Gym Academy youngsters show great promise in Sussex event

Gym Academy members, who fared brilliantly in the Uckfield event
Gym Academy members, who fared brilliantly in the Uckfield event

THE GYM ACADEMY’S development squad tasted victory when the club attended the Uckfield floor and vault competition.

For the six-year-olds, it was their first competition and they rose to the occasion.  

Georgie Keynes, Scarlett Woodall-Jones and Analyn Luther collected gold, silver and bronze and were backed by Summa McKenzie (sixth) and Jessica Jameson (seventh).

The eight and nine-year-olds in the novice squad were also competing in their first competition.

They overcame nerves and showed their ability with confidence.

Sadie Bullock, Scarlett Shutte, Isabella Gourlay (all tenth), Alanna Bailey (14th) and Isabelle Brydon (fifth) all shone.

The more experienced gymnasts gave fantastic performances with Lottie Gorringe taking gold and Signe Zaikovska bronze in the seven-year novices, competing in a group of 20 gymnasts.

In the nine-year-old intermediates, Grace Mihell took silver for a strong display on vault and a beautiful floor routine. 

Praise also goes to Ellie Haxton for her first club performance, where she bravely competed some floor skills for the first time.

Overall, 19 Gym Academy members took part, all giving excellent performances which they should be proud of.

Head coach Kris Dorney said: “This shows the hard work put in over the past few months by both gymnasts and coaches, who are a credit to the club.”