Eur0 2012 Bone on the Box: German efficiency ... despite a Greek-qualiser

You’re lucky, frankly, that I’m able to talk about Euro 2012.

Okay, perhaps you think otherwise, but here’s what I mean – for some reason both channels seem to be squeezing their quarter-final coverage into shorter programmes.

On Thursday I tuned into BBC1 at 7.15pm to watch Pedro Mendes’ pals take on Patrik Berger’s pals and found myself watching the last 15 minutes of The One Show – a strangely comforting programme offering a sideways look at Britain which I might tune into again soon.

Then last night, I thought ITV wouldn’t muck about like that. Again, a 7.15pm switch-on and this time it was those Dingle people and their friends entertaining us from Emmerdale Farm, as it was known in my day.

I’m sure the programmes for the evening kick-offs were starting earlier during the group stages.

Still, I’m sure the BBC will do us proud tomorrow night, with an 11am Cup Final Grandstand-style start for the build-up to England-Italy. Or perhaps not.

Last night, it was Germany v Greece and I was in two minds whether to tune in at all because I already knew the result – thanks to Lee Dixon who looked ahead to the game on the BBC and told us ‘I think Germany are through’. He added that Germany ‘looked like they were on a cigar’ against the Danes. What?

Sadly, Dixie was proved right but at least we had brief excitement in the form of a Greek-qualiser.

Pre-match, we saw pictures of fans wearing togas and Greek robes... but, thankfully, no thick-thighed Germans in lederhosen (and yes, that would have been just the women...).

In the German dugout, the host of Saturday Superstore looked lost and lonely at times. Where were John Craven and Maggie Philbin when he needed them?

Adrian Chiles likened it to a third-round FA Cup tie with ‘a David, a Goliath and a terrible pitch’. He forgot to say a second-rate panel of pundits in a cheaply-built studio added to the feeling. Actually, second-rate is harsh on Roy Keane and Roberto Martinez (though not Gareth Southgate). Martinez did lose one point, though, for being first last night to describe the Germans as ‘efficient’. Happily no-one added ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’.

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