skip) lost 28-12; A Harrison, A Knight, P. Hasler, J Parry (skip) lost 25-21; D Jackson, P Lichfield, J Edwards, G Cook (skip) won 24-10; R Lincoln, J Colebrook-Taylor, A Hall, T Gaskin (skip) won 25-11.

Little Spain 79 Bognor 74

Rain stopped play in this friendly with a narrow win for Little Spain.

Scores: R Lincoln, Pauline White, R Gardner (skip) lost 16-14; R Penny, D Dalton, P Phillips (skip) won 18-8; P Lichfield, Christine Dunham, J Jackson (skip) lost 15-5; G Cook, J Colebrook-Taylor, J Edwards (skip) won 15-14; Jean Taylor, G Dunham, Christine Preston (skip) won 15-12; B Daley, R Philpot, D Matkins (skip) lost 14-7.

Bognor 55 Hotham 45

Bognor hosted Hotham in a mixed triples game and edged a a victory by ten shots.

Scores: R Philpot, T Rexstrew, Jane Colebrook-Taylor (skip) won 17-13; Joan Shaw, S Webster, P Dale (skip) won 19-13; D Jackson, J Colebrook-Taylor, Christine Preston (skip) drew 19-19.


Petworth enjoyed three good victories.

A pleasant mixed friendly at Sutton ended in one win and one draw. Mike Craft, Nigel Flynn and Bob Turner won 16-12 while Selwyn Hall, Carol Hall and Mick Booth scored two on the last end to draw 16-16.

When Graffham visited, Carol Hall, Bill Bryder and Mick Booth had a big win of 32-6 and Eileen McRae, Mike Craft and Len McRae took their rink 24-13. Graffham’s sole win was on rink two where Selwyn Hall, Eileen Warrington and Bob Turner went down 15-12.

In the league, the men’s team enjoyed a ten-point victory at home against Tarring Priory B, 121-51 on shots.

Scores: Selwyn Hall, Bill Bryder, Ben Haulkham and Mel Lillywhite won 27-14; Jim Dormer, Ron Elliott, Bob Turner, and Alan Potter won 29-10; Pete Miles, Dave Lamb, Kevin Mitchell and Nick Dudman won 28-20; Mike Craft, Nigel Flynn, Mick Booth and Marc Lancaster won 37-7.


Wonersh 69 Midhurst 30

Midhurst were well beaten by Three Counties League leaders Wonersh by 39 shots on a very wet evening.

Dave King’s rink were the only one to win.

Scores: Malcolm Hutchings, Stuart Largan and Gerald Dixon lost 30-5; John Pearce, Roger Brindle and Terry Berry lost 25-10; Peter West, Catherin Dixon and Dave King won 15-14.

Graffham 52 Midhurst 54

Midhurst won a close-fought friendly game by two shots.

Scores: Jack Jurado, Peter West and Terry Berry won 20-12; Stella Tait, Dot Berry and Dave King won 21-19; Jean Adams, Delphine Clark and Phil Wells lost 21-13.


Crablands 59 Bognor 73

Crablands played host to Bognor in a four-rinks men’s friendly.

Scores: B Berry, L Lewendon, R Eastland, J Harman won 19-12; J Tyrrell, P Blackman, A Bateman, D Adams lost 22-11; S Jones, R Shambrook, A Blyth, K Bailey lost 27-14; P Farrow, N Reynolds, C Pestle, J Saunders won 15-12.

Crablands 79 Marine Gardens 79

In the men’s league, the points were shared five each.

Scores: J Tyrrell, L Lewendon, A Blyth, J Harman lost 23-21; N Reynolds, P Blackman, A Humphreys, R Eastland won 16-14; B Berry, J Saunders, M Campbell, D Adams won 20-19; T Ford, R Shambrook, A Bateman, M Heasman lost 23-22.

Crablands 57 Maltravers 66

In a hard-fought game, Maltravers took the overall score in the ladies’ league rinks, taking six points.

Scores: E Sadler, M Back, S Blyth, C Ruler lost 27-16; C Lewendon, J Rawlins, S Jones, C Bowles lost 21-19; G Humphreys, L Tuck, B Chandler, J Lindley won 22-18.

Crablands 24 Storrington 45

In the BM league, four points went to Storrington after a heavy loss on one rink.

Scores: P Blackman, M Bateman, J Tyrrell lost 33-6; N Reynolds, D Aylward, S Jones won 18-12.

Crablands 71 Worthing Pavillion 94

Crablands men played well against Worthing Pavillion in the PC Cup, but the game slipped away in the last few ends.

Scores: M Campbell, N Reynolds, M Heasman, R Humphreys lost 20-13; J Tyrrell, C Pestle, A Bateman, I Jones won 23-16; E Potz, L Lewendon, A Blyth, D Bowles lost 26-12; B Berry, P Farrow, J Saunders, K Bailey lost 32-23.

Crablands 41 Hurstpierpoint 39

In the County Inter-club Double Rink, with the scores all even after 21 ends, the home team had to play an extra end and won it, taking them to the final on August 23 at Henfield.


Four friendly triples went to Stedham but lost73-66.

Scores: D Taffurelli, I Brooker, P Mayoss lost 24-15; M Rees, D Spink, J Newell lost 22-11; G Courtney, J Taffurelli, C Mayoss won 20-12; D Lovell, D Ellis, L Hall won 20-15.

Six mixed Pagham rinks welcomed a team from Bohemia Island for a lovely afternoon of bowls. Bohenia won 129-83.

Three ladies’ friendly triples won 61-39 at home to Worthing Pavilion.

Scores: S Pugh, J Boucher, S Hart won 24-9; A Calvert, S Stocker, G Conley won 24-10; C Penny, A Ross lost 20-13.

Two rinks in the C&M League at home to Bognor won 52-38 – meaning six points for Pagham.

Scores: J Boucher, J Taffurelli, S Stocker, S Hart won 20-19; C Penny, F Ireland, A Ross, C Mayoss won 31-19.                                     


Hayling Island 60 Witterings 62

Hayling Island entertained Wittering, who snatched a win of two shots.

Scores: Helen Mason, Kate Nixon, Maureen Mulligan won 15-12; Sheila Currell, Val Hooker, Judy Bangs won 17-15; Ann Miles, Karen Slogrove, Barbara Newman won 15-14; Margaret Bowell, Lesley Swift, Diane Leach lost 19-15.

Witterings 26 Storrington 36

This BM League fixtures resulted in a ten-shot defeat.

Scores: G Mason, J Mulligan, S Hooker (s) won 19-12; H Mason, T Nixon, D Leach (s) lost 24-7.