Darts: Star display is handy for Andy

TOP performance of the week in the Friday Night Summer League came from Andy Cooke (POW Z) with 23 and 23 darts and a match-winning average of 21.78.

Other top performances: Andy Stubbs (Chi Snooker B) 19 & 34 darts; Hayley Gatford (Chi Snooker B) 20 & 27; Nick Wyatt (POW Z) 22 & 26; Vince Goddings (Richmond A) 22 & 28; Richard Ragless (Wheatsheaf) 24 & 29; Dave Sopp (Royal Oak B) 24; Chris Williams (Claremont Cobras) 16 & 33; Arthur Clark (Chi Snooker A) 19 & 23; Darren Rich (Claremont Cobras) 25 & 30; John Mace (Friary D) 25 & 38; Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker C) 19 & 33; Nathan Warren (Chi Snooker C) 23 & 24; Alex Norgett (Newtown A) 23 & 29; Dean Cooper (Newtown A) 24 & 29; Lewis Campling (Newtown X) 26 & 28; Joe Osman (BRSA B) 26 & 30; John Coles (Newtown X) 29 & 34; Wayne Owen (Newtown X) 28 & 37.

Highest out shots: Derek Longhurst (Royal Oak B) 106; Colin Mace Cooke (POW Z) 75; Dave Sopp (Royal Oak B) 74; Arthur Clark (Chi Snooker A) 72; Darren Rich (Claremont Cobras) 56; Ian Hills (Chi Snooker A) 48; Nathan Warren (Chi Snooker C) 68. 180s: Nathan Warren (Chi Snooker C).

Results - Div 1: POW Z 11 Richmond A 5; Chi Snooker B 12 Legion A 5; Wheatsheaf 11 Royal Oak B 6; Div 2: ASC 0 Claremont Cobras 14; Legion B 6 POW B 10; Friary D 8 Chi Snooker A 9. Div 3: Chi Snooker C 10 BRSA B 8; Newtown SC A 11 Ship Inn 6; Richmond Rebels 1 Newtown SC X 14.

Monday Night Winter League

The league began this week with the preliminary round of the knockout cup.

Draw: RBL A v Old Cross; Southbourne Club v The Fox Goes Free; Travellers Joy v Spotted Cow; Pagham Club C v The Stag B; White Swan v Berkley Arms; Globe B v Wickham Arms: Eastgate A v Eastgate B; Pagham A v Pond Barn; The Bell v RBL B: The Stag A v The Snooker Club. Byes: Hunston Club, Globe A, Pagham B, The Shore, Mobeys Club, Fountain.

League matches begin next Monday with the following divisional line-ups.

Div 1: The Shore, The Fountain (4Nuts), Hunston Club, Pagham B, Eastgate A, Stag A, Globe B, Southbourne Club, Wickham Arms, The Fox Goes Free, The Old Cross, Snooker Club, The Bell.

Div 2: RBL A, Spotted Cow, Mobeys Club, Pagham Club A, Pond Barn, White Swan, Travellers Joy, RBL B, Pagham Club C, Eastgate B, Stag B, Globe A, Berkley Arms (Cricketers).