Flames nearly teach Portsmouth Uni a netball lesson

Fishbourne Flames 22 Portsmouth Uni 26

Fishbourne Flames’ match against Portsmouth University was played to a high standard and Flames’ improvement over the season showed despite them losing 26-22.

The first quarter was evenly matched despite the confident play of the university side.

Flames got on the scoreboard first and Laura Maddicks and Lucy Morris showed admirable composure under pressure.

The University responded quickly and their speed and agility were impressive. Flames were in the ascendancy in the second quarter with Bernie Twigg breaking free and repeatedly finding space to get the ball into the Flames goal.

Caroline Eames distributed well and kept the ball moving up the line.

The third quarter saw the University fight back but Sue Cooper reduced the number of goals. Liz Adlington and Julie Harding were energetic, harrying the opposition and passing cleanly.

The final quarter could have gone either way but overall, Flames can be delighted.

FLAMES: Harding, Eames, Adlington, Cooper, Morris, Maddicks, Twigg.