Bowls: Super Southbourne too hot for Hotham

Bowlers gather for RAFA's annual open in Bognor
Bowlers gather for RAFA's annual open in Bognor

Southbourne won 35-27 in a home match against Hotham in the BM League, with a good win on one triple and a close-fought draw on the other.

Scores: V Armstrong, J Staker, M Odell drew 17-17; A Bull, R Bull, E Dewing won 18-10.

Southbourne 88 Chichester 69

Southbourne got their revenge for their defeat at Chichester with a good home win by eight points to two in the Littlehampton Gazette League, winning on three out of the four rinks.

Scores: A Williams, F Heil, R Armstrong, A Bull beat I Linfield, P Howick, B Talmage, B Butler (skip) 25-17; K Lockyer, FArmstrong, R Bull, D Fewell lost 23-17 to P Whale, PJ White, M Bayfield, G Leaman (skip); J Scorey, C Petchey, D Alner, P Butler beat G Buckle, S Meyer, R Hobbs, A Anderson (skip) 25-12, 25-12; P Jasinski, D Walter, M Soper, J Simmonds beat T Arnold, M Johnson, S Tooley, J Larkin (skip) 21-17.


Chichester’s B team were away to Worthing Pavilion C and after 11 ends had built up a 13-shot lead but Pavilion fought back to win 100-70 and Chichester returned with just two points.

Scores: L Stewart, J Williams, M Johnson, M Lewis (skip) lost 26-19; A Daines, G Beagley, L Shipp, S Meyer (skip) lost 32-9; A Deller, T Jennings, C Wade, D Leach (skip) won 23-20; C Porter, B Hole, M Hannant, T Hardgrove (skip) lost 22-19.

The A team were at home to Tarring Priory A.

On a sunny afternoon both teams produced some excellent bowling but Chichester did enough to keep ahead and took seven points with an 88-75 victory.

Scores: M Bayfield, R Hobbs, J Larkin, T Sayers (skip) won 24-16; P Whale, P Howick, G Leaman, M Page (skip) drew 21-21; G Buckle, M Lewis, A Anderson, D Schofield (skip) won 27-8; C Porter, M Hannant, PJ White, B Talmage (skip) lost 30-16.


Rain stopped play at a four friendly mixed triples at home to Hayling. Pagham won 41-23.

Scores: David Westcott, Derek Levy, Joan Wells won 9-3; Gay Stewart, Len Hall, John Stewart lost 13-4; Brian Calvert, Val Ryan, Gerry Stevens won 15-5; Ann Calvert, Marlene Steel, Eric King won 13-2.

Pagham men hosted West Tarring in the Littlehampton Gazette League. They lost 79-65 but gained one point.

Scores: Daniel Lovell, Gerry Stevens, Peter Quilter, Eric King lost 23-18; Tony Wells, John Stewart, Peter Green, John Newell lost 23-16; John Burke, Bagsy Smith, Len Hall, Roy Livermore lost 16-14; Robert Pearson, Douglas Vaughan, David Spink, Mike English drew 17-17.

Pagham sent two mixed triples to play Norfolk in the Brooks Motor League. They took one point from a 34-28 loss.

Scores: Sabina Livermore, Mick Adams, Roy Livermore lost 23-12; Iris Brooker, Maureen King, Eric King won 16-11.


Bognor A visited Worthing Pavilion A and won on two rinks with two rinks drawn, winning 85-75 overall. Bognor took eight points.

Scores: D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner won 21-19; R Lincoln, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson drew 17-17; N Waddock, J Weatherall, J Whitfield, J Roots drew 22-22; D Parker, C Keedwell, B Hey, T Moore won 25-17.

Bognor hosted Godalming for a six-rink mixed fours match. The rinks were shared three each but the shot score was 137-108 to Bognor.

Scores: D Parker, Edna Keyworth, Christine Preston, A Richardson won 28-11; Jane Taylor, Brenda Seabrooke,

J Edwards, R Gardner won 35-9; Alma Harrison, A Oliver, T Rexstrew, Margaret Phillips won 28-9; Joan Shaw, Pauline White, A Harrison, D Purse lost 27-22; J Taylor, Penny Lewis, D Dalton, Jean Spiers lost 26-14; Christine Dunham, Mary Ray, P Dale, G Verrinder lost 31-10.

Pagham travelled to Waterloo Square for a four-rink men’s match. Bognor took all four rinks with a shots win of 84-59.

Scores: J Stacey, A Oliver, D Dalton, D Purse beat Daniel Lovell, Barry Baines, Peter Quilter, Eric King 19-15; N Waddock, J Taylor, A Richardson, J Parry beat Robert Pearson, Brian Calvert, Mick Adams, Gerry Stevens 17-16; T Love, E Redstone, G Verrinder, J Weatherall beat David Westcott, John Burke, David Spink, Roy Livermore 22-17; R Bobbett, P Dale, T Rexstrew, J Roots beat Peter Green, Richard Hilder, John Stewart, Paul Mayoss 26-11.

Bognor ladies visited Norfolk Gardens for a two-rink league match and a one-rink friendly.

Bognor won both league rinks and the friendly. It was 49-27 in the league and 18-16 in the friendly.

Scores: Jane Taylor, Janet Whitfield, Penny Jones, Margaret Phillips won 25-14; Jean Taylor, Beryl Charkesworth, Ann Parry, Jean Spiers won 24-13; Alma Harrison, Pauline White, Christine Dunham, Christine Preston won 18-16.


Fishbourne 48 Rogate 47

In the first round of the Holbrook Cup match with Rogate, the scores were tied at 18 ends.

The extra end was won by Fishbourne, who will visit Bognor in next round.

Scores: V Frost, B Henham, P Massey won 22-15; J Conway, R Beasley, P Winter lost 17-12; W White, G Jefkins, B Wallsgrove lost 15-14.

A friendly with Little Spain resulted in an 80-80 draw – a good recovery by Fishbourne after being 12 shots down after nine ends.

Scores: M Reed, A Marsh, J Wingate lost 18-9; N Campbell, D Humpreys, P Massey won 19-11; W White, T White, M Bleach lost 16-11; S Wingate, K Fancy, G Summers won 20-18; K Ridley, V Frost, B Wallsgrove won 21-17.


In the sunshine, RAFA’s bowls section welcomed 16 teams, including The Outlaws from Nottingham, to their Jubilee bowls open afternoon at Waterloo Square (pictured at the top of the article).

Despite one short downpour, the four rounds were completed in good spirit, followed by a fabulous cream tea.

Barbara Butt, suitably attired with a Union flag, presented the prizes to finalists.

Winners were Dreamteam – Chris Rolph, Marc Lancaster and Clunky Clarke - second were The Navy Larkers – Tony Wells, Joan Wells and Derek Levy – and third were JDR: David Batcock, Janet Fulbrook and Ray Fulbrook. The RAFA club hold an open day this Saturday for anyone interested in finding out more about this friendly bowls Section.


Crablands 32 Bognor 37

Crablands played in the rain but picked up only two points from their league game against Bognor.

Scores: G Humphrey, C Lewendon, J Rawlins, C Bowles (sub M Back) lost 26-10; S Jones, V Foyle, S Blyth, M Brown won 22-11.

Crablands held their captain’s day on a very wet and windy day. Teams went out but were beaten by the weather. Afterwards everyone enjoyed a meal supplied by the ladies.

Winners after the 12 ends played were the men’s team with 14 points - M Bateman, L Lewendon, M Back and A Blyth. They beat the ladies – B Berry, J Tyrrell, I Jones and J Rawlins – who were runners-up with four points. Crablands ladies’ league game against Middleton was cancelled because of extreme weather. They took three points each.

Crablands 46 Hotham 51

In a three-rink friendly mixed triples game, Crablands were narrowly beaten.

Scores: C Lewendon, B Keen, M Brown won 20-15; D Jonas, S Brooks, J Brown lost 21-12; M Bateman, D Aylward, J Saunders lost 15-14.


Aldingbourne 81 Homefield Park 68

Aldingbourne were successful in the ladies’ Sussex Top Club competition.The sides won two rinks each but Aldingbourne won overall.

Scores: Singles - J Hamilton lost 21-19; Pairs - M Taylor, M Richards won 21-13; Triples - E Taylor, B Cunningham, J Whetstone won 24-15; Fours - J Heasman, A Howson, C Mulholland, L Hathaway lost 19-17.

Aldingbourne 39 Bognor 33

On a very windy day Aldingbourne won a C&M Ladies’ League match at home to Bognor, winning by six shots.

Aldingbourne received four points, Bognor two.

Scores: E Taylor, A Howson, M Richards, L Hathaway won 23-9; J Heasman, M Bacon, B Cunningham, J Whetstone lost 24-16.


Witterings 88 Aldingbourne 52

Witterings enjoyed a four-triples friendly against Aldingbourne, having got some rinks playable after the dreadful floods. Witterings won on all four rinks and by 36 shots in total.

Scores: P Chivers, T Mulligan & R Hanbury (s) won 26-12; M Gough, J Mulligan & S Hooker (s) won 19-18; P Wiggins, M Thresher & J Derkatsch (s) won 23-7; K Nixon, G Morgan & L Bangs (s) won 20-15.


Southbourne 40 Arundel 34

Scores: B Heal 22 A Batchelor 12; A Bull 21 R Armstrong 21.

Arundel Ladies 65 Maltravers 23

Scores: M Wallinger 29 J Sheldon 5; P Vinten 20 B Butcher 7; A Olliver 16 F Steele 11.


Fittleworth lost 52-36 when they played a rare home match against Stedham.

Scores: Muriel Cook, Marc Wood, Alan Jordan lost 18-14; Audrey Hodgson, Bernard Adsett, Ball won 16-10; Jane Adsett, Mike Ryan, Peter Cook lost 24-6.


Div 1: Norfolk 27 Bognor (6pts) 49 (L Curtis 13 J Spiers 24; S Botting 14 M Phillips 25); Crablands (3pts) 35 Arundel (3pts) 35 (C Bowles 22 P Gear 14; M Brown 13 A Olliver 21).

Div 2: Petworth (4pts) 51 Shoreham (2pts) 33 (S Miles 37 J Daintree 11; B Bonnar 14 M Turnidge 22); Lancing (6pts) 42 Witterings 35 (B Gosden 24 P Lillywhite 19; L Gray 18 M Aylward 16).


Bognor Magpies tasted defeat at the hands of Chanctonbury Foxes, losing 70-52 but taking six points.

The triples were shared, with B Goodland, M Goodland and B Williams losing 9-4 and M Williams, R Jalley and B Mills winning 14-11.

Magpies won both singles matches, B Goodland starting slowly but picking up to win the last two ends for a 12-10 win. B Mills, on mat two, won slightly more comfortably 13-8.

Magpies fell away in the pairs, with M Goodland and B Williams losing 18-4 and M Williams and R Jalley also losing heavily 14-8.

Goodwoods Magpies came away from their match with league leaders Clapham & Patching empty-handed, having lost all six matches.

In the triples, B Williams, M Goodland and B Goodland lost 13-4 and B Mills, R Jalley and G King lost 11-8.

B Goodland lost his singles 12-9 and B Mills lost 16-4 in his. M Goodland and B Williams lost in the pairs 12-9 and G King and R Jalley went down 16-2.

All 12 points went to Clapham and Patching.